Thursday, December 04, 2014

Evolution: Theory, Fact or Fiasco?

Another slow news day and a milestone to reach before the end of the year. Ho hum, better throw in one of my more philosophical posts I guess.

Much as I have faith in Charles Darwin's Theory Of Evolution as a feasible explanation of how diverse species originate (The Origin Of The Species) it annoys me when science fans insist "Evolution is not a theory, its a fact." Especially annoying of course is when they cite evolution to explain the origin of life on earth or the development of human intelligence. Even more annoying is their assumption that anyone questioning them is a young Earth creationist. Here are a few thoughts on some of evolution theory's inconsistencies.

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We Must Let Darwinism Do Its Work

Most of us in the UK believe in Darwin's evolution principle, survival of the fittest or best adapted. It is a wonderful system that created all the wonders of the animal and plant world. Left to itself evolution will ensure the survival of life long into the future. So why do we keep trying to screw it up by preserving the lives of those who because of stupidity or incompetence do not deserve to live and should be stopped from breeding.

Nature's system has worked well for millions of years, why do scientists want to interfere with it?

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