Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Afghanistan: Spineless Johnson and Biden have Afghan blood on their hands

from TCW Defending Freedom, 17 August 2021

Boggart Blog notes: It seems we have been blogging about Afghanistan ever since we started in this game waaaaay back. At the time Boggart Blog was the exclusive territory of editor / founder Ian, his sister and nephew. And they were against the western involvement led by the US, UK and France (the FUKUS axis) in Afghanistan as they have been against every illegal.n middle eastern, African and south Asian nations under the protective unmrella of United Nations humanitarian iintervention. The Afghan situation has lasted longer than most political intervention has lasted longer than most but like the rest has changed little. The tyrannical Islamist regime that held Afghanistan before the FUKUS invasion has returned to power in Kabul and for all the lives lost and money spent, nothing has been achieved.

FROM the autumn of 2007 to the end of 2008 I was Deputy Commanding General of all NATO forces in Afghanistan, the first to hold that office. Before that I spent two years as the senior coalition officer in US Central Command. I had, therefore, more than three years of close and direct contact with Afghanistan. During those years I travelled to almost every province in Afghanistan and to the neighbouring states of Pakistan, Khyrgyzstan and Khazakstan. I have a very clear idea of exactly what is going on right now in Afghanistan, and as we see the chaotic scenes from Kabul airport, I fear greatly for anyone who worked with the Afghan government or with Nato, for women and for any non-Pashtun ethnic minorities. Biden’s and Johnson’s failures in Afghanistan have put all those lives on the line and, downstream, will destabilise the region and threaten the West.

We need to understand what went wrong, and why. Critics may say that this is being wise after the event; I have said all that I am going to say many times in recent years. We must understand what went wrong so that if ever there is the need, or the will, to intervene again around the world, we might not get it quite so wrong.

The first thing Western leaders need to develop is strategic patience. Raiding simply will not work – they all took the wrong lessons about that from Kosovo and Sierra Leone. Sending a force is not the solution to a problem, it is merely the beginning of the engagement. Looking at one’s watch to frame the withdrawal conditions, while the other side looks at the calendar, merely allows the other side to wait us out and then overturn all that was done. Dictatorships have the advantage over us here – they can take the long view. Although I will be lambasted for saying so, colonialism was also more far-sighted in this way. Colonialism was essentially about expeditionary operations to seize territory followed by a very long counter-insurgency to hold it. ... CONTINUE READING >>>





Western Crimes In The Middle East
We have been reporting and analyzing the conflic in Afghanistan since 2001 and our every prediction has come true, from endless war in Afghanistan with the USA now having backed off it's pledge of total withdrawal as it is clear that one US troops are gone, the Taliban will be back in control in days, to Libya's becoming a fragmented, lawless, failed state in the wake of Gaddafi's downfall and the continued threat of Syria's civil conflict spreading to engulf the entire region.

Another Obama Sponsored Genocide - not Alawi or Christians In Syria but Yazidi in Iraq.
While the west has been distracted by events in Gaza and Ukraine, and the neo - fascist 'left' have suddenly discovered the joys of anti Russianism and anti Semitism, the FUKUS axis sponsored genocidists of ISIS have discovered another inoffensive minority to exterminate now that the Syriac Christians have fled.

Want A Good Laugh? Try This: Tony Blair Says Invasion Of Iraq Did Not Trigger Current Crisis
Iraq under the very unpleasant (to western minds) dictator Saddam Hussein was the most prosperous and secular on muslim states in the middle east until saddam fell out with the USA. The first Gulf War of 1991 and sanctions that followed ruined Iraqi prosperity but the people remained loyal to Saddam until the Bush administration, aided by the British Labour government of Tony Blair invaded Iraq and overthrew Saddam. Since then the nation has slid into dystopian chaos and has now broken up into tribal and sectarian mini states

More Political Ineptitude Stirs Secterian Tensions
Amid the surfeit of scaremongering about Islamic extremist terrorism and attempts to secure immunity from attack by appeasement we have seen Oxford University Press ban all pig related words from its publications because pigs are an abomination to Allah and references to them will offend Muslims ...

