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EU Will 'Gradually Unravel' With or Without the UK - MEPs

Two senior members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have gone on record as saying it does not mater if UK voters choose to leave the EU or Remain in the referendum on June 23, the European Union must radically reform or it will "gradually unravel". Unfortunately as has been demonstrated and as is programmed in its history which goes back the the Nazi regime in 1930s Germany, the EU cannot reform. It was designed to be a bureaucratic dictatorship that would eventually subsume all Europe's member states and can be nothing else.

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The UK referendum will be the biggest test of public opinion on the EU for more than 40 years. Recent municipal and regional elections in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Austria have indicated a growing anger with EU bureaucracy and authoritarianism across Europe, but the signs are the UK vote will be an establishment stitch up resulting in a victory for Remain.

This would be similar to what happened in a recent government election in Austria when opinion polls sowed an anti EU candidate comfortably ahead but the result, a narrow victory for the pro EU candidate was secured by a late surge in postal votes. Legal repercusssions of the result are still going on as analysts found that in several districts over 100% of those entitled to vote did so (In one district 149% or registered cast their votes and all the votes cast were for the pro - EU candidates. That of course is typical of elections in a tyranny or bureaucratic dictatorship.

The ruling EUronazis, the European Commission are frightened by the growing Euroskepticism which is not confined to Britain but runs throught the twenty eight member states, so they will pull every dirty trick they can to thwart efforts to free the UK of some of the bureaucracy of Brussels. And if all else fails, then they will act on what one of the most brutal tyrants in history, former Soviet leader Josef Stalin said: "It's not who votes that counts but who counts the votes."

Netherlands MEP Hans van Baalen, a spokesman for the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe party president, wrote — in an opinion column on EUObserver:

"The UK is a crucial ally of the Netherlands in the EU and provides a counterweight against French-German dominance. Moreover, the Dutch and Brits are pushing in Brussels for the same agenda: eliminating unnecessary regulation, empowering national parliaments on European legislation (red card), completing the internal market and negotiating more free trade agreements to foster economic growth and jobs. "

Meanwhile, Guy Verhofstadt, the former prime minister of Belgium and leader of the Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) of the European Parliament has said:

Le référendum britannique doit être le point de départ de la refondation de l'#Europe, quel que soit le résultat du scrutin

(The British referendum must be the starting point of remaking the Europe, whatever the result of the vote.)

Van Baalen said: "The UK offers an historic opportunity to rebuild Europe, improve democratic functioning and makes for more effective governance. The only way forward is the way of reforms. The deal brokered by UK Prime Minister [David] Cameron and the other 27 EU member states needs to be implemented, preferably with, but if necessary, without the Brits".

At the February European summit, Cameron won a series of concessions from other member states, on the grounds that as the hub of the British Commonwealth and holder of one of the four global reserve currencies, britain needed more financial flexibility than other EU nations, although the EU Commission said it would block any attempt to implement the reforms.

Chief among the reforms discussed was the right to withhold in-work benefits for EU migrant workers in the UK for up to four years. The referendum debate has been dominated by the issue of migrant workers — not all from within the EU — and their ability to claim generous welfare benefits.

Cameron also proposed reducing bureaucracy, making it easier for EU member nations to trade with non EU nations, the non-discrimination of non-Eurozone members and the 'red card' agreement that allows member states to veto proposed EU legislation in future.

Verhofstadt said the UK would be "stupid" to withdraw from Europe, saying the EU should change to one that "really works" with a much smaller European Commission — which currently has 28 portfolios — reduced to 12, a smaller government and a European border and coast guard and defense community. This is contradictory, if the EU needs to reform but will not reform (and if reforms were agreed in principle there are twenty eight different ideas of what reforms would work best) then Britain would be wise to quit as soon as possible.

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