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Are ISIS Terrorists Setting Up Shop On Philippine Island?

KAURAN, Ampatuan, Mindano, Philippines: 
On Christmas Eve, an attack by around 300 heavily armed members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) left six farmers in Kauran and four others in neighboring villages in neighboring provinces dead. Anticipating more attacks by the BIFF Muslim terrorists Christian farmers said they felt it necessary to carry guns “to defend ourselves and our communities.” At night, they form groups to patrol the village, protecting families who have left their homes away from the main settlement and are sleeping in the open around the village center due to fear of another attack.

A village market in Mindanao (source)

Since the December 24 attack, male villagers are remaining close to their homes and farms at night while women and children and women move to the village hall. Some villagers have fled, taking refuge with relatives in nearby towns in Sultan Kudarat province.

“We have information they may attack again. This time we are ready, we cannot let them kill us doing nothing to defend ourselves,” a man in black shirt and armed with an M-16 told Mindano Island newspaper MindaNews .

"Our farmers want freedom, our farmers just want to work the land, feed their families and send the children to school,” another armed man who was clearly suffering from lack of  sleep said.
At night the civilian vigilantes patrolling the village sometimes trade shots with armed men. A local councilman said it really pained him to talk to the families of BIFF victims. “They were all bread winners, they were unarmed, they were ordinary farmers, their families are now orphaned,” he told reporters.
“It’s Christmas. It really hurts when we are supposed to celebrate. Now we are mourning the loss of our loved ones,” said the sister of one of the murdered farmers. “Worse, the BIFF rebels were sniping at us as we retrieved the dead bodies. How heartless,” she said.

Yesterday I visited a site to which I have contributed occasionally and came first upon and article that was a totally uncritical and unbalanced article that amounted to a hymn of praise for Islam, "The Religion Of Peace." The smug, self righteous clown who authored and published it did not once mention, the recent Bataclan shootings or Paris suicide bombs. He never referred to the atrocities committed by ISIS or the genocidal campaigns against the Kurds and Yazidi in Syria, Iraq and Kurdistan, or the 9/11 attacks or the bombings in London and Madrid a few years ago.

Instead he attacked people who criticize "The Religion Of Peace" as ignorant bigots and right wing extremists. The greatest weapon Islamic extremists have in their bid to destroy western civilisation is the hatred felt by 'socialists' and 'liberals' in the west for western culture and society. Time we marginalised these people, they have nothing to contribute except their contempt for for their own nation and its people, laws and traditions.

How far up one's own arse must one be to turn a blind eye to the fact that wherever there is conflict in the world, Islamic extremism is at the centre of it. I guess to some people getting a few brownie points off the Politically Correct Thought Police for supporting this week's fashionable cause is more important than trying to be a decent, civilized, fair minded human being.

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Inferno at 63-story luxury hotel in Dubai, So Why Did It Not Collapse Like The Twin Towers?

'Address Downtown' a 5-star hotel in Dubai (is there any other kind of hotel in Dubai?) was engulfed in flames on New Year’s Eve as the city authorities firework display lit up the sky. It was not initially clear what caused the fire, which damaged about 20 stories of the building. Burning debris fell from the structure as firefighters struggled to contain the blaze.

City authorities reported 16 people were injured. Firefighters eventually brought the fire under control after the 302-meter tower had been evacuated without loss of life. Dubai Media office posted this tweet:

Dubai Media Office

The fire at the Address Downtown reported to have originated from outside 20th floor of hotel, has not spread inside
6:36 PM - 31 Dec 2015
Sourced from The Daily Coin

Naturally this incident has prompted a lot of people to ask why the tower did not collapse like The World Trade Center towers on New York in 2001. There are many possible reasons for this and we will probably never know the complete answer.

Some have pointed out (quite correctly) that 'external' fire has unlimited supply of oxygen whereas 'internal' uncontrolled fire has to struggle for oxygen and dies down when oxygen supply depletes as was the case with fires in WTC 1 and 2. Most officially approved explanations for the Twin Towers (and Tower 7 collapse) however fail to note that the fireball visible outside the South Tower, common sense would suggest, indicated the burning of almost all of the jet fuel outside the tower. Thus official explanations collapse more rapidly than did The Twin Towers themselves.

Other versions of the official narrative tell us "it's what happens when an object as big as a passenger aircraft crashes into a tower building. Oh Yeah? In that case why is the Empire State Building still standing? It should have collapsed when a Boeing B25 Bomber crashed into it in 1945 as you may read on Wikipedia by following the link, or at numerous sources by searching B25 Empire State Building.

And so this latest tall building accident opens old wounds and raises new questions. Mainstream media may be burying the story already but it will run and run in New Media website comment threads.

New Year fireworks in Dubai, 2015
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