Monday, October 24, 2016

American Attempts To Demonise Russia Look More Pathetic Than Desperate

In spite of all the screeching from Hillary Clinton's campaign team, the bombast of the Obama administration and they hysteria in mainstream media it should be obvious even to a prepubescent kid whose computing skills are limited to playing games on an android tablet that the hacking of the Democrat's campaign servers, Obama's private email address and the State Department is an inside job.

US attempts to blame Russia for the hacks are ludicrous quite simply because with the US political system habing thrown up two profoundly unpopular candidates, and two people so lacking charisma, rhetorical skills, political acumen and the trustworthiness factor, the geopolitical interests of the USA's main rivals are best served by letting this fiasco of an election make the USA increasingly look as if a bunch or circus clowns are running the country.

The two major parties have not only found the worst possible candidates in the eyes of the world, for the job of president of the former most powerful nation on the planet, and the campaign has turned into a spectacle as sordid as those videos of bums fighting for a bottle of booze you can see on the net. Donald Trump deploys his vulgar, uncouth New Yorker in a bid to appeal to white working class males, Hillarly Clinton grins stupidly, jerks her head around like a broken doll and mouths banal platituides as more evidence of her dishonesty and contempt for people less welkl off than her, the US constitution, the law, basic human decency and loyal members of her own staff emerges daily in hacked documents published by Wikileaks.

The let's-blame-the-Russians tactic, an echo of cold war politics, is said by some commentators to be a Democratic Party / Washington establishment desperate bid to preserve its power and privileges. The publication of released emails between Clinton and campaign chairman John Podesta, along with other prominent figures in the Democrat's campaign, expose habitual mendacity, total committment to the abuse of power and position for financial gain, a gleeful eagerness to lie to the public, and a disregard for the world’s opinion (in the case of US support for ISIS in Syria, it seems only Democrat voters in the USA are unaware that Obama and Secretary of State Clinton formed ISIS and that their objective in Syria was always to depose the legitimate government of that nation, rather than to oppose terrorism and Islamic extremism. Any of the proven incidences of fraud, corruption, lying under oath and knowingly breaching state security protocols should have been bad enough on their own to end Hillary clinton's bid for The White House. Taken together they should have been enought to see her sent to The Big House for the rest of her natural life were she not part of the establishment and the global power elite.

And Trump’s own ability to cram both feet into his mouth could hardly be improved on by a meddling foreign power. The US political system is tearing itself to apart.

Events and circumstances are destroying the USA, eight years of The Emperor Obama's rule by executive decreee, his partisanship and his disregard for the majority in order to focus on policies of benefit to certain minorities have divided the American public along multiple fault lines and led to certain classes feeling alienated and abandoned by the government and institutions of state.

This division in society and the inability of the political establishment, the media and the judicial and academic communities to construct a coherent narrative about what is happening to American society that accords with the experience of ordinary people mean nobody can propose realistic plans for dealing with any of the problems that are tearing the American nation apart. The main problem, caused by the politically correct consensus that has ruled most western democracies for around thirty years and is based on a misunderstanding of Marxist economic theory so idiotic it cannot be accidental, is that sovereign debt has far exceeded the ability to produce enough new wealth to service the borrowings necessitated by overgenerous welfare systems and 'aid' to third world tyrants. Attempts to work around this with Central Bank accounting fraud have only exacerbated the problem.

It’s hard to see how Russia benefits from America becoming the terminally ill leader of a failing global economy. While Russia might be enjoying the zeitgeist as America falls apart, they gain little from the chaos that follows US attempts to assert its fading authority in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. This being the case the evil Russia, reds-under-the-beds propaganda looks more like a projection of the country’s own insecurities and paranoia. For example, how can any rational focus group believe keeping Syria destabilized is preferable to allowing its legitimate government to restore some kind of order, which is exactly what the Obama administration has done because of Obama's personal determination to remove assad. It is worth pointing out here that while Russia's actions in Syria, at the request of the Assad government, have been legal all the USA's interventions have been totally illegal and constitute acts of war under international law. Russia has been on the scene attempting to prop up the Assad government, the legally recognised authority in Syria no mattter how much Barack Hussein Obama (allegedly a constutional law expert though you would never know it) while the USA has been doing everything possible to keep a variety of contestants in a state of incessant war and to replace Assad by a ragbag coalition of terrorists, warlords and religious fanatics who, it is well understood, would mark their ascendancy by slaughtering Syrian christians, Jews and secular Muslims. US policy in Syria has been both politically stupid in global terms and tragically damaging to the Syrians and the middle east.

The Russians stood aside while the USA and its NATO allies smashed up Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. We demonstrated that removing tyrants who do not cooperate with the west and turning stable, orderly nations into failed states is just possibly not the best way to resolve geopolitical problems. Why would it be such a bad thing for the USA to stand aside in Syria and see if the Russians can rescue that country from descent into theocratic lawlessness? Because they might keep a naval base there on the Mediterranean? NATO has scores of military bases around the region.

It’s easy to understand why the Russians might be a teeny bit paranoid about America’s direction. Washington uses NATO to run threatening military maneuvers near Russia’s borders, and has recently installed missile bases in Poland and Romania (a move Putin responded to by moving nukes to Kaliningrad, the Russian enclave on the south east shore of the Baltic. Washington engineered a coup in Ukraine — formerly a province of the Soviet state — replacing a corrupt but democratically elected government with a neo - fascist puppet regime, thus bringing that nation to the brink of failed state status as the government implemented the ethnic cleansing of Russian speaking Ukrainians and the Russian dominated eastern provinces set up a separatist movement.

Accusations from the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration that Russia is conducting cyber warfare against the USA are comical. The idea that Russia is using the Internet to mess with US internal affairs, when for years the USA has been using military and technological tactics to mess with the affairs of other nations (the NSA hacking Angela Merkel’s personal phone for example) really shows that the American political establishment is not fit for purpose. How can such a nation hold a credible election or find credible candidates for its presidency


The Difference In Voting For Hillbillary or Trump Is Only One Promises War With Russia

Essential reading for our American readers who must soon decide who they want as their next president. Important too for non Americans who cannot influence the outcome of the election but are entitled to know why their arses might be blown from here to eternity sometime in the next few years.

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