Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Giant Whitewash Slick Sighted In Indian Ocean

The Malaysian Airlines missing Boeing 777 mystery is over, the mouthpieces of the New World Orderr declare. Though no wreckage has been found and technological data points to a very different conclusion, the powers that be have decided we must all accept the Boeing 777 few way beyond its range, into a remote area of the Indian Ocean well over a thousand miles from land where the pilot ditched it. and we can all stop asking difficult question or else - see!

Well the thing about the freethinkers of the blogosphere is we don't stop asking difficult questions, we keep hammering away and although we don't often get the whole truth, at least everyone is now aware our governments and the global elites are our enemy.

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Journalism is reporting news somebody does not want reported - anything else is public relations: George Orwell

New World Order annexation of Ukraine

Is it true that the uprising in Ukraine was anything but the spontaneous rebellion of a disenchanted population? Was it is fact just another regime change operation orchestrated by the FUKUS axis on behalf of the corporate and financial cartel that has hijacked western democracy.

This post looks at some of the big players in the American / Ukrainian 'freedom' movement and examines their links to Big Ag, Big Oil, Monsanto and big big money. And the picture that emerges looks very dirty indeed.  So was the revolution in Ukraine all it seemed, or was it just another regime change campaign by the FUKUS axis that like Afghanista, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Syria has not quite gone according to plan.

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New World Order annexation of Ukraine