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As Russia, China and Iran line up behind Assad, has the USA (and its proxies) lost the middle east war?


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Warmonger Obama To Get Another Nobel Peace Prize For Doing This?
US Blockade of Syria A War Crime?
Gadaffi To Unleash A Wave Of Migrants On Europe

Warmonger Obama To Get Another Nobel Peace Prize For Doing This?

The chaos caused by Obamas regime change war in Syria (image source)

That the United States is now fully engaged in the war in Syria, intending to fulfill its long held ambition to overthrow the Assad regime while making its involvement as part of the struggle against ISIS. Getting rid of Assad is only one small part of the US plan for the middle east and eastern Europe. The real reason behind Washington's bombing campaign is Syria is the same as its reasons for bombing Iraq and Libya into oblivion. The whole strategy is about who controls the oil and gas resources and the pipeline routes to Europe.
Dominance of the middle east, the Caspian region and the Balkans is critical to Washington's strategy to weaken and undermine Russia and steer Europe's oil and gas purchases towards US oil and gas companies working in the middle east and Arabia. Keeping US energy companies and investors happy and ensuring the profits of US bankers and commodity traders is worth the 'collateral damage' of a few hundred thousand innocent lives of.

A bonus is the strategy of perpetual war around the borders of Russia, China and Iran and the never ending demand for military hardware that creates in the armaments and military support industry preserves thousands of US jobs, many of them in areas hard hit by the deindustialization of the past twenty five years.

But the indications from Washington is that the Obama administration, surely suffering from collective megalomania, is determined to provoke a military confrontation with Russia, which the Harvard political science grads. are sure would bring down Putin and Medvedev and allow the west to install a bunch of right wing corporate puppets in Moscow as they did in Kiev in 2013. To expand its destabilization into Russia itself in order to gain control of that vast nation's natural resources is the equivalent of suicide by political incompetence. We reported only yesterday that now Putin has committed to providing plane-in-the-sky, boots-on-the-ground support to Assad, not only have the Russians achieved more in Syria in a month than US support has in Iraq in three years, but Iran has announced a co-operation deal with the Russians in Syrian while Chinese 'military assets' have also begun to arrive at the newly extended Russian base in Assad controlled territory.

Russia was never an aggressive nation, it's vast land area is for the main part sparsely populated. Those who have been duped by Washington and European propaganda demonizing Russia will cite the Soviet Union's buffer states to prove me wrong, but that is a mistake. As Napoleon and Hitler both found to their cost, while Russia has few territorial ambitions outside its current borders, Russian leaders do have never taken a liberal view of invaders. In fact the entire Russian nation is paranoid about the enemies that surround Mother Russia and every man and woman will stand their ground to defeat foreign incursions. It is in their blood.

With the numerous 'experts' on Russian affairs the US State Department, the UK Foreign Office and the various international affairs departments European Union and NATO powers claim to have among their assets, does the so-called leader of the free world persist in his suicidal provocation of Russia and China (because make no mistake, if either of those is attacked, both will respond, probably supported by Iran and Pakistan. Should the United States succeed in picking a fight with this powerful coalition and with the strongest leader in the world, at the head of a country that has never been conquered shows the arrogance of Washington and the ignorance of history that is a common feature for the Harvard boys and girls.

The ongoing civil war in the Ukraine was orchestrated by the United States, as we know from a certain unfortunate phone call made by White House apparachik Victoria Nuland. Replacing the democratically elected, pro - Russian government in Kiev which a bunch of neo-Nazi thugs who might have been hand picked by George Soros was intended to benefit the US military industrial machine and US oil and gas barons by putting the pipeline routes from Russia and The Caspian region oil and Gas fields under the control of a Washington friendly government.

Gas poor European Union, whose member states stood to lose most by supporting the American move, sycophantically threw in its lot with the Washington and enthusiastically joined it in imposing economic sanctions against Russia, which caused billions of dollars of damage to the Russian economy but did even more harm to Germany, France and other E U nations as Russia banned food imports from E U members. The sanctions were in effect a declaration of war but no worries, Russia and China had already declared a Currency War on the USA by gathering support from the developing world for a move to replace the US$ as global reserve currency.

The double speak supporting western sanctions is as hypocritical as the intention of the Nobel Prize committee to award a second Peace Prize to the drone-loving warmongering rent-boy President, Barack Obama who grins idiotically, as if he has just spontaneously ejaculated in his pants every time he signs another executive order authorising drone strikes that will kill more innocent, non combatant, third world peasants and their families. The official reason given to justify the war criminal's peace prize is recognizes his response to Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine.

United States belligerence in world affairs long ago passed the point of idiotocray The insane ex-prostitute (allegedly) who now sells his office as casually as casually as he one sold his orifice (again allegedly) and holds 'the Gold Codes', whose finger will press the button to launch the end of civilization as we know it, needs to be reminded that he is not President Of The Entire Universe And Everything Else Besides, 'dem whitey' in Europe and Russia do not have to do as he says because he was elected, and that the citizens of the world, not the American neocon oligarchs whose interests he has served more diligently that his predecessors Bush, Clinton, Bush and Reagan, for the past six years will have the final say. And 95% of us do not want war, no matter how much Barack Hussein Obama craves it.


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US Blockade of Syria A War Crime?