Iraq's borders are crumbling: this is a disaster for western foreign policy
It was inevitable. I started commentating on world affairs in 2005, a few years before The Daily Stirrer was set up. TRhe Iraq conflict was still going on at that time, George W Bush was boasting 'mission accomplished' and the Islamist militias were positioning themselves for the moment the Americans withdrew. Bush's even more inept successor withdrew occupying troops for purely political reasons and since then Iraq has slid into the grip of fanatics who would establish an Islamic theocracy.

War On Syria: Standoff Shows America Is No Longer The Global Superpower
So what's happening in Syria you might well ask? After the FUKUS Axis intervention plans were thwarted by Russia and China there seems to have been a news blackout although the devastating civil war continues to devastate Syria. The really big news however (bigger that J-Lo's arse) is that America has quietly been demoted from its position as main global military power.

Turkey And Syria On The Brink Of Full Scale War It has been coming a long time but it seems Syria and Turkey are on the brink of full scale war. The Daily Stirrer did warn the Arab spring would end in regional war when Obama first stirred up the Muslim Brotherhood and other anti western elements of Islam

Will Egypt Seize Libya For Its Oil

If the conflict in Syria, currently showing signs of spreading to Turkey, Iraq and Kurdistan were to escalate into a regional war, a proxy for east and west to butt heads without sustaining too much domestic damage, is Egypt likely to take advantage of the distraction and

Has Everybody Forgotten Obama's War
In the rush to find an excuse for military intervention in Syria mainstream news media seem to have forgotten Obama's war in Afghanistan, the one he said would define his Presidency. Having just passed the grim milestone of 2000 American dead and with the allies no nearer to defeating the Taliban it does actually define Obama's years in power. Lost in the wilderness and going nowhere.

Has Everybody Forgotten Obama's War
The American military machine has just chalked up the grim statistic of its 2,000th fatality since America troops first surged into Afganistan to defeat "insurgents" whose families had lived in that country for many generations. The invasion was justifed in the aftermath of September 11 by the myth that Afghanistan was a ...

Just How Close Are We To World War Three
Have you read or heard in your news supplier of choice of the recent massive troop movements in Israel, the massive build up of British, French and American warships around the approaches to the Persian gulf or just how badly the situations in Egypt and Libya have deteriorated since ...

Ignore The warmongering Left's Calls For Intervention In Syria
Morons to the right of me, idiots to the left. What are us libertarians to do as we find ourselves in our customary position, clinging to a raft of common sense as we try to navigate a course through a sea of insanity. My stance on the trouble spots of the middle east has always been the same, firmly non interventionist and I am not shifting as the propaganda ...

Obama Talks The Talk But Dare Not Visit Afghanistan In Daylight
Todays mainstream news papers and broadcast bulletins are full of the Superhero Barack Obama's daredevil visit to Afghanistan. The man who liberated Libya single handed and took out Osama Bin Laden (or a Pakistani pensioner with a beard) in a daring solo raid behind enemy lines stormed into the Afghan capital, Kabul, made a speech that left hundreds of Taliban fighters dead and saw others fleeing for the mountains with their arses on fire then left again all in the space of ...

Syrian Rebels Say West Is Already Aiding Thier Uprising.
The mainstream media are all agog today over something The Daily Stirrer and other libertarian blogs have been telling you for weeks. There are already western military personnel on the ground in Syria, aiding the uprising against the government of President Assad.Western powers have been providing military support and equipment to the Syrian rebel fighter, one of ...

Syrian Rebels Say West Is Already Aiding Thier Uprising.
As the troubles stirred up in Syria by the meddling of the American idiot President Barack Hussein Obama and fuelled by the west's determination to intervene and effect regime change in another middle eastern nation escalate into civil war, the rebels show they are as unfit a government in waiting as those fanatical mobsters the western powers have catapulted into power in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. We conclude that Obama wants World War 3. ...

Israel Will Not Warn USA Before Launching A Strike Against Iran Israeli officials say they won't warn the U.S. if they decide to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities, a U.S. intelligence official familiar with the discussions has ytold Associated Press. The prediction, delivered in a series of private, top-level discussions raises tension in the middle east ahead of meetings in the coming days at the White House and Capitol Hill. Israeli officials said that if they eventually decide to launch a strike is necessary, they would not ...