Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Brexit: Another Honest Opinion Of The EU

On the day that UK Prime Minister David Cameron lost the plot completely over the EU 'Brexit' Referendum by accusing people intending to vote LEAVE of being unpatriotic, a member of another site where I promote myself another site left this articulate and passionate comment explaining very clearly why she will vote OUT in the EU referendum:

from Rowena: To be honest, I see a vote for out as a vote FOR Europe. The EU, as both Remain and Leave campaigns are happy to declare, and as millions of fellow Europeans agree, is in serious need of reform. Yet somehow a remain vote will help this happen? I don't buy it. Not when it seems patently obvious that the Eurocrats in charge don't want reform; they want more of the same. Even the monthly move of the European parliament from Brussels to Strasbourg, which costs €100m+ annually and is widely regarded by EU employees themselves as ridiculous, can't be changed.

The only thing I can see having a chance of causing real reform is a real shock to the EU status quo. Brexit. Even if that reform is, ultimately, of the break it up and start from scratch variety.

I'm not even going to go into the inherent racism of our current migration system, where the likelihood of any more of my Malaysian family being able to live and work here, even for a short while, is close to zero, no matter how many skills they might have that could be of serious benefit to our economy.

Just look at those European countries who are seriously suffering now. Massive youth unemployment. Unable to devalue their currencies in order to kick start a boost in trade. Falling birth rates as people are scared to have kids that they can't afford. What is the EU proposing to do in order to help these countries? There doesn't appear to be a plan.

I do think that our economy is likely to suffer in the short term. Markets hate uncertainty and it's going to take a while and some serious wrangling to sort out trade agreements, especially with some terribly affronted and petty bureaucrats. But we need to look longer term if we are seriously to consider what we want for future generations.

And us leaving may provide the impetus for others to leave - others who, I assume, would be only too happy to form agreements with us for trade, migration, security and other issues.

Why is the EU seen as the only way for European countries to collaborate? Perhaps because it holds too much power over individual countries. How can this change?

Revolution is messy. Scary. Expensive. Uncertain. And, ultimately, principled.

I don't see the virtue in going down with a sinking ship, especially when I don't believe it to be the best way to save fellow European passengers.

I love Europe. I'm proud to be European. I'm voting out.

Absolutely right. A lot of lefties and globalists are supporting 'Remain' because diversity

But it is neither racist nor Xenophobic to oppose mass migration and the deliberate destruction of our national culture. I am anti EU, anti mass immigration and anti globalisation, but I love the European nations I have spent time in and their people and cultures. And because I enjoy the DIVERSITY, I want Britain to stay British ( warts and all) and the French, Germans, Italians, Spanish, Portuguese, Danes and Swedes and Belgians to stay as they are too. Where's the effing diversity in living in a pan European federal superstate whose Nazi founders aim was to abolish national identity and imposed a synthesised monoculture?


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