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Why America Is So Desprerate For War With Russia: The Truth

The Demon the West would like to create - actually it's an illustration of 'Yog Sothoth' from H.P. Lovecraft's 'Necronomicon' (Image source)

Listen to European or American politicians and you might easily be led to believe western governments have been staunchly defending freedom and democracy against Russian and Chinese imperialism and Islamic extremism for decades. In the past few years western media have been engaged in a campaign to demonise Russia and it's leader, Vladimir Putin and portray the Russian government as an existential threat to us all. It is bollocks of course, the simple truth is the West owes Russia an enormous debt.

On top of that, the USA, the European Union, NATO and the United Nations owe Russia a big apology, and a welcome into Europe, of which Russia has always been an extremely important part, and in which it is very unjustly denied its rightful place there.

The nation that does not belong in Europe is the U.S.A, not in any way
whatsoever, especially since the U.S. is now a dictatorship. And yet we have Barack Hussein Obama, wannabe God - Emperor of the entire universe and everything else besides but in reality a failed president, telling Britain's sovereign Parliament that if it leaves the EU, he: HE who will not even be US President by the time we hold our planned in-our referendum, will punish our country economically.

(Anyone who still thinks the USA is not and sort of democracy should click onto that link and find out just how they have he’s been duped.

Why, for example does the US dominated anti-Russia military alliance, The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation still function, appoint officer and take a role in determining the outcome of civil conflicts (which violates the United Nations Charter) after the Soviet Union's Warsaw Pact disbanded in 1991 after the communist Soviet regime collapsed.

NATO is nothing but America’s anti-Russia military club,
against Russia and against any nation (such as Iraq,
or Libya,
or Syria) that supports Russia.

The USA and its main allies France and the UK (the FUKUS axis) overthrew Gadaffi in Libya because he supported Russia in the geopolitical theatre and particularly in Africa, where nations that resented the western powers stealing their resources were happy to let Russia and China buy influence. The west's interference in the domestic politics of African and middle eastern nations trigger the jihad and created the failed state mayhem that now exists in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Mali. We destroyed Libya and now, just as leader Colonel Gadaffi promised, the refugees from there are flooding into Europe, along with the refugees from our attacks to bring down Assad in Syria.

We overthrew (via
a bloody coup and
not an ‘democratically elected government’ as the West likes to claim
assert), deposing Yanukovych in Ukraine allegedly because he turned down the
EU’s offer to fast track Ukraine's membership after learning that the price-tag for Ukrainians would be $160 billion if Ukraine were to comply with the EU’s demands. But the U.S. was already
organizing the coup against him starting a year before the coup, and
nine months before Yanukovych turned down the EU’s offer
. So the establishment of a client government was the US / NATO goal long before Ukraine's revolution.

We are trying to overthrow Assad in Syria because
he has been a long time ally of Russia and had provided the Russian navy with it's only base on the Mediterranean.

This isn't bullying?

This is democracy?

What we are seeing is dictatorship: totalitarianism in the West, against Russia
and any other nation that isn't buckling to the US / UK financial aristocracy and its allied ruling elites in Europe, and (especially with the new bellicose nationalistic Abe government), also in Japan.

The picture broadcast by world politics is starting to look very ugly.

When we talk about leaving other countries and governments alone to solve their own problems, whatever they might be, because it is the people themselves who are ultimately responsible for what their governments do, rather than the prerogative of the USA and it's allies (particularly the UK and France) to interfere, whether covertly or overtly, we assert are being hypocritical.

American and European voters want to wrap themselves in the warm blanket of righteousness and turn a blind eye to the injustices, the atrocities, committed in our name. The case is however that the buck stops with not with the American or French president, the British Prime Minister or the German Chancellor; regardless of the propaganda bullshit pumped out by government spin doctors. If we have a dictatorship (an elected dictatorship, because we have allowed the means to hold politicians accountable to be taken from us, it's our own responsibility to throw it off. If we don't, if we don't even try, we're responsible for its actions.

It is the abdication of our responsibilities by 'We The People' that has led to this dangerous situation in which the USA, amoral, illiberal and catastrophically divided after the equally disastrous Presidencies of George W Bush and Barack Obama, has failed in its self appointed guardian of world peace and instead become the warmonger general. US Politicians cannot be expected to shoulder the blame alone however, while no longer superpowers, Britain, France and Germany could have exercised a restraining influence. Because, as UK Labour Party finance spokesman John McDonnell said in a television interview (BBC Andrew Marr show, 22 November, 2015) we are not just fighting Islamic state on the ground in Syria and Iraq, they have another army and that is already in the streets of west European and North American cities.


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ISIS: Know Your Enemy - Who Of Those We Think Are On Our Side Is Helping ISIS

Who is funding ISIS, how has the terror group managed to assemble such a large, well equipped and (apparently) well fed fighting force and been able to wage a two year war against the Assad regime in Syria, the forces of the autonomous Kurds and the army of the Iraqi government, such as it is? Who is facilitating their illegal oil trade that is keeping Islamic State afloat.

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Mideast chaos, violence won't end with IS defeat

British Police move ISIS supporters away from a protest against Islamic extremism (Image source)

I have said many times, as have others, that bombing ISIS (or Al Qaeda or Al Nusra or Boko Haram) will not end extremist violence. The best things we in Europe and North America can do are secure our borders, stringently enforce immigration controls, and STOP INTERFERING IN THE DOMESTIC AFFAIRS OF THIRD WORLD NATIONS. Simples.

Until our politicians get that message however, extremist groups will do what Al Qaeda did in Iraq after the fall of Saddam, what the Taliban did in Afghanistan and what guerilla forces have done down the ages, strike and then disappear into the general population to regroup when the heat dies down.

At last the lesson seems to be sinking in, if not in the west, then in India at least.

Source: Times Of India

The chaos and violence gripping the Middle East are not likely to evaporate even if the forces arrayed against the Islamic State group manage to crush the brutal army and its drive to establish an Islamic caliphate in Iraq and Syria and beyond.


The national structures and boundaries created by European colonial powers after the Ottoman Empire was dismantled at the end of World War I are collapsing or already have disintegrated. That has unleashed powerful centrifugal forces that are melting the glue that was holding together increasingly antagonistic religious and ethnic populations.

The mix of Muslims — Sunnis, Shiites, Alawites — Christians and the big ethnic Kurdish populations in the north of both Syria and Iraq are a stew of ancient discontent, sectarian frustration and flagrant injustice.

Those social explosives were detonated by the upheaval unleashed by the US war in Iraq and the civil war in Syria.

"The level of damage that has been done by the United States in Iraq and the civil war in Syria is probably irreparable," said Wayne Merry, senior associate at the American Foreign Policy Council.

Thus the French and Russian bombing and the activities of US and UK military forces against Islamic State only threatens to bring more acts of terror to the streets of European and American cities.

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