Thursday, July 29, 2021

US CDC Admits Vaccines are failing, the vaxxed can be super-spreaders, demands return to mask mandates for everyone, including the vaxxed

 In a bombshell admission today the United States  Center for Disease Ccontrol’s director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the official narrative on the effinciency of vaccines in preventingcovid-19 was destroyed. Back in March Walenksy put on record the promise that vaccinated people could not spread the virus and infect others,yet earlier this week she admitted that vaccines are failing, and vaccinated people may actually be carrying higher viral loads than unvaccinated people, thus contributing more to the spread of COVID-19 than those of us who wisely declined the killer vaccines.

Yahoo News, which is typically on board with the Vaccine messiah cult narrative and is a long time shill for every new variety of toxic shite Big Pharma bring to market, could not gloss over the devastating shift in position, reporting:

The CDC updated its guidelines on Tuesday to recommend masks indoors, even for vaccinated people.
The Delta variant makes it easier for vaccinated people to transmit the virus, the CDC said.
Vaccinated and unvaccinated people infected with Delta may have similar viral loads.

Mainstream media giant USA Today was so panicked by the CDC confession that they tried to memory hole their own reporting which cited an NBC News report. In a panic, USA Today scrubbed the paragraph containing these damning words from their story:

NBC News, citing unnamed officials aware of the decision, reported it comes after new data suggests vaccinated individuals could have higher levels of virus and infect others amid the surge of cases driven by the delta variant of the coronavirus.

The CDC is currently hiding negative data on the Biden Administrations failing 100% vaccinated campaign from the public, probably because they are aware that once the data are revealed anything that remains of the "only-vaccine-can-save-us narrative will collapse.

CDC “confession” just obliterated all the promises made to the vaccinated… now they are slowly realizing they’re the doomed super-spreaders

In making these statements, the CDC effectively admitted that the pitch used to sell the untested, experimental and highly dodgy vaccines to the masses were all bollocks were all bollocks, and the idea  that vaccinated people were immune to covid and couldn’t spread it to others, as would be the case with a traditional vaccine, just unraveled. Several experts have oublicly denounced the mRNA jabs saying they are not vaccines but gene therapy that modifies human DNA

Immediately after Walensky's astounding admission the CDC demanded that the entire USA revert to neanderthal mask mandates, even for those who have been “fully vaccinated.”

This revival of enthusiasm for masks begs the question: If the answer isn’t vaccines but rather just wearing masks, then why do governments still insist that we must all accept the vaccine? And since masks actually don’t work to block viral particles that are orders of magnitude smaller than the gaps in the mask threads, then how can masks stop them?

And if vaccines aren’t working, then what’s the use of vaccine passports?

This is all an open admission that Big Pharma the medical professions and governments haven't a clue against COVID and that 18 months of lockdowns, social distancing, travel bans and pro-vaccine propaganda was nothing but lies and and scaremongering. Even worse, the entire medical establishment has sacrificed all credibility by suppressing the two long established medications for treating COVID symptoms, HCQ and Ivermectin and lied about only legitimate solution to this pandemic, which is natural immunity, which can only function effectively when combined with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle (i.e. not being locked away under illegitimate house arrest for months at a time. 

The one-size-fits-all medical cult system that dominates society today can only see pharmaceuticals and vaccines as possible answers, never nutrition or natural immunity. Therefore, the CDC has nothing left to offer America other than blind obedience to the quack science lies of doctors and those who have used corporate money to corrupt the entire profession.

The situation is actually far worse than what is reported here. In her public confessions this week, CDC director Walensky also admitted that COVID is “just a few mutations away” from rendering all existing vaccines completely obsolete.