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Farmers Rebellion Blockade Germany’s Biggest Airport


While the farmers' protests in France have entered a quieter phase after the government of Emmanuel Macron caved in to some of the agricultural workers most significant demands with a caveat from the French Farmers Union that they were ready to do it all again if the government did not deliver on its promises, in Germany things seemed to be getting even more heated over the weekend.


German farmers get their message across outside Frankfurt airport
German farmers get their message across outside Frankfurt airport Credit: TILMAN BLASSHOFER/REUTERS

Farmers in Germany blocked roads around the  country’s busiest airport on Saturday as protests over prices and red tape spread across the continent. Hundreds of tractors were deployed to block the streets leading to Frankfurt Airport after a fuel subsidy cut was passed by the German parliament on Friday.

Farmers in Germany have been engaged in massive protests throughout January following a statement by Olaf Scholz’s  government that it would cut close to a billion euros in farm subsidies in response to a domestic budget crisis.

Several huge protests recently gridlocked the streets of the nation's capital and other large cities and forced Berlin into concessions that included rowing back completely on a plan to make farmers pay road tax on farm vehicles. However, as we see so often with globalist led governments that give with one hand and immediately snatch back with the other.

This was certainly the case when Scholz's far left coalition first reversed the plan to charge road tax on farm vehicles and then quickly neutered that concession by cutting fuel subsidy. Germany’s farmers’ union has signalled that it will only stop protesting once the subsidy cuts have been completely reversed.

Hundreds of farmers take to the road in tractors
Hundreds of farmers take to the road in tractors Credit: MICHAEL PROBST/AP

Roadblocks by German farmers were synchonised with similar protests across Europe, as farmers in Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain and Italy joined the movement,  blocking roads and disrupting business and social life to draw attention to what they see as excessive EU environmental rules and unfair competition from outside the bloc.

On Friday, farmers blocked border crossings between Netherlands and Belgium with a government website showing long delays on three major motorways.

Meanwhile, a Polish farmers union announced a plan to blockade the border crossings to Ukraine starting on Feb 9.

“The passivity of the Polish authorities... regarding the import of agricultural produce and food products from Ukraine leave us with no other choice but to declare a general strike,” the farmers union Solidarity said in a press release.

In Greece, farmers blocked roads in the north and centre of the country as they demanded a reduction to EU regulation and expidited compensation payouts for farmers affected by the flooding and wildfires that devastated parts of the country last summer.

In Romania where protests have happened daily for several weeks, (sorry Romania, we've neglected you but estern Europe is on the periphery of boggart blog's radar,) authorities have agreed to increase fuel subsidies after farmers there teamed up with hauliers to block streets and obstruct the movement of food and goods.

French farmers, meanwhile, dismantled some of the roadblocks they had built on motorways around Paris after wringing concessions out of the government on fuel duty, pesticides and other environmental issues.

“The worst of the crisis is now behind us, but the issues we have to deal with are ahead of us,” Marc Fesneau, the French agriculture minister, said on CNEWS TV.

Protests have also been organised in Portugal, Ireland, Malta and Cyprus in recent days.






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