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UK School that ‘canceled’ JK Rowling as a role model over transgender views replaces her with ex - Olympic athlete who has even stronger views


Managers and senior teachers at the exclusive Boswell's School in Chelmsford, UK faced a wave of criticism after withdrawing from Harry Potter author JK Rowling the honour of having one of the school's houses named after her and have now shot themselves in the foot again by naming as Rowling's replacement a former Olympic athlete, Kelly Holmes, who won two gold medals and who has recently voiced some strong opinions on the policy of allowing formely male transgender athletes to compete in women's events, ever though the athletes involved still have their male wedding tackle.

School which ‘canceled’ JK Rowling faces new trans row over Olympian

The school came unfer fire from the trans lobby and the far left authoritarians of the woke brigage when they renames JK Rowling House as Kelly Holmes House only to learn Holmes has been branded 'trasphobic' after comments  she made about the inappropriateness of biologically male athletes who simply feel they are emotionally female being allowed to compete in top level women's events against biological women.

Rowling, one of the world's most successful authors, enraged the cancel culture mob in 2020 with tweets about the bullying, authortarian attitude of the transgender community and their supporters  when she publicly objected to use of the phrase 'people who menstruate' in place of the word 'women'.

That triggerd a tsunami of abuse with the writer being accused of hate crime and 'transphobia' and even led to the starts Harry Potter film series, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, distancing themselves from the person responsible for making them multi - millionaires. But then it's long ben known that actors are such a pathetically needy, virtue signalling bunch of paskudniaks they are even ahead on school teachers in the race to devolve back into creatures that live under stones.

Well we will leave the Potter trio with a reminder that we have noticed none of them are getting much work these days, and focus on Boswell's school, for the sake of parents in Chelmsford and the surrounding area who migh be foolish enough to send their kids to this academy for losers. Here's a typical but of verbal diarrhea from Boswell's prospectus:

The prospectus also makes a big thing of its policy of inclusivity to provide a multi - ethnic, multi - cultural environment, and accompanies that with a lot of blether about  excellence and achievement, developing chracter and values and all the  usual schoolteacher crap. It would be impressive if they were not so keen to  show willing to sacrifce scientific fact and common sense to stave of criticism from a tiny minority of hairy - arsed, handbag swinging chicks-with-dicks. That's hardly going to encourage pupils to develop strong, independent characater and hold to positive values is it. Unless snivelling cowardice is considered a moral virtue in the 'woke' bubble of course.    

The school's replacement for Rowling, double-gold winning Olympian Kelly Holmes, was initially seen as a fireproof choice. A mixed race woman from a single parent family, Kelly had a successful military career and became a prominent athlete largely through her own determination and strength of character.

Having won an Olympic bronze medal at 1500 meters in 1996 she was kept out of the games in 2000 by a career threatening injury, but fought back to take gold in the 800m and 1500m in 2004. Since then she has devoted her life to supporting athletics and encouraging girls from poorer backgroundsd to raise their aspirations, an obvious choice of role model for any school top associate itself with one might think – but apparently not in today's insane atmosphere. The decision by Boswell's to opt for her has drawn further criticism after comments about trans athletes came to light in which Holmes described transgender people competing against women in sports as "a bloody joke".

Holmes is not alone in drawing attention to the absurdity of allowing biological males to compete against biological females. Another UK Olympic gold medallist, swimmer Sharron Davies wrote of a trans - woman weightlifter recently:

Holmes replied: "It's a bloody joke and all getting ready for biological women to boycott certain events.

Holmes reacted with pride at having a house named after her and praised Rowling as being a world-renowned author.

"I am always honored when a school names a house after me,

"I hope my name represents determination, strength in adversity and a never-give-up attitude.

"JK Rowling is a brilliant, world-renowned author and should be credited for all the good she has done in the literature world to help young people, in particular have vision, creativity, dreams and much more." the Olympic champion was quoted as saying by MailOnline. Comments under that story were overwhelmingly supportive of Holmes and Davies.

Other comments read:

"Seems like a weird decision given that Holmes has publicly stated the same views previously anyway," one wrote.

"Cancel culture at its finest. Utterly moronic and once again we see women's rights being eroded," said 

"So, following Boswells School’s decision to replace JK Rowling with Dame Kelly Holmes, it’s emerged that Dame Kelly’s trans views are even more controversial.

"She believes they should have their own separate category or even their own separate games. Couldn’t make it up," wrote a third, while another said that the situation was a stain on 'wokedom'.

"It's another side-splitter from the self cert progressive end of wokedom. It will be awkward if they can't find an admirable role model who shares their values. Doubt it will make them ponder those values, though,"

Another asked: "What are the chances of choosing two gender critical women? Anyone would think it was a generally held opinion instead of extreme bigotry."

Indeed, and one might think all those screeching accusations of "transphobia" hurled about by the woke mob when anyone tries to initiate a common sense dialogue about people who think they can become a different person simply by saying, "From now I identify as ..." are just bullying tactics aimed at shutting down discussion because they cannot offer any reasoned arguments in support of their position. 




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I will get hate mail now': Lord Robert Winston backs professor in trans row saying 'you can't change sex'
After making controversial comments on transgender issues during his appearance on BBC television's Question Time last night, biologist and science broadcasdter Lord Robert Winston said today he fears he will be the subject of hate attacks from trans activists and the 'woke' brigade. Winston, not for the fgirst time, publicly backed a fellow academic scientist who triggered the trans - hate mob last wek by saying people "can't change sex".

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