Saturday, September 12, 2015

Syrian Girl's Video exposes western Politicians and Media Lies About Refugees

Comment from You Tube Thread

This girl makes more sense than Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Merkel and all other western criminals and corporate hirelings put together, Maybe one day they will realize that their subservience to zionism only leads ruin of their individual characters!

Could somebody please send this video to the idiots we have as political leaders, as well as their enablers in the so-called "free" western press and their corporate paymasters?

This video touched on some extremely ugly truths. How can we as Europeans, tolerate the handwringing self righteousness of our socialist fellow nationals as they screech about helping refugees, when the truth as it is presented here, is that our governments are financing the enemies whosebrutal tactics are driving millions from their homes?

While we make hold different views on how to help the people trying to enter Europe illegally, we have a definite duty as citizens to stop our underhanded governments across Europe and North America to STOP THIS INSANITY of warmongering and reject its aim to create a global government.

They are using our tax money to support evil and that makes them (and us if we shirk our duty to throw these shits out of office) a part of it. The real people Syrians, not the extremist 'freedom fighters financed, armed and trained by barack Hussein Obama's terrorist state) want the war to stop. They want to go back home and rebuild their lives. Our Country is helping to support the war by propaganda lies and supporting the enemy of these people in what it really a FUKUS Axis proxy war against Russia and China. We cannot turn a blind eye to the suffering our leaders are causing, or we are just as guilty.


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It was clear from long before Barack Hussein Obama was elected as US President in 2008 that under his administration, the USA would decare war on civilisation. The man told us so, he spelled it out for the idiots who voted for him that he hated America, white people and European civilisation. Well he kept those promises at least.

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