Friday, November 20, 2015

Gun Control Fail To Stop Crminals Using Guns In Terror Attacks - EU Say We Need More Gun Controls

We have to despair at the stupidity of the people who lead us. In response to the Paris terror attacks a week ago, in which terrorists (criminals who entered Europe illegally thanks to the EU abandoning border controls) the European Commission is seeking stricter rules on deactivated firearms and they are also using the opportunity to further limit law-abiding citizens' access to semiautomatic firearms along the way.

It is, is it not, typical of the politically correct authoritarians who rule us to seek to prevent crime by creating new laws for criminals to break. This blog has asked many times how any sane person can believe that making something a crime will stop criminals doing it. They're criminals (the clue is in the name), breaking the law is their job.

The EU Commission has recommended "Stricter rules to ban certain semi-automatic firearms, which move from Category B to Category A and will not, under any circumstances, be allowed to be held by private persons, even if they have been permanently deactivated." The EU Commission also wants to move "blank-firing weapons (e.g. alarm, signaling, life-saving weapons) [into] the scope of the Directive, because of their potential to be transformed into firearms."

So there you have it. Europe has terrorists in the streets who are not hindered in the slightest by gun control because they can simply enter the EU through its open borders, from non EU territory, carrying their AK47s, Uzi nine millimeters and RPG launchers with the intent of using them to commit atrocities and the EU Commission's response is to say, Let's ban toy guns that don't shoot real bullets and make it impossible for private citizens to own guns even if the guns have been made inoperable, and regulate guns that only shoot blanks in the same way they regulate guns that are real. That should be enough to make the terrorists understand they can't come to the EU and run round illegally shooting people with illegally owned weapons. Just like the almost universal laws against murder and theft have stopped murderers and robbers murdering and robbing down the ages.

Perhaps if the politically correct authoritarians make enough laws it will one day stop criminals breaking the law.


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There was of course, a time when they had very effictient ways of protecting themselves from people with guns: