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Lancet Study: Mass Vaccination Fails to Halt Covid Transmission Rates

 2 December 2021Source:

Mass vaccination programmes across the developed world have failed to stop Covid transmission,  with new data showing the prevalence of the virus increasing in fully jabbed individuals, according to a new published in UK medical magazine The Lancet.

The study covered new infections in Germany, a nation with large population and one of the highest take up rate for COVID vaccination in the worl (if official figures can be believed Researchers found that the rate of infection (cases, not people needing treatment,) among fully vaccinated people aged over 60 has risen from 16.9% in July to 58.9% in October.

lancet study mass vaccination fails to halt covid transmission rates

A nurse prepares a vaccination at Britain’s Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre vaccination centre. © Reuters / Lee Smith

This resut offer clear prrof at last that in spite of government and media assurances that the vaccines are effective, fully vaccinated people are increasingly catching the COVID virus and becoming the source of infection mainly among other vaccinated people. Ironically the incidence of COVID infection is now lower among the unvaccinated (who were wise enough to put faith in their naturtal immunity rather than trust untested, experimental vaccines with unknown side effects. The study identified a similar situation in the UK. Throughout Britain, the number of household contacts exposed to unvaccinated cases (23%) was slightly lower than the number exposed to vaccinated individuals (25%).

In the space of three weeks in Britain, of reported Covid cases were reported among individuals who are 60 or older, 89.7% of people were fully vaccinated, while 3.4% were unvaccinated. To put this information in perspective the government claims 80% of the UK population are now vaccinated so these statistics give a distorted picture. Even so, when the figures are adjusted to take account of this disparity the split is around 75% to 25% towards the vaccinated.

Here’s many other examples from all over the world:

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists four of the five areas across the US with the highest percentage of fully vaccinated individuals as having high transmission counties. The study's authors strongly suggested that policy makers must now acknowledge the risk to all posed by vaccinated individuals.

“It appears to be grossly negligent to ignore the vaccinated population as a possible and relevant source of transmission when deciding about public health control measures.” The report states in its conclusions.

The research released in The Lancet comes as countries weigh imposing Covid vaccine mandates ahead of the Christmas holiday, purportedly to help protect citizens from the spread of the omicron variant and a potential resurgence in case numbers. However it has been reported that the new variant, which was originally hyped up as a greater threat than any of the variants so far, actually produces only mild symptoms and to date the vast majority of cases have been diagnosed in fully vaccinated individuals,

Chief Finance Officers of the crooked corporations that make up the Big Pharma cartel are rubbing thie hands with glee as they sense another cash bonanza, with government medical advisers already hinting that a new vaccine to be rolled out across the world will be the only way to stop this non - killer virus from not killing people.


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