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Russian Navy Destroyer "Fires Warning Shots" To Avoid Collision With Turkish Ship

Russian Kashin class destroyer

One day dear readers, and we feel that day cannot now be far off, you will log in to learn that it has all kicked off between the real NATO military powers and the Russia / China / Iran bloc in the middle east. This latest skirmush, reported below represents another inch moved towards full scale conflict.

The incident took place in the Aegean Sea, a branch of the Mediterranean between Turkey and The Balkans

A statement from Russia's Defense Ministry read that "the crew of the Russian Navy patrol ship Smetlivy which was located 22 kilometres from the Greek island of Lemnos in the northern part of the Aegean Sea avoided collision with a Turkish purse seine fishing boat. The text of the Russian Defense Ministry's statement read: the crew of the Russian "Smetlivy" destroyer was forced to use firearms on Sunday to prevent a collision with a Turkish purse-seine fishing vessel. Turkey's version of events corresponds with the Russian statement, with Hurriyet reporting that "a Russian warship had to fire warning shots at a Turkish vessel in the Aegean Sea to avoid collision.

The crew of the Kashin-class destroyer Smetlivy sighted a Turkish fishing boat some 1,000 meters from the Russian warship early on Sunday morning, the ministry said. The ship was sailing towards the destroyer and ignored calls for radio contact and other attempts to communicate.

Purse seine fishing boat

The fishing boat did not get on the air for radio contact with the Russian ship and did not respond to signal lamps or flairs. This in itself is strange, normally a small commercial boat would want to get out of the way of a bigger ship or at least respond to radio alarm calls. Right of way does not count for much when you are in a 400 ton fishing boat (about the average size for this kind of boat area in the) and sailing into the path of a five thousand ton warship.

Upon the Turkish boat's dangerously close approach to "Smetlivy" at a distance of 600 meters, the Russian patrol ship fired a warning shot beyond the effective range of the weapon, to ensure the fisherman avoided collision.

The ministry statement said the Turkish fishing ship changed course after that and shadowed the destroyer at about 550 meters distance, but didn’t contact the Russian warship. Very suspicious behaviour for a commercial fishing vessel.

“Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov has summoned the military attaché of the Turkish embassy in Russia in connection with the incident in the Aegean Sea,” the statement said.

For now there is no official (or unofficial) closure of the Bosphorus to Russian shipping, however as we have reported previously, closing the only route out of The Black Sea to Russian ships is Turkey's trump card, one which however Putin would promptly read as an declaration of war by Erdogan, and as a further reminder, the bloody Russo-Turkish was of 1828 was sparked by nothing less than the closure of the Dardanelles Strait to Russian shipping.

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NATO Warships in the seas Odysseus Sailed Spell Trouble For EU

In an apparent effort to reduce the flow of migrants making their way from Turkey to Greece across the Aegean Sea, and because of the mistrust between the nations on either side of that body of water, pressure has been put on NATO (of which both Greece and Turkey are members)by the EU to deploy ships to the Aegean Sea ...

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Turkish MP to Reveal Evidence Linking Erdogan To Islamic State Oil

We have already posted numerous articles and blogs showing evidence that links Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Edrogan To Illegal Oil Trades With Terrorists Groups.

Turkey Planned Shootdown Of Russian Plane Weeks Ahead - Wikileaks

Via Wikileaks, it is revealed that Turkish President (and wannabe Sultan) Recep Erdogan made plans to shoot down a Russian warplane deployed in Moscow's anti - Islamic State campaign in Syria six weeks before the shooting down of an Russian Su-24 bomber in Syrian airspace.
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Turkish Convoy Allegedly Carrying Weapons To ISIS Bombed In Syria

Why is NATO member Turkey breaking every aspect of international law and United Nations charter by trading with isis and why are the USA and other NATO members condoning it, while EU leaders pledge to fast track membership for the Islamist state?
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President Trump And Prime Minister Corbyn: Can Voters Stop Them?

Left wing rebel Jeremy Corbyn and right wing buffoon Donald Trump - but do they represent the future of politics or just a morsel of zeitgeist?

Headlines in this morning's newspapers show maverick businessman Donald Trump, thanks to his bombastic style and trade make politically incorrect comments on major issues surging even further ahead in the contest to be Republican nominee in next year's Presidential election. Looking ahead, one foresees Trump's rivals sitting in the back of a car with their campaign managers whining, "If you'd let me talk about how immigration is killing jobs and how Islamic terrorists have sneaked in the country posing as refugees I coulda been a contender."

At the moment Trump seems unstoppable and his success is causing as much panic in the Washington political establishment as the victory of ultra - left wing maverick Jeremy Corbyn in the contest to elect a leader for the Labour Party, currently the main opposition here in Britain.

On the other side of the political fences, the Conservative government are in as much disarray as their opponents, as Prime Minister Cameron vacillates over his promised renegotiation of the therms of Britain's European Union membership but faces a rebellion within his own party if he reneges on certain promises he made to grassroots members. With anti - EU, anti - immigration party UKIP still making headway the Convervatives dilemma, rank and file membership (reflecting public opinion) versus loyalty to the party's corporate sponsors and political allies in Europe.

Meanwhile in the Democrat camp, Washington outsider and ultra - left (by American standards) candidate for the nomination Bernie Sanders continues to poll well and could yet pose a threat to the anointed one Hillary Clinton, a person who claims being married to a former President qualifies her for the job despite having little political experience and an abysmal and scandal stained track record as Secretary Of State in the Obama Administration.

Some commentators are starting to move public opinion by saying only voters can stop Trump or Corbyn. but can we and do we want to. What we are seeing is not a swing to the right or left in traditional politics, but a rejection of mainstream politics. Voters are abandoning the traditional parties in the way traditional politics has abandoned the voters.

It is possible we will see the fix go in, to prevent any upsets. The establishment parties are jealous of the hegemony they have built up over they ears and the 'my turn, your turn' was power id passed back and forth to maintain the illusion of democracy. A good indicator of that will be the French regional elections, the second round of which take place today. The anti - EU, anti - Immigration Front National (FN) won the popular vote in six of France's thirteen regions last week, but as the traditional enemies in French Politics, the Gaullists (conservative) and Socialists are uniting tho block an FN victory, don't be surprised if the outsiders do not go on to govern in any of the regional assemblies.

Democracy is not quite dead, but it is critically ill and on the danger list. Are figures like Trump and Corbyn a symptom of its illness or the cure?



The problem with losing your chains is knowing what to do when you are free to act without them. The answer most people choose should not really be all that surprising.

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