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We Said It Was Not Over - Polish Farmers Patience Runs Out And Spanish Riot Police Take On Farm Protesters

 12 February 2024

For the opening weeks of this year the story dominating Boggart Blog and Daily Stirrer news and comment has been the farmers protests that have spread across Europe, as our food producers rebelled against the oppressive policiers imposed by ruling elites more interested in virtue signalling that the welfare of their people. The farmers, feeling their complaints that high taxes, rising fuel costs and 'green' regulations limiting the amount of diesel, fertilisers and pesticides they can use and the amount of livestock they can keep (cow farts and chicken shit are destroying the planet dontcha know,) were being ignored and it was becoming impossible to operate a farm profitably.

Last week as we reported a scaling back of the protests in France, Germany and Belgium after the EU and the governments involved caved in to some demands the story carried a caveat that the farmers rebellion was not over. It has already flared up again.  

Polish farmers announce nationwide strike in protest against EU agricultural policies

from Remix News

Polish farmers have declared a nationwide strike, intending to blockade all border crossings with Ukraine, in response to what they describe as a catastrophic impact of EU policies.

Protesting farmers in Poland are slow-driving their tractors on a road in Deblin, Poland, to disturb traffic and draw attention to their disagreement with European Union regulations. (AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski)

Farmers across Poland have declared a general strike, appealing to the public for understanding and awareness that their industry is defending itself against being driven into bankruptcy.

Farmer protests are raging in many European countries, primarily due to the European Commission’s ideologically driven Green Deal policies and the flooding of European markets with agricultural products from international agro-holdings in Ukraine. An agreement between the EU and Kyiv on this matter has just been extended, leading to farmer protests, including in Brussels.

In Poland, the situation is becoming increasingly dramatic. In response, the Trade Union of Individual Farmers “Solidarity” has announced a general strike of farmers throughout the country.

“Our patience has run out,” the farmers say. They point to the European Commission’s stance on Ukrainian agricultural imports. Additionally, the inaction of the Polish authorities and their declarations of cooperation with the European Commission, along with the Polish government’s announcement to respect all decisions regarding the import of agricultural produce and food products from Ukraine, leave them no choice but to declare a general strike.


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>Spain: Riot police are used to crush farmers’ protests

The Expose, 10 February 2024

Farmer protests have been taking place since Tuesday throughout Spain.  Yesterday they announced that would they take their protest to the Socialist Party headquarters in Madrid today.  The government has announced that they would deploy riot police to avoid farmers blocking roads as they had done for the previous four days.

Meanwhile, yesterday, social media users were widely sharing footage of police aggression towards protestors.  Many are claiming these are not the usual police officers but rather members of Eurogendfor.

Angry farmer drives at riot poilce in Spain (picture: Daily Mirror)

On the second day of the farmers’ protests, EuroNews reported that the protests, involving several thousand people on tractors and in other vehicles, had not been backed by Spain´s three main farming organisations  However,  they had called for separate protests in the coming days.

Farmers blocked roads across Spain for the third day running on Thursday with the main farmers’ unions joining the demonstrations.  France 24 reported that some of Thursday’s actions were organised by Spain’s three main farming unions Asaja, Coag and UPA.

“Some demonstrations deteriorated into scuffles when police moved in to remove roadblocks, prompting several arrests, with the interior ministry raising to 19 the total number detained since the start of the protests,” France 24 wrote.

Yesterday, the fourth day of blocking streets across the country, the protests centred around the northern cities of Oviedo, Pamplona and Zaragoza, with tractors clogging several city streets and commuter roads. In many places, farmers kept their protests going overnight, ABC News reported.

Meanwhile, on social media on Friday the video below was being widely shared with people commenting that members of the Eurogendfor are being used against protestors.  For example, the video was shared on Twitter with the comment: “It’s being reported that the EU has deployed their European paramilitary police Eurogendfor, to crush the farmers in Granada.” ... Continue reading >>>


Tractors Are Heading For Central London As UK Farmers Protest

British Farmers Rebellion Revs Up
Farmers brought in Canterbury, Kent to a standstill this weekend when, in protest over food imports, convoys of slow moving tractors stopped traffic moving through the town centre and on the ring road. The rally caused traffic gridlock across the city which culminated as more than 200 tractors, many bearing placards warning of the dangers of making food production unviable, joined the protest.

