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Globalists Say Climate Change Is A Threat To Democracy But The Real Threat Is Globalism

 by Arthur Foxake, 28 March 2024

While most of the large economies in the European Union are backing off their rash and ill - considered pledges on 'net zero', over in the USA, even as the public reject the scaremongering of climate alarmists and the policies their anti - civilisation ideology has promoted, the increasingly crazy  Biden administration (because the advisers and managers making Dementia Joe's decisions for him are now as crazy as the POTUS himself,) are still trying to push this agenda  de-industrialisation agenda without without any apparent concern for public opinion or for the misery and impoverishment The Childsniffer's regime is inflicting on many Americans. 

The White House seems determined to implement what Eric Heymann, a senior executive at Deutsche Bank, calls “a certain degree of eco-dictatorship” on the USA. This reflects a change in elite opinion towards what two German observers have described as a “political ideology that questions the foundations of pluralism and democracy”, and which instead favours a post-national “politics of identity and minority entitlements” and a global technocratic regime.

Which to those familiar with 20th century political history sounds a lot like Sational Nocialism (or something.)

The problem with Biden's operators bid to get him re-elected by spreading enough climate change alarmism to frighten people into voting for the wilful destruction of the national economy that sustains them is that 'The Science' of man made climate change most certainly is not ‘settled,’ and people who claim it is (including Biden's re-election campaign strategists are just not exposing themselves to the work of highly respected scientists who hold a different point of view. 

Few people deny that the climate is changing, climate has fluctuated constantly over the past millennia. Highest temperatures ‘since records began’ is the mantra we hear constantly rom the alarmist camp but most people don’t realise that the records they’re referring to only began in the late 1800’s and were very sketchy until well after World War One, which hardly a broad enough statistical base on which to base such sweeping assumptions as 'The Science Is Settled'.

Science has nothing to do with consensus. It is based on evidence. Einstein’s last plea was that Science remain an open book and that distinguished critiques and questions be examined on merit and let the evidence prevail. There are no credible voices supporting flat earth theory or creationism as an alternative to evolution. When we look at the broad spectrum of opinions on man made climate change however, the list of scepitics is a very long one  and includes Dr John Clauser 2022 Nobel Laureate in Physics, Richard Lindzen retired Professor of Meteorology at MIT and the late Freman Dyson, esteemed the world over and a contemporary of Oppenheimer. Real Science has always and will always hear such men out. The quasi religious zealots of the Scienceology cult want to silence everyone who questions or challenges their orthodoxy trade in insults not evidence. They have nothing of substance to offer, only the dodgy output from computer based mathematical models programmed by amateurs.

There is a recent example of how little we know about the complexities of climate, and how little control we have over the environment. Early in 2022 Hunga Tong,an underwater volcano erupted in the South Pacific, sending massive amounts of heat trapping water vapour into the atmosphere without any ash, which cools the environment by blocking energy inbound from the sun.

How the Hunga Tonga eruption looked on the ocean surface (Picture: The Guardian)


Results from scientific studies of the effects of that eruption have begum to appear and a recurring theme is the high likleyhood that the Hunga Tonga event has played a significant part in the high temperatures recorded around the world over 2023 and 2024. If that is the case northern Europe could be in for some scorching summers for years to come. But are these high temperatures unprecedented as alarmists claim.

We’ve had satellites recording climate data since the 1970s. Accurate themometers have only been around since the 18th century when Fahrenheit invented them. Detailed records maybe 100-150 years and even then many destroyed by World Wars. There are still no organised records for most of Africa and much of Asia and South America. Ocean records which would account for seventy five per cent of the planet's surface, are also patchy and were totally dependant on shipping routes until satellites came along. So for the majority of the planet records have only existed for slightly more than 50 years.

We’re talking numerical temperatures here now (temperature “records” after all) not climate “trends” from ice core sampling etc. 

Modern humans have been here for 200,000 years plus. So a sampling interval (in statisticians terms!) of a tiny sliver of the planet's existence and just 0.08% of human history is what the alarmists are basing their predictions on. And we are expected to accept it is possible to accurately predict the future based on that? It is like saying hey it was really hot for the last minute so it’s going to stay that way, who cares that for the several hours preceding it we don’t know what the temperature was at all !!!.

The world isn’t being weaned off fossil fuel as globalist governments claim. The Western nations hamstringing of their own industrial base and shutting down their own oil and gas production and handing the industry over to China and India and the oil and gas to Saudi Arabia, Gulf States, Nigeria, Venezueala and to Russia of course, is empowering and enabling the very autocrats governments tell us are our enemies and threats to democracy.

 In a way having arguments about this subject is pointless – except that it affects ordinary citizens directly in the pocket. CO2 emissions are rising at an accelerating rate year on year despite the numerous climate conferences and the hysterical “global warming, no climate change, no climate crisis, climate emergency” discourse.

Much of what the West has been doing of course is to simply offshore the CO2 production to other countries..Secondly net zero is simply technically in unfeasible and will remain so for many decades. The sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow therefore you need backup therefore you need two energy production systems, gas being by far the best. Politicians mandating particular technologies has never been the way that energy or any other technical transition has happened in the whole of human history. “Stop burning wood and start burning coal” said Henry the 8th (NOT!). They won’t get it right!.

Electric vehicles, as one example, are worse for the environment on almost any metric than their internal combustion equivalence. They “work” to a fashion now because there’s only a small niche market for them. Just think of the vast areas given to charging stations the enormous queues for them etc. Green activists are dishonest – or perhaps they are mostly just idiots: they will of course oppose the huge increase in mining and industrialisation of the countryside that will be required to quadruple the necessary electrification. But as this mining and refining (an incredibly dirty, highly polluting and energy hungry process,) is taking place in Africa, Russia, South America mainly and battery manufacture (another incredibly dirty, highly polluting and energy hungry process or series of processes,) is centred in China, India, and other places where enforcement of United Nations climate accord pledges is lax to say the least, we cant expect things to change any time soon.

 But none of this  matters to globalist governments like the Biden administration, the Schloz regime in Germany, UK's Conservative-In-Name-Only government and the rest. Politicians are not capable of thinking beyond the next election which is why climate policy is becoming a threat to democracy. 



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