Wednesday, September 14, 2016

MPs attack Cameron over Libya 'collapse'

Not before time Britain's politicians are asking for justification of our role in the bombing campaign againsyt the regime of colonel Gadaffi in Libya, which since 2011 has led to that country, at the time the most prosperous and advanced nation in Africa, becoming a chaotic failed state with three different groups all claiming to be the legitimate government.

David Cameron's partners in crime be Presisent Nicolas Sarkozy of France, and inevitably the warmonger in chief, United states President barack Hussin Obama. The British parliament can only hold Cameron to account of course, but it is good to know that ion the wake of the brexit vote or elected representatives are starting to behave as a democratically elected national assembly should, and not as a wholly owned subsidiary of the USA and EU.

According to the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee the then PM David Cameron lacked a coherent strategy for the air campaign. The intervention had not been "informed by accurate intelligence", and that it led to the rise of so-called Islamic State in North Africa, the report commented.

The UK government said it had been an international decision to intervene but in fact Britain and France were bullied into joining a US led (the FUKUS axis) regime change operation after Libyan leader Gadaffi defied the US ally Saudi Arabia. The action was called for by the Arab League and authorised by a trumped up UN Security Council resolution after the USA had miseld Russia and China on the nature of the operation, claiming it was necessary for humanitarian reasons, when in fact it was an act of war against Libya.

The coalition, fronted  by Britain and France with Obama 'leading from behind' launched a campaign of air and missile strikes against Muammar Gadaffi's forces in March 2011 after the regime threatened to attack the rebel-held city of Benghazi. But after Gadaffi was toppled, Libya descended into violence, with rival governments and the formation of hundreds of militias, while so-called Islamic State, also known as Isil and Daesh, has also gained a foothold and now holds territory in Libya's unpopulated but oil rich south.


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