Has The Dutch Farmers’ Party’s Moment Arrived
Quite recently, back in March this year in fact, we were reporting a stunning election victory for the populist, centre right BBB party (known as the farmers’ party because it grew out of protests against EU environmental policies which have been making farmers’ lives difficult for years and are now driving our food producers into bankruptcy .

“Why Do European Union Bosses Hate Us?” Livid EU Farmers Hit Back At Green Agenda
This blog has been diligent in reporting the rebellion of farmers and ordinary citizens in EU member states against the imposition by Brussels of loonytoons environmental policies such as ‘net zero’ and now the war on nitrogen (a gas that comprises 78% of the air we breathe.) These policies will not ‘save the planet’, which …

Europes Tractor Protests Spread To Germany And Now Include Fishing Trawlers
Hundreds of farmers have descended in their tractors on a small German coastal town to protest measures imposed by the European Union as part of the bid to 'save the planet' by reducing CO2 emissions from cow farts. 400 tractors reportedly gathered in B├╝sum on Wednesday to protest what is probably the most insane environmentalist policy dreamed up by the EU idealogues to date ...

Germany Forcing Farmers To Use LESS Fertilizer To Satisfy EU’s Green Agenda
The German government, already reeling from the public backlash against rising fuel prices, the shortage of gas since supplies from Russia were cut off, and the biggest economic crisis in the EU, has now jumped on another 'woke' bandwagon. The socialist led ruling coalition has banned farmers in one of its federal states from properly fertilizing land in compliance with the latest lunacy of the EU's green agenda ...

Dutch farmers block roads with tractors in protest of government plan to seize thousands of farms over “climate change”
With the cost of energy and food prices already sky high and set to go higher, the , billionaire psychopaths have declared war on the food that sustains us. The European Union having failed to completely remove the gas essential to all lifeforms, Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere, is now setting itself up to remove another esstential gas, nitrogen - which accounts for 70% of the air we breathe.

Amsterdam Gridlocked Again As Dutch Farmers Protest EU Green Laws
The protests against EU globalism and the unofficial appointment of Swedish baby troll Greta Thunberg as head of European environment policy continue to grow and become more disruptive. Last weeken it was France that bore the brunt of citizens anger, today it was Amsterdam and The Netherlands. In a protest similar to previous ones …

French Farmers Gridlock Paris, Emulate German Protests Against Globalist Environment Regulation
Tractors block roads in protest against agricultural industry being blamed for climate change. ( picture: ) Around a thousand French farmers drove their tractors into the centre of Paris in a protest against new EU regulations which farming organisations and agricultural workers unions against they say are ruining their standard of living and destroying …

German Farmers Eco – law Protest Gridlocks Hamburg
German farmers today brought the city of Hamburg to a standstill by dribing their tractors into the city and parking on arterial roads thus preventing movement in and out. The tractors protest was organised to show depth of feeling against new EU environment regulations aimed at greening the economies of successful nations ...

German farmers roll out HUNDREDS of tractors, bring cities to a halt, protesting new EU eco-rules
Angry farmers brought trasffic to a standstill by driving tractors slowly through German cities in protest of new green laws aimed at protecting birds and insects. Protests were organised in 17 cities across Germany, the largest in Bonn, where the Agriculture Ministry HQ is located. Angry farmers …

It’s Over For Macron – French Farmers Spray Pig Shit In Paris
If you rely on fake news services like the BBC, ITN/Sky and the traditional newspapers for news you will probably have believed the Gilet’s Jaunes protests against the elitist government of Emmanuel Macron are dying down. With unrest stirring in Britan over the Brexit shambles, the government and government – friendly news media are desperate to play down the growing disconnect between the ruling elites and the people …

Spanish Farmers Step Up Protests In Line With France, Germany And Netherlands
Farmers in Spain have joined their counterparts in France, Germany and many other EU member states as the stepped up their protests across the country against EU green and globalist policies which are driving up costs and restricting productivity for European farmers while making importation of foods and agricultural products from non - EU countries easier.

