Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Angry Mobs Torch Kurdish Businesses As Turkey Descends Into Chaos

History is full of examples of national leaders (local tyrants who got lucky with the backing of western leaders) turning on minorities in their own country with the west's tacit approval. Nothing about the way the Syrian tragedy has played out should surprise us then except that when the leaders of NATO's main military powers, the The FUKUS axis war in Syria, the Syrian leader Assad found new best friends in Russia, China and Iran. The opposition of the three eastern powers was enough to make France and the UK think twice about deposing Assad by force after the FUKUS axis sponsored rebellion had failed and without allies, the USA chickened out of a military confrontation with Russia.

Media attention has been focused on Syria and neighbours in the region for two years now and due to the rise of ISIS most middle eastern nations have been dragged into the conflict in some way. Unreported by mainstream media however, Turkey’s Recep Erdogan has managed to orchestrate a political coup by plunging his people into civil war as NATO looks the other way.

In the three summer months, Edrogan has nullified a democratic election result (shades of the CIA engineered coup in Ukraine) and obstructed efforts to form a coalition government so that he could call new elections and ensure the result he wanted. Next, launching a military campaign was launched against the Kurdish PKK movement, knowing that if enough people are killed between now and the November elections, the public’s negative perception of the Kurds will lead to diminished support for the Kurdish HDP party, which was responsible for Edrogan's AKP losing its absolute parliamentary majority in June.

Erdogan has been able to do all this because he made a deal with the Obama administration, allowing the USA access to Incirlik (which gives the US army an operations base for the ground incursion into Syria that Obama has craved for so long in return for NATO’s acquiescence to the extermination of the Kurdish opposition in Turkey (and presumably Kurdish ethnicity) in Turkey.

This deal has so far (on 9 September, 2015,) resulted in hundreds of people killed; the arrest of journalists; the collapse of the Turkish lira; a Turkish invasion of Northern Iraq (the fifth in two decades), and no perceptible progress in the “fight” against ISIS which was the pretext for the entire effort.

For anyone who needed further proof that Erdogan won’t stop until his pro-Kurdish political opposition is wiped out entirely, consider the following from FT who reports that “a mob of several thousand people” set HDP’s Ankara headquarters on fire, sending party officials fleeing “across rooftops.” Here’s the full story
from my source,

The Financial Times:

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The fighting between security forces and Kurdish militants in Turkey’s mountainous south-east is increasingly reverberating in the country’s biggest cities, raising fears of a broader sectarian conflict.

The latest clashes came on Tuesday night, when thousands of people chanting nationalist slogans torched the Ankara headquarters of the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic party (HDP).

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HDP branches in other cities, including the southern resort of Alanya and Kirsehir in the west, were also attacked and set alight. The attacks appeared to be in response to the killing of 30 police and soldiers earlier in the week.

The tumult, which is intensifying against the backdrop of chaos in neighbouring Syria and Iraq, is leading many Turks to question whether the country is returning to the war-torn 1990s. That decade marked the height of the 30-year battle with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers party (PKK), in which some 40,000 have died.

“There is a big risk of widespread ethnic conflict and violence continuing in the cities,” said Nihat Ali Ozcan, a security analyst at the Ankara-based Economic Policy Research Foundation. “It is a very sensitive situation.”

Tens of thousands of supporters of the rightwing National Action party (MHP) also took to the streets on Tuesday night in protest at the string of PKK attacks in the country’s largely Kurdish eastern provinces.

Meanwhile, about 100 people hurled stones at the main Istanbul offices of Hurriyet, a secularist newspaper critical of the Islamist-rooted government, in the second such assault in 48 hours. The newspaper’s Ankara printing press also came under attack.

In a tweet, Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkey’s prime minister, condemned the violence, while authorities said 93 had been arrested in Istanbul over Tuesday night’s unrest.

But despite repeated official denials, Selahattin Demirtas, the HDP’s joint leader, accused the state of being behind what he described as a “lynch campaign” against the country’s Kurds, who account for about a fifth of the 77m population.

The HDP is part of the broader Kurdish movement long spearheaded by the PKK, but is now a political force in its own right as the third biggest party in parliament.

“Over the past two days more than 400 party offices, workplaces and businesses have been attacked,” Mr Demirtas said. “People have been pulled off buses and beaten, people walking in the street have been attacked.”

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The mood now is in stark contrast to that which followed June’s general election, when many Turks expressed hope that the failure of any party to secure a parliamentary majority would push the country towards coalition government and reduce social polarisation.

Instead, coalition talks ended in failure, fresh elections are scheduled for November 1 and the war in the south-east has reached an intensity not seen for years.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s president, has sought to quash accusations that he is escalating the conflict in order to seek electoral gain.

In July the PKK ended a two-year ceasefire after a peace process with Ankara had run into the sand. Since then the banned group has killed more than 100 members of the security forces, including 16 soldiers on Sunday and 14 policemen on Tuesday.

At the same time, the government has carried out scores of air strikes against the militants, both within Turkey and in the group’s stronghold of northern Iraq, where the Turkish state deployed ground troops this week.

Many of the cities in the east and south-east of Turkey are now under martial law, with the town of Cizre part-controlled by PKK militias who are engaged in near-continuous clashes that have seen eight civilians killed.

