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The Big Lie About The Ukraine Conflict Spun By Western Propagandists That Is Leading To World War Three


The current situation in the conflict between Ukraine – serving (while being demolished) as a proxy for the West – and Russia, is exposing the lies of western propaganda.


Since the official beginning of the war between Ukraine and Russia in Fabruary 2022 we condumers of news in the liberal democracies (?) have been fed a constant but evolving narrative, first that Ukrane was winning, the Russian military was in disarray and Ukraine only needed more money and weapons from its western allies to embark on a final push for total victory and the recovery of all te territory it controlled prior to the real start of the war back in 2014.

Last year (2023) the narrative changed, Ukrainian progress had stalled, the Russians had dug in behind easily defensible lines and more money and weapons were needed from Ukraine's western allies to help the Ukies regain the initiative and continue pushing Russian forces out of Ukrainian territory.

Now the narrative has changed, aircraft, long range missiles and NATO troops on the ground and yet more money are needed to save Ukraine and prevent Russia advancing through Poland to The Baltic and through The Balkans into southern Europe.

But propaganda narratives apart, what is the true situation Russia now has the upper hand on the battlefield, Ukraine has been crushed militarily and economically as well as its huge battlefield body count having torn the country apart socially. No matter what and how many advanced weapons are donated thanks to the largesse of European and American taxpayers, Russia's current position is so strong Moscow could potentially accelerate its recent advances to achieve an overall military victory soon. That assumes of course that it was always Russia's intention to conquer the whole of Ukraine, a claim often made by warmongers in the west though there is no evidence to support it.

In fact The USA and its NATO allies are being forced to accept Ukraine is effectively beaten and only western support and urging are enabling to Kiev regime to continue the fight. this As Foreign Affairs magazine put it, in an article titled “Time is Running Out in Ukraine,” Kiev and its allies and supporters “are at a critical decision point and face a fundamental question: How can further Russian advances […] be stopped, and then reversed?” 

It is beyond the limits of possibility that Russia's gains can be reversed, but the fact that influential figures in Washington, London, Berlin and Paris are asking the question is an acknowledgment that time is up for the West and Ukraine – and the war is only continuing because to admit failure and expose the propaganda lies would be too much of an embarrassment for the USA and NATO.

In spite of all that unwelcome reality Ukraine is not yet ready to ask for negotiations to end the war on terms acceptable to Russia or is not being allowed to do so by the western powers. Acceptance of Russia's terms would be difficult for Kiev, the regime would have to give up the Donbas region of eastrn Ukraine and Crimea and accept their country will never be a NATO member. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, reiterated in an important recent interview that Moscow remains open to negotiating a settlement, not on the basis of “wishful thinking” but, instead, proceeding from the realities “on the ground.”.

The Kiev regime’s inflexibility is not surprising, since the clown Zelensky snubbed an offer to negotiate a peace deal based on acceptance of Donbas' independence and a binding pledge that Ukraine would not be admitted to NATO membership, in talks brokered by Turkey's President Erdogan in the spring of 2022, Zelensky has gambled everything on demanding more and more support from the west to enable him to deliver the promised victory. 

So where Ukraine could have come out of the war scarred but intact, it has now been crushed while there is no way to Zelensky or his team can survive politically or physically. The catastrophic defeat they have brought on their country by leasing it out as cannon fodder in the Washington - NATO proxy war while lining their pockets with misappropriated funds from western aid dontations and selling on armaments donated by the west to various rebel and revolutionary groups will certainly cost them their lives.

Ukraine's fate it its own problem now. However the West’s strategy is in tatters because many nations including the USA, UK, France and Germany have plunged themselves into financial crisis and burdened their taxpayers with huge costs in supporting the war, and leaders cannot figure out how to spin the failure of its support for this war. Russia has not been isolated politically, in fact support from Moscow among African and Asian nations has grown; its military has become stronger, putting its economy on a war footing has shown that the country can produce the weapons and ammunition to outgun the west, and the same is true of its economy, with the west's sanctions having proved laughably easy to circumvent.



To put the case bluntly, the West is facing not only Ukraine’s probable defeat, but also its own strategic defeat. The situation, while not a direct military rout (as in Afghanistan in 2021) amounts to a severe political setback. The failure to put NATO troops into the front line in response to Zelensky's demands prove NATO military leaders understand that while their combined forces could probably defeat Russia, direct conflict would certainly result in Chinese action in defence of its ally thus triggering World War Three.

The Western failure in Ukraine is a disaster. Unlike the rout of American and allied forces in by a bunch of tribal warriors in Afghanistan, the West will not be able to simply walk away from the mess it has made in Ukraine. This time, the geopolitical repercussions will shift the balance of power further to the east. he costs very high.The economic costs of this will be enornous and will be felt for many generations because the west will have revealed itself as weak and too fearful to defend its interests.



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Who Blew Up The Nordstream Pipeline
So whodunnit? Sabotage of undersea gas pipe will escalate tension and move the world closer to nuclear war, but who is behind it, Russia in a bid to put more presure on Europe, Ukraine in an attempt to drag NATO into direct action, or the USA using a CIA false flag event to advance its own agenda.

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US Presidents Of The Past warned Against Secret, Shadow Government. By now it should be obvious that peacemake, joybringer and putative aquatic pedestrian Barack Hussein Obama was never really in charge of the US Government. Whatever Obama said would happen, all the American government's policies ensured the opposit would happen. The embedded article thows some light on how the US government really works

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