Wednesday, January 28, 2015

When Politicians Don't Have A Clue How To Deal With A Problem They Pretend It Does Not Exist

A reasonable response to people who say Muslims need to tolerate western ways

Politicians like to talk about their successes in solving the problems that beset the nations that they purport to lead, unfortunately these problems are either invented by politicians or they are minor things that have been talked up to extreme levels.

 Global warming is a good example, even if the vastly overstated increase in global mean temperature during the latter part of the twentieth century was anything like accurate, a) it poses little risk to humanity and b) independent research (i.e. not sponsored by the big finance interests that hope to create a $1trillion per year market for trading carbon credits) suggests it is not being driven by Carbon Dioxide emissions from human activity but by natural causes.

Another problem created solely by political rhetoric so that politicians can make lots of noise and waste lots of taxpayers money in making a big show of trying to solve it is hunger. We are shown pictures of starving Africans and constantly harangued about the urgent need to accept Genetically Modified Organisms as our stale diet (which would deliver huge financial benefits to a few biotech companies) again the problem is vastly exaggerated. Governments in the developed world pay farmers to not grow food, the EU set aside policy being an example.  Farmers are paid to not grow beans or breed pigs, but are not allowed to use the land for anything else.

 In the 2010 UK General Election the issue none of the three main parties wanted to discuss, The Elephant In The Room, was immigration. Mass immigration from third world nations and eastern Europe caused huge social and infrastructure in British industrial communities, yet supporters of The Conservatives, Labour Party and Liberal Democrats were happy to dismiss anybody who tied to raise the issue as bigots and racists. This led to UKIP being transformed from a fringe, single issue party to contenders for a role in a ruling coalition after the 2015 election in May.

Immigration will feature heavily in the campaign and is becoming a major issue all over northern Europe, where political and academic elites have shown their contempt for ordinary citizens by pursuing policies which can only result in the destruction of national cultures. An aspect of this issue is the current Elephant In The Room, Islamic extremism. Thanks to the elites deliberately failing to enforce border controls and allowing religious extremists unrestricted access to the secular societies of Europe, whose liberal values the fanatics loathe and detest, we now have a problem of terror attacks against anyone deemed to have insulted Islam.

The response of the elites has so far been to restrict the civil rights, particularly the right of free speech, of their own citizens. As a result of that we are seeing liberal societies pushed towards civil unrest. The article from RINF linked below offers valuable insights into the problem.

 Islamic Extremism: The Elephant In The Room - everbody can see it's there but nobody wants to talk about it.

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