Russian SU34 in Syria - more advanced than anything the Americans have (image source)

Recently The United States tried to bully both Greece and Bulgaria to close their airspace to Russian flights carrying humanitarian aid to Syrias beleagured Christian and Shi'ite Muslim communities. The move is a logical (in a psychopathic kind of logic) progression of the Obama administration's criminal attempt to overthrow President Assad and impose a US friendly puppet government in Damascus. The military action now being carried out by US and NATO personnel (chiefly the FUKUS axis, France, the United Kingdom and the United States) is ostensibly aimed at defeating ISIS in Iraq and Syria, but whistleblowers have revealed that the US government has been supporting ISIS by providing military hardware and training.

NATO, The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) has been waging war on the Assad regime in Syria and other nations that stood in the way of US ambitions to isolate Russia and gain control of the world's oil and gas reserves since 2011 when it succeeded in destroying Libya and thus triggered the waves of undocumented migrants now putting themselves in the hands of ruthless criminals in an effort to get to Europe (see below).

In trying to prevent humanitarian aid reaching Syria (OK, I know some will say Russia would use the shipments to get military equipment to Assad's troops, I answer OK, but if the US government is arming ISIS as we know beyond reasonable doubt they are, is it not hypocritical to try to deny Assad loyalists the ability to defend themselves egainst the well documented brutality of the ISIS savages? Contemptuous as ever of violations of the UN Charter, international law and of all morality, Barack Hussein Obama, the warmonger - in chief, the world's most evil human being, seems to think the colour of his skin gives him the right to claim the moral high ground even as he orders the slaughter of more non combatant third world peasants and their wives and children.

The resultant suffering in the countries under attack, where people are being forced to flee and become refugees (not the well fed, well dressed economic migrants you see in European coverage, things are very different in the refugee camps in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and Kurdistan, but US and European media are writing favourable reports on the criminal coalition that is attacking them. The hypocrisiy in Washington, London, Paris, Berlin and Brussels defies belief.

Heartbreaking images bombard us daily but the stories behind these images are fake. The drowned three year old's death was tragic but his father who put him on the overloaded, unseaworthy boat that sank, drowning many of it passengers was not a desperate refugee fleeing violence and persecution but a greedy, selfish people trafficker who had been living in an apartment in Turkey where the only threat came from rival criminals wanting to muscle in on the lucrative immigration racket. The story about the heartborken Muslim boy who had been refused permission to take his oh-so-cute Husky puppy to Europe not only failed to mention that Huskies are not a popular breed in the desert, but also that Islam regards dogs as unclean animals and very few Muslims would own a dog or be willing to travel with one as a fellow passenger

But the doctored images and spun stories are not published by western media to promote a push for peace in the Syria and Iraq. Instead, as the recent bletherings of the British, French, German and American leaders demonstrate, they are propaganda aimed at manipulating the emotionally crippled, guilt addicted citizens of developed nations to justify the deployment of NATO troops and aircraft in Syria, which will only add to the misery, death and the flow of refugees.

Gadaffi To Unleash A Wave Of Migrants On Europe

Mad Dog Gadaffi was never going to go quietly.

Libya is unleashing a wave of migrants against Europe as retaliation for the coalition's military strikes against the country.

Last week The Daily Stirrer reported the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa is being overrun with refugees fleeing the troubles in North Africa.

The opening of immigration floodgates came as Italy announced that it would grant travel permits to more than 20,000 Tunisian refugees who have reached its southernmost islands in recent weeks.

The Italian government said the temporary permits would grant the refugees freedom of movement within the visa-free Schengen area, but in reality most want to head to France.

Paris reacted angrily to the move, with Claude Gueant, the interior minister, saying the country would not tolerate "a wave of immigration" and warning that migrants without proper identity documents and sufficient funds would be turned back at the border.

The Schengen zone excludes Britain and Ireland, but migrants could attempt to enter the UK illegally from the Continent.

The Tunisians are among nearly 26,000 migrants who have managed to reach the tiny island of Lampedusa, Italy's southernmost community, since January, when president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was toppled by a popular revolt.

I always said it was a mistake to get involved. Mainstream media are now starting to report what anyone with half a brain knew in February, the Egyptian uprising was not a spontaneous uprising of disaffedted middle class pro0fessionals but a campaign orchestrated by the Islamic extremist Muslim Brotherhood and aimed at deposing the nasty but pro western Mubarak regime and replacing it with something even nastier and not at all friendly to the west.

The Libyan uprising was orchestrated by Al Qaeda sympathisers and allegedly led by Al Qaeda activists. This is why everybody has gone very quiet about the idea of arming the rebels.

We should have kept our noses out, let Gadaffi crush the rebellion (which he is going to do anyway) and avoided pissing him off. There are more that enough middle eastern lunatics well pissed off with the west already.

The Daily Stirrer


Irony Overload: Iran Warns Obama Not To Cross Red Lines

the United States concluded an agreement with Iran which lifted US and International sanctions in return for Islamic Shi'ite Republic agreeing to limit their nuclear ability. At a high level, the US would lead the way in lifting oil and financial sanctions imposed due to Iran’s nuclear programs; in return Iran would reduce their stockpile of enriched uranium,

Obama: US and Iran have major differences.
So what happened to Obama's great deal with Iran? Didn't the great peacemaker and joybringer proclaim not long ago that he had created peace and understanding between the USA and Iran? Perhaps the Iranians worked out that every country with which Obama claims he has created peace and understanding is the next to be blitzed by American bombs and drone strikes
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