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International Blogging for A Little Peace

Since I started using this blog properly late in 2014 it has gained a considerable following around the World. With many readers in the US, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil and the far east visiting and very good followings in Russia, Poland, germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine and some smaller European nations as the blog questions government and corporate power, the use of propaganda and perpetual war to control public opinion, I'm starting to feel as if I am channeling the comedy great Mel Brooks:

(from the Mel Brooks film 'To Be Or Not To Be')

What do they want from me?
I'm good-natured. I'm goodhearted.
I'm good-looking.
Every day, I'm out there trying
to make the world safe.
I don't want war.
All I want is peace. Peace!

A little piece of Poland
A little piece of France
A little piece of Portugal
And Austria perchance

A little slice of Turkey
And all that that entails
Und then a piece of England Scotland
lreland and Wales

A little nip of Norway
A little spot of Greece
A little hunk of Hungary
Oh what a lovely feast
A little bite of Belgium
And now for some dessert
Armenia Albania
And Russia wouldn't hurt

TTIP:Here In A Single Article Is The Key To Why People Do Not Trust Mainstream Media

A single article published in UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph shows why few people trust what they read in mainstream media or see and hear in broadcast news bulletins any more. The author, obviously a proponent of the anti democratic trade treaty which is really no more than a corporate power grab.

No, TTIP is not a good reason for Britain to leave the European Union

Britain’s Eurosceptics on the Left and Right have found common cause in objecting to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Boris Johnson last week ridiculed the EU’s negotiating model as a “pantomime horse”. On the left, critics say TTIP is a corporate power grab and threatens the NHS. These views are flawed for a number of reasons.

On the Right, Brexit promises the ability of free trade deals without interference from Brussels and its red tape. But TTIP would still influence the UK economy. Once outside the EU, the UK would be unable to stop TTIP, or shape it. The EU, like the US, will remain an important trading partner after Brexit. So whatever the future arrangement between the EU and the UK, British firms will be required to adopt EU rules and regulations if they want to sell into the single market.

In these opening paragraphs the author uses the favourite tactic of both pro - EU and pro - Golbalisation propagandists, he or she tries adopts a scornful tone to belittle the very sensible and rational arguments in favout of leaving the EU and against getting involved with dodgy trade deals promoted by the rent boy in The White House. The concluding sentence of the first paragraph is a blatant lie. I will now unequivocally call Rem Korteweg a liar and he / she can sue me if able to demonstrate that all non EU nations in the world have adopted EU regulations in order to see their products in the European Union. In fact a large part of the disputed clauses in TTIP relate to the insistence of the USA that EU nations conform to US standards before they can be sold in the USA. The USA however insists that it must be allowed to sell some goods in Europe that are incompatible with EU standards.

After the scaremongering comes the big lie Negotiations of TTIP have been surrounded by secrecy, and high security, even elected representatives of the American and European peoples have not been allowed to study and comment on the draft, yet this propagandist tells us:

More importantly, TTIP would create a transatlantic marketspace that would influence British firms and the UK economy by aligning regulation in the US and EU by recognising or harmonising each other’s standards. These standards would become benchmarks for others to follow, particularly in those countries that trade a lot with either the US or the EU, or both. In 2015, 63 per cent of British trade (imports and exports) was with the EU and US. British exporters, keen to adopt newly agreed transatlantic standards, would pressure UK regulators to implement the same rules at home. So, standards agreed in TTIP, on issues like health, environment or labour, would percolate into the UK. Yet the British government would have no say in the shaping of these standards, as it does now. Only if the UK stopped trading with both the EU and the US would Britain be immune to TTIP’s regulations.

Read full article in The Daily Telegraph

One of the main points raised by what's been leaked (apart from WTF is 'marketspace'?), is when the author talks of 'recognising and harmonising' each other's standards, as those of us who have read the parts of TTIP leaked by Wikileaks, The Intercept and The Guardian's Glen Greeenwald know what this means. We should brush aside another lie peddled by the article first however; the author (again typically of pro TTIP and pro - EU propagandists) give the impression that all the opposition is cominf from extremists on the right and left. In fact many moderate groups representing small and medium sized independent business, trade unions, and independent watchdogs have opposed TTIP along with civil rights groups, consumer protection agencies and and environmentalists.

This harmonisation that is referred to as if only cranks and fanatics are questioning it, has been questioned by centrist politicians in Europe because one of the sticking points is that the USA demands that European Union negotiators yield to all its demands while refusing to give up any of its own protectionist tariffs and barriers.

OK Kortweg, I look forward to hearing from your lawyers, but I wan you, it will not be I who ends up sleeping inder a bundle of old rags in some derelict, inner city slum.

As for everyone else, you don't have to take our word for it (although there are plenty of words written by Boggart Bloggers available if you want to know more about the threats posed to democracy, national sovereignty and free speech, as well as the environment, jobs, workers rights, civil rights, free speech and public services posed by TTIP. Five minutes research should pull up enough material to convince you it is a fascist power grab. And if the threat of corporate fascism alone is not enough to convince you that Britain should leave the EU, there are a billion other very good reasons (80 million of them currently residing in Turkey.)

Union Flag Becomes a Symbol of Anti-EU Protest in Italy
In a gesture that shows grasroots opinion in European Union nations is not in line with the anti - Britain rhetoric of senior EU bureaucrats, American globalist politicians and pro - federalisation leaders of Germany and France, small businesses along the Italian riviera have started to fly Britain's Union flag in protest at a European Union ruling which would open the area to multinational businesses.


The Greenteeth Defending Free Speech Catalogue

Events in recent years have shown us democracy is a sham. From the USA where big money owns the political system through the European Union where the bureaucrats of the European Commission in Brussels openly express contempt for the elected governments of member states and clearly state that the faux - democratic European Parliament is irrelevant, and the wishes of member states are not considered, it is up to the bureaucrats and experts to do what is right for Europe, WE THE PEOPLE are fighting a war like none we have fought before as the political, financial and academic elites try to disempower the masses. Only through our right of Free Speech can we expose the corruption and self interest at the heart of the system and hold to account the people who would create a global, authoritarian government.
The Greenteeth Defending Free Speech Catalogue

US-EU Trade Talks "De Facto Dead" Says German Trade Minister

President Obama was hoping to get two trade agreements to bolster his legacy in the waning days of his administration. Earlier this week however, the German Economy Minister stated the were 'de facto dead'. The US-Asia TPP talks have been dead as a doornob for some time although Obama is playing out a charade of having Congress vote on the draft, even though it will not be ratified by any important players around the Pacific Rim.

Can Americans Overthrow The Evil That Rules Them?
The anti - establishment, anti - globalisation mood that manifested itself in the Brexit vote is sweeping across Europe, the cosy government - corporate cartel is desperately trying to control the narrative, but against the combined strength of millions of new media commentators all challenging the official; narrative, the dark forces of globalism are on the back foot.

TTIP Is Dead: Trade Talks Between EU And U.S. Have Collapsed, Germany Says
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations, the so called free trade deal between the EU and the USA, have collapsed, German’s economic minister has announced. The cause of the collapse has been cited as failure to move forward on any of the major planks of the deal, which has been dogged by controversy and widespread opposition from all sides of the political spectrum.

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