President Biden's Marxist nominee for Comptroller of the Currency - who said she wants to "end banking as we know it," has just said the quiet part out loud, again.

Top banking pick Saule Omarova - who was born and educated in the USSR, earned the "Lenin" award, and has refused to turn over her thesis: "Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital" - now wants to put millions of Americans in the energy sector out of a job.

In comments from March which have resurfaced this week in a viral video, Omarova touted the need for a National Investment Authority (NIA), which would 'facilitate sustainable and socially inclusive infrastructural growth' - especially when a systemic crisis requires a Congressional bailout.

"The NIA will be able to negotiate equity stakes in private enterprise that receives that public aid, be it a part of the systemic bailout or be it part of, for example, individualized restructuring help," she said, adding ""For example for certain troubled industries and firms that are in transitioning."

"Here, what I'm thinking about is primarily the coal industry and oil and gas industry. A lot of the smaller players in that industry are going to probably go bankrupt in short order, at least we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change."


So - she wants to "end banking as we know it" and destroy the oil, gas and coal industries.