Farmers Rebellion Blockade Germany’s Biggest Airport
While the farmers' protests in France have entered a quieter phase after the government of Emmanuel Macron caved in to some of the agricultural workers most significant demands with a caveat from the French Farmers Union that they were ready to do it all again if the government did not deliver on its promises, in Germany things seemed to be getting even more heated over the weekend.

Chaos Erupts In Brussels As Rubber Bullets Fired At Farmers Protesting Outside EU Parliament
Belgian police used Rubber bullets and water cannons against hundreds of farmers who had travelled from around western Europe to protest outside the EU Headquarters in the city on Thursday. The farmers threw eggs, set off fireworks, and set fire to staw bales and rubbish fires near the building while demanding that European leaders stop punishing them with more taxes, rising costs and the loonytoons 'green' policies imposed to push the continent towards the ruling bureaucrats impossible and irrational 'net zero' targets

Protest Becomes Open Rebellion In Europe As Farmers Uprising Against 'Green' Policies Spreads To Other Industries.
As this blog has been reporting since the late summer of 2022, farmers across many european Union member states including France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Romania, have been gradually esclating a campaign of protest against the globalist policies beimg imposed by the EU and implemented by far left governments.

Germany is Now A “Total Dictatorship” Says Dutch Journalist
A Dutch journalist has claimed that Germany is now a “total dictatorship”. This may seem like a case of the pot calling the kettle black given the Dutch government's plan to evict up to 3000 farmer from their land and return those acreages 'to nature' in a bid to lead the way among EU member states, to enforce total compliance with the latest loonytoons EU climate policy which requires EU members to reduce that dangerous pollutant nitrogen, which accounts for 78% of the air we breathe ...

German Interior Minister Caught Faking Asylum Numbers To Hide Migrant Crisis
Germany’s interior minister, Nancy Faeser, is trying to fend off claims that she has faked statistics on refugee numbers to hide number of illegal immigrants claiming entry to Germany by posing as asylum seekers since the beginning of this year. While official figures show only 57,647 refugees have been admitted to Germany, the federal police have registered 101,900 arrivals of undocumented migrants since January

Common Sense Prevails: Germany Is Dismantling Wind Turbines To Make Room For Coal Mining
We have learned vial a piece in that turbines at a wind farm in western Germany are being dismantled to allow for the expansion of open cast coal mining operations at an adjacent site. The propsal to increase output at the Garzweiler open-pit lignite coal mine has been described as a “paradoxical” situation given that in recent years the German government has been pushing ahead with the closure of coal and nuclear generating plant to appease its nutty but powerful Green party ... Continue reading >>>

German NatGas Consumption Too High To Avoid Energy "Emergency", Regulator Warns As Norway Increases Gas Production
Germany tok great pride in leading the race among developed nations to achieve a net xero economy but now the folly of that policy is being exposed as gas supplies from Russia dry up and the inadequacies of wind and solar are exposed

An Energy Crisis In Tandem With A Food Crisis On Top Of An Economic Crisis And A War. This Cannot End Well
As politicians in North America and Europe try to deflect from their own failure that have contributed to the current plethora of crises by blaming Russia and Vladmir Putin for all the current problems, while the war in Ukraine is a contributory factor in each, the real blame lies closer to home.

Swedish Media Outlet Publishes Leaked U.S. Document On How to CRUSH Europe Economy via Ukraine War Effort
Swedish news organisation Nya Dagbladet has published a leaked top secret US plans to use the war in Ukraine and an induced energy crisis to destroy European economies. The report claims the RAND Corporation a defence and foreign policy think tank founded by military aircraft maker Douglas has the official aim of improving policies and decision-making, is the source of its evidence.

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