Monday, January 15, 2007

Brace Yourselves For The Invasion of Iran.

Sometime early in 2007, one of my blogging alter ego's Little Nicky Machiavelli made one of his famous predictions. (Not all Lille Nicky's predictions come true, we just don't mention the ones that don't.) In posting at, Guardian News Blog, and other venues I said that with public opinion in the U.S. turning against him, George Bush would delay the war with Iran until after the mid term elections which would go against the Republicans.

Bush would then start banging the wardrums and launch the attack in late 2007 or early 2008, providing an excuse to declare a national emergency and suspend the Presidential elections. Well I exaggerated about the last bit to boost readership, its more likely the attack on Iran will be a last desperate gamble to swing America behind the war and ensure a Republican succession.

That is not how things played out of course, as we now know Vladimire Putin stood between the neo con dominated US military / industrial complex and its dream of perpetual war but most of it I stand by. Only the timescale has been stretched

There follows the opening paragraph of an article written by Dan Plesch, an expert on Middle Eastern politics. It appeared on that day in 2007.

"The evidence is building up that President Bush plans to add war in Iran to his triumphs in Iraq and Afghanistan - and there is every sign, to judge by his warmongering speech in Plymouth last Friday that Tony Blair would be keen to join in if he were still in a position to commit British forces to the field."

Double brace yourselves folks because I now predict that Blair will now delay his resignation until after the invasion of Iran in order to gamble on being asked to stay on rather than "destabilise the government in a time of crisis." After all a change of leadership in such circumstances would be bad for morale.

Power is a very seductive mistress, especially to those with a messianic self image.


How prophetic those last words have turned out to be in most respects. The US military / industrial complex are still seeking world domination. Russia, China and Iran are still defying them. The main difference between then and now is that western nations have abandoned their pretence that elected leaders actually run democratic nations.

Our governments are controlled and all important decisions are made by bureaucrats, academics and wealthy financiers.


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