Sunday, November 27, 2016

Snowflake Alert: Students Say 'Suck It Up, Pussies' Is A Hate Crime

by Arthur Foxake

Day after day the news in the USA features more stories of the wailing and gnashing of teeth being generated by the special snowflakes on college campuses who were sure the war - goddess Hillary Clinton had a divine right to lead the USA because she talked of quality, multiculturalism and human rights. The snowflakes ignore the fact that Hillary promised to start World War Three in order to depose the evil tyrant Assad in Syria, because this brutal dictator had violated the human rights of a bunch of vagina multilation, head amputating, wife beating, daughter murdering, human organ noshing religious extremists who use rape as a weapon of war.

The snowflakes, who have to be told what to think, are quite happy to support a genocidal, homophobic, sexist jihad because 'multiculturalism' but are 'triggered' to an emotional crisis by any defence of or support for western values on the grounds that respect for women, tolerance of religious diversity, or acceptance of homosexuality might be a better way of running a society than medievalist third world barbarism.

But then it does not take much to 'trigger' the special snowflakes who populate the education system from high school to the most elite universities. A bunch of whining wimps at Edgewood College in the ultra-liberal bastion of Madison, Wisconsin have reportedly been triggered by a post-it note which sent them running for their 'safe space' by suggesting that they should stop whining about the election and just "suck it up, pussies."  The story was reported in Campus Reform.

The 'pussies' in question claim the note was constitutes a "hate crime" by the college's "diversity offices" and students with knowledge of the incident were encouraged to contact campus police. However it would be wrong to give readers the impression that the easily triggered 'pussies' are all students. A message from Edgewood's Vice President for Student Development, Tony Chambers, a man of non European ethnicity, pinned the blame for the "hate crime" on Donald Trump (are we really to believe the President - elect has nothing better to do than run round colleges sticking up post - it notes to trigger easlily offended special snowflakes like Chamers,) saying that it is part of a growing trend of "covert micro-aggressions and overt macro-aggressions" that have "taken on new fervor in higher education since our national election."

Part of his message reads:
“Over the past week, there have been increasing reports of hateful acts on college and university campuses across the country.  Covert micro-aggressions and overt macro-aggressions appear to have taken on new fervor in higher education since our national election.  The frequency, boldness, and severity with which hateful acts have been occurring has, for many, signaled a new era of intolerance, fear, and mistrust in higher education.”

“A great deal of fear, sadness, and anger among students, faculty, and staff resulted, especially for those that gather in the [office space].  The message was hateful and harmful toward members of our community. It violated every value that this institution considers to be at its core.”
Our message to Chambers and cocksucking paskudniaks like him: Grow the fuck up or resign from you job, join an order of Buddhist monks and fuck the fucking fuck off to Tifuckingbet or somewhere. And that mate is by mu standards a micro aggression, a macroaggression is when I rip somebody's head off and ram it up their arse.


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