Tuesday, January 13, 2015

While the world has been looking the other way, Boko Haram has been conquering Nigeria

One story that has slipped away from us recently as we have tried to bring you a fair and balanced view of the Ched Evans With Hunt, the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack, ships full of migrants abandoned in The Adriatic and the collapse of the Petrodollar amongs other catastrophe's that have happened, are happening or are waiting to happen, has been the progress of the Boko Haram rebellion in Nigeria.

Thought they were just another bunch of nutters who did a few kidnappings and a few bomb outrages and then went away did you. Well you thought wrong.

Boko Haram controls about 20,000 square miles of territory and is fast becoming a terrorist state razing villages and killing innocent victims

boko hram atrocity
The scene of yet another Boko Haram atrocity (source London Evening Post). People have complained this is a gut curdling image. We say it's justified, see final paragraph.
After days of razing villages and pitiless massacre, Boko Haram finished the first week of a new year week with its most horrifying atrocity to date.

As people bustled through the Saturday market in the Nigerian city of Maiduguri, a device borne by a ten year-old girl exploded near the entrance.

A witness said the girl probably had no idea that a bomb had been strapped to her body.

The explosion just before lunch killed 20, including the girl, and injured 18, according to the police.

Boko Haram did not immediately claim the attack, but the Islamic insurgents have increasingly used young girls as human bombs as they carve an African "Caliphate” from the plains of northern Nigeria.

Today, Boko Haram controls about 20,000 square miles of territory - an area the size of Belgium. Within this domain, the black flag of jihad flies over scores of towns and villages scattered across the neighbouring states of Borno and Yobe.

The latest conquest was the fishing town of Baga on the shores of Lake Chad, which fell to the Islamists last Wednesday.

We should not forget that last year our friend Little Nicky Machiavelli reported on a Wikileaks revelation that Boko Haram was yet another terrorist operaton funded, armed and trained by the American CIA

We agree it is a gut curdling image. I thought it was time to remind those still singing the praises of multiculturalism and uncontrolled immigration just what is waiting out there to be imported into our green and pleasant land. The politically correct though police will say it is not typical of Africa. True, in fact the Boko Haram scum aren't typical of Nigeria, I've read there are about 50,000 of them in a population if nearly 150 million. But that does not change the the fact that the terrorists are winning and Goodluck Jonathan's good luck has run out.

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