Saturday, December 06, 2014

Child sex abuse inquiry in crisis as victims walk away

Alleged victims of abuse involved in the historic abuse case currently being investigated by MPs and police have advised Home Secretary Theresa May, that they are ready to withdraw support from the Government's child sex inquiry. Twenty = three individuals, some of whom claim as children they suffered serious and prolonged abuse at the hands on senior Members of Parliament, Senior Civil servants and other high ranking figures in the public sector, sent Mrs May a letter claiming the inquiry is "not fit for purpose".

The thirty year old allegations of a massive cover up by the political establishment were brought back to light after the death of disc jockey, telev ision presenter and friend of senior politicians and members of the Royal Family, Jimmy Savile led to the exposure of a man who could have been said to have invented the celebrity culture.

Once he was dead, it became clear that Savile had been a serial abuser and that allegations about his peverted sexual needs that powerful friends had covered up for years did indeed have substance. The psedophile web of which Savile had been the hub reached into the hearth of government, the legal establishment, the media and big business.

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This report concerns a case that so far as we know does not involve grooming and organised abuse by members of ethnic minority communities but is included in this page because it shows yet again that an overriding cluture of political correctness has rendered social services departments, particularly those responsible for the care and protection of vulnerable children, are not fit for purpose.