Aaron Stein, a non-resident fellow at the Atlantic Council, said the Kurdish conflict is now occurring on two fronts: mountain areas, where the PKK is attacking security forces with bombs that cause mass casualties, and within towns and cities, where young Kurdish fighters are regularly shooting and killing police and gendarmes.

Mr Stein said the conflict could escalate if the military moved in forces to urban centres throughout the east and south-east, as it is seeking to do in Cizre.

If tensions reached that point, he argued, there would be regional consequences, making it more difficult for the US to co-operate with the PKK’s Syrian sister organisation, widely regarded as one of the most effective fighting forces against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, known as Isis.


While we watch Unkraine and Turkey The War Goes On In Syria

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American Department of Defence Admits Supporting ISIS In Syria

Rumours have been rife for almost a year that ISIS/ISIL/ whatever you want to call them, the Islamist rebel group who have taken control of large areas of Syria and Iraq with the intention of setting up a new Islamic Caliphate, were actually set up by United Staes CIA agents with the aim of overthrowing secular Muslim dictators and helping the US ally Saudi Arabia impose theocratic rule throughout the Arab lands. A new leak proves that once again the 'conspiracy theorists' were right.

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I'm always a bit wary about referring to The Daily Mail because mere mention of that rather sensationalist but immensely popular newspaper (compare its circulation figures with those of The Guardian or The Independent) is likely to attract a Two Minutes Hate session from Britain's biggest fascist movement,
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Obama Says If Syria Tries To Defend Itself Against US Air Strikes, US Will Attack Syria

We told you back in 2008 that Barack Hussein Obama was an insaniac who would not be content with dividing America socity and junking the American economy, but was so crazy he would not be content until he had a) Been proclaimed President / Emperor of the entire Universe and everything else besides or b) Dragged most nations into a destructive global conflict.
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When Obama first called for military intervention in Syria, Cameron and Hollande were all for it and only public opinion in the west and Russian / Chinese Intransigence in the UN Security Council averted full scale war. I came in for a lot of flak for 'supporting the tyrant Assad when I suggested the last thing the west's troubled economies needed was another messy and unwinnable middle east war. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Its Showtime!

MEP In Merkel Mask Mocks Juncker

An Italian MEP in a ~Merkel mask mocked the pusillanimous poltroon posing as President of the EU commission in Stasbourg yesterday as the Luxembourgischer nonentity Jean Claude Juncker (aka J-C Drunkard) lectured representatives of the sovereign nations that make up the European Union on what their elected government's policies should be.

A speech by the bureaucrat Drunkard, who allegedly knocks back several large brandies for breakfast and keeps himself topped up throughout the day, was disrupted by an MEP donning an Angela Merkel mask to heckle Drunkard and disrupt a speech about the need for European nations to displace and marginalise their own people to make room for terrorists, murderers and rapists, vagina mutilators and professional beggars from the third world.

Italy's MEP, Gianluca Buonnanno, was the man behind the mask and it is thought the stunt may have been part of an anti migrant protest as Italy is one of the nations that has been most disrupted by the EU Bureaucratic dictatorship's sending out the message that all the worlds dark skinned people are welcome in Europe where they will be given free housing, clothes, medical care, food and spending cash.

Buonnano is a member of the Italian right-wing Northern League party and it is not the first time he has created a stir in European Parliament, in 2014 he "blacked up" in protest of supposedly generous benefits received by African immigrants.

Member states have been warning for years of what would happen. Now it is happening and if the arrogant, elitist twats cannot admit they have been wrong all along and then fuck the fucking fuck off, the end result will be bloodshed and civil unrest.

OK, you've all been warned (again) ...


Cameron Plays Deal Or No Deal In Europe

David Cameron, who was apparently up all night trying to make other European leaders understand why his country needs a better deal in order to poersuade the prople it is a good idea stay in the EU. Unless Cameron gets what will enable him to sell the idea of surrendering national sovereignty to a Federal European Superstate ruled by a committee of unelected bureaucrats in to the British public he will not campaign for the UK to remain in the bloc

Hungary Seals Borders As Migrant Flow Increases

The illegal immigrant crisis seems to be coming to a head; in Germany there is civil urest in areas where Volksfuhrer Haulsfrau Merkel has shoehorned large numbers of hostile Muslims into areas with high unemployment. In Britain Prime Minister Cameron faces a rebellion from members of his own party. In France, Sweden and Italy anti - immigration parties are ahead in opinion polls, but it is Hungary and Slovakia that lead the resistance to the EUronazis genocide of white Europeans project.

If You Want To Help Refugees Stop Helping To Kill Them

As The Daily Stirrer predicted, the tide of illegal entrants streaming through Europe's porous southern and eastern borders is increasing. Italy, Greece and Hungary now have major problems and even non EU states in the Balkans are affected. This crisis will not be resolved until the EU leaders politically correct OCD is replaced and we resolve the Merkels, Camerons and Hollandes with people of resolve who will stand up to American bullying.

German Government Evict Poor Germans From Their Homes For Migrant Asylum Seekers

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As anti EU feeling grows and German citizens get angry about the immigration disaster, no wonder Hausfrau - Volksfuhrer Merkel is not happy. And German taxpayers will not be happy when they find out what crazy financial commitments are about to be dumped on them by the EU's poorer members.

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