Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Will Anti European Union Feeling Lead To More Integration

The European elite, the bueaucrats who run the European Union and show their respect for democracy by openly admitting the have no time for the people and prefer to make decisions in secret cabals behind locked doors, were thinking not so long ago that their project to abolish the sovereign nations that make up the membership and create a federal European superstate run by a bureaucratic dictatorship, appointed from within the ranks of the elite rather than being elected by the people was home and hosed.
Then the punters started to wake up to what was going on. The result was a huge increase in votes for the Eurosceptic and anti – federalist group in the EU Parliament .
Many people who are part of the media luvvieocracy seem to think the anti EU surge revealed in elections to the European Parliament earlier this week will lead to an intensification of the EU ruling bureaucracy push for the integration of the 28 European Union member states into a single federal superstate. A more realistic view is that many who voted for the status quo were not so much supportive of the pan – European project as fearful of what will happen when the EU falls apart … continue reading