Monday, March 27, 2017

Canada Ruled By Politically Correct Stupidity?

We have long believed that the right place for Canadian women is barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Only joking - we really believe Canadian men should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen too. Canadians have a lot in common with American liberals, for a start both breeds are irritatingly worthy and incredibly mooey (if you don't know what that means just think of a field full of cows, in an orgy of bovine docility standing around chewing the cud, farting and going moo all day.)

Where cattle and liberals and Canadians diverge however, according to the actions of their governments,  is cows can turn quite nasty if you threaten their young. Canadians and liberals are so afraid of upsetting anybody they make excuses for people of certain nationalities and religions who want to harm or sexually assault their young, they tell those of us with children or grandchildren we must learn to integrate with the quaint customs of Muslim migrants, like gang raping young children.

But it is not just politically - correctitis that cocksucker Trudeau and The Canadian government suffers from. Another problem for them is bad timing.

On Thursday, March 23, the Canadian Parliament passed a  blasphemy law specifically designed to protect Islam, which is unprecedented in Western democracies, where free speech is a right and freedom of worship includes the right to criticise and even mock all religions.

Al-Jazeera reported on Friday, the previous day's vote condemned "Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination." Naturally neither the Canadian government nor the media organisations which reported it could provide a coherent definition of what actually contitutes 'Islamophobia'. The non-binding motion that the Parliament passed also requested that a Parliamentary committee should launch a study to look at how to "develop a whole-of-government approach to reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination, including Islamophobia". The motion passed by 201 votes to 91.
It is just as well for those 201 Canadian legislators that they were debating all this in their distinguished national Parliament rather than the mother of all Parliaments. For had these legislators been in the House of Commons in Westminster, their thoughts may have taken on a sharper focus.

Now this blog's contributors who have spent time in Canada feel the place is so maddeningly reasonable there was hardly any religious discrimination until Sunni Muslim extremists from middle eastern and African trouble spots started to flood in, accompanied by the kind of corruption, racism, bigotry and violence that make middle eastern and African trouble spots the lawless shit holes they are.  

Only one day before the snivelling, self righteous virtue signallers of the Canadian parliament invited Islamic extremists to shaft their country up the arse , the British House of Commons lived through an example of rampant Islamism rather than "Islamophobia". And though the incident turn Members of Parliament into a crazy Muslim-hating bigot, they did manage to acknowledge that Islamic extremism can turn people into hateful, murderous Muslim bigots who want to kill Christians, Jews, Atheists and most of all people who are the wrong sort of muslim. And they acknowledged that such extremism and bigotry can turn people into very dangerous lunatics when they are armed with the simple weapons of a knife and a motor vehicle. In 2016 the same thing was illustrated in France and Germany in well reported incidents and with less mainstream media coverage in Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Denmark. There were also numerous shootings and knife attacks from the USA to Greece, and in all cases the perpetrators were radicalised Salafist Muslims. And apologies to the easily triggered, but to any reasonable person, that pattern is enough to establish beyond reasonable doubt a link between the fundamentalist Islamic Sunni sect and terrorism.

So in effect the cowardly, timorous, pusillanimous poltroons of the Canadian government are asking their citizens to tolerate and accept terrorists whose avowed aim is to exterminate all non Muslims. 

The Canadian Liberal MP Iqra Khalid (hmm, that name is a bit of a clue where her sympathies lie), who introduced the motion in Canada, proclaimed that the introduction of a de facto Islamic blasphemy law in Canada was needed because "We need to continue to build those bridges among Canadians, and this is just one way that we can do this." Hours before she said that, one of Khalid's co-religionists was using a bridge built more than a hundred and fifty years earlier for a very different purpose. But don't bridges in Muslim culture carry two way traffic. Because there seems to be no mention of banning Muslim hate preacher yelling "Death to Infidels," or demanding that pork be banned from Canadian menus because it offends Islam. Not much tolerance coming from their side it seems.

Khalid Masood of Birmingham decided to get himself on the fast track to heaven when he decided to drive  a hired SUV at high speed into crowds of workerss and tourists on London's Westminster Bridge . On his rampage, he managed to injure people from 11 countries. He killed Kurt Cochran, an American on holiday in London with his wife to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. He also killed Aysha Frade, a British national of Spanish and Cypriot descent who had been walking across Westminster Bridge to pick up her two young daughters from school. He also killed Leslie Rhodes, a 75-year old retired window-cleaner, described by a neighbour, who sat at his bedside in hospital as he died, as "the nicest man you ever met." In support of what we said about American liberals being as spineless as Canadians, we can report Mr. Cochran's family said they bore no ill will towards his killer. What is wrong with these people that they think we should hug the terrorist shits who kill our family members.

There is only one reponse to terrorism. Ask yourself this: If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge? (Act 3 Scene 1, The Merchant Of Venice, William Shakespeare - read full speech) OK, if you are Canadian write those lines in magic marker on a big, jagged lump of concrete rubble, then take it to where Justin Trudeau lives and ram it up his arse.

After the carnage on the bridge, the assailant, 52-year old Khalid Masood ran at the Houses of Parliament and stabbed to death Police Constable Keith Palmer, 48. The Palace of Westminster was put into lockdown. The scenario is eerily similar to an Islamist attack on the Parliament building at Ottawa in 2014, the assailant got disturbingly close to the very centre of power in the land before being shot dead. And that bunch of cunts in the Canadian Parliament want Canadian citizens to accept terrorist shits into their communities. WTF is wrong with these crazies. When a lunatic tells you they are coming round your house to kill you, it is irrational to tell them that you want to cooperate and will leave the door open.


Politically Correct Thinking And The Threat To Free Speech

When I heard that the actor, writer, wit and raconteur Stephen Fry faces prosecution in Ireland for an alleged blasphemy contained in what seem to me fairly innocuous remarks, it reminded me that recently an anti blasphemy law was enacted in that so called liberal utopia, Canada. Blasphemy a crime in this secular century. What's going on?

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