Wednesday, October 19, 2022

General Armageddon Stokes The Fire In Ukraine

by Egbert Nohbakkon,19 October 2022

General Armageddon (Picture: frontnieuws netherlands

General Sergey Surovikin (above), nicknamed General Armageddon, recently appointed as overall commander of Russian air, land and sea forces serving on the Ukrainian front, whom the late Robert Fisk said was one of the scariest men he had ever met in his long and very colourful life takes to his new command a fearsome reputation for ruthlessness, earned most recently in Syria against the western - backed forces if ISIS. When one is faced with hordes of jacked up jihadists as in Syria or NATO funded Nazis as in Ukraine, one needs a commander like General Armageddon to save the day, as the songs of John Lennon and Bob Dylan just don’t cut it.

To read NATO’s accounts of Surovikin's exploits one would imagine he obliterates enemies for fun and not out of necessity. In that, NATO’s media jackals deliberately men like him with their enemies, NATO’s proxies in both Syria and Ukraine, whose war crimes are as well documented as they are ignored by NATO’s ever loyal mainstream media sock puppets and political mouthpieces.

However the arrival of Surovikin in the Ukraine conflict is bad news for the citizen's of Ukraine who only crave an end to hostilities and a return to peaceful ways of living.

We learned earlier today that the troops the Ukies are  now sending into the meat grinder in front of Kherson, are the "Territorial Defense" brigades, five units consist almost to a man of conscripts, dragged and dragooned off the streets and clubs (even beaches) of Ukrainian cities. They are given a quick change of clothes and if fortunate are handed a rifle and then are sent into Slaughterhouse V.

Low levels of morale are de rigeur. Only thing keeping them moving into the teeth of the mill are those "Nationalist" police battalions which "back them up" by shooting those who attempt to retreat. Most of those poor slobs could care less about killing Russians in order to keep them from liberating ethnic Russians from the U$$A and NATOstani controlled puppet regime in Kiev.

Those young (and some not so young which is an indication of how desperate the neo Nazi nutters in Kiev are becoming, are neither motivated, nor stupid. If these individuals can overcome their personal existential fear, the most intelligent thing they can do would be to surrender en masse to the Russian defenders of their homeland's people. Western mainstream media may celebrate Russia's heavy losses in men and equipment but hardly mention Ukraine's equally heavy losses while according to my sources in India, Singapore, Egypt and Israel, where news reporting is not tainted by the influence of Washington,) those pictures we are shown of destroyed and abandoned 'Russia' tanks and armoured vehicles are mostly Russian built, Soviet era equipment inherited by Ukraine's military after independence.

"General Armegeddon" let it slip a few days ago that Ukraine is in for the full treatment. Whatever that means, it is ominous. In a statement which was included in RT coverage, the Russian commander in chief explained Russia's current goal: Demolition of the entire Ukrainian state and (probably) reconstructing it on the basis of being comprised of those who might be described as Ukrainian dialect speaking peoples only.

One slight exception being an essential but totally logical deletion of Galicia from an entity which might be called NovoUkrainia.

 The reasoning behind this is that having long been under political control and domination from Poland for centuries and under the Austro-Hungarians for nearly 200 years, the Galician Slavic people had become thoroughly westernised in both political and religious attitudes. Rather than remaining as Orthodox Christians, the Galicians in the main became "Uniats", a national church, though closely aligned with Rome, maintained some of the Orthodox rituals in order to retain some level of viability.

Long settled by a mixture of Poles, Khazarian Jews and those adulterated Eastern Slavs; Galicia became filled with tensions after that land was seized by Poland from the Bolsheviks in the early Twenties. None of those groupings were capable of getting along with the others. The worst of the lot, followers of Ukrainian nationalist Stepan Bandera showed their hands during the German invasion when they happily massacred Jews, Polaks and anyone they felt to be inimical to their dogmatic beliefs. So it is these Neo-fascists, boasting Nazi symbology, who made nice with the Khazarian Mafiya, after funding and prodding by Uncle Sam and were pre-eminent in the Maidan coup and in numerous murders and massacres over the past eight years.

Without the kedge-anchor of those Galician Banderites, slung across their necks, a NovoUkrainia for Ukrainians only, might become a postwar reality.



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