Monday, May 23, 2016

As Conservative Candidate Moves ahead In Austria, Left Wing Lie Machine Goes Into Overdrive

*UPDATE* 20:40 UK time. Well I was right with my prediction - no spoilers, you'll have to read al least half the article.

In spite of blatantly biased reporting from The BBC, while print and commercial broadcast media virtually ignore the story, a result from the presidential election in Austria looks set to send shockwaves through Europe. The candidate referred to by the BBC as 'extreme right wing' looks to be heading for victory. Firstly, the candidate in question, Norbert Hofer, is not extreme, he is a social conservative. To be opposed to uncontrolled mass immigration and raise the issue of the crimewaves attributable to recently arrived Muslim economic migrants posing as refugees or asylum seekers, and to resist the further integration of the European Union members, sovereign states with deomcratic government, into a federal superstate dominated economically and politically by Germany is not extremist, it is egalitarian.

Such views recognise that the people of Europe, the straight, white (or whitish in the case of people from Southern Spain, Southern Italy and Greece who tend to be born with genetic suntans), family oriented are entitled to exactly the same rights and privileges as members of the anointed minorities as designated by the neo - fascist 'left. As was stated in the law of the Roman republic, and as is still stated in The British Common Law (passed by King Alfred in the ninth century and still fit for purpose), nobody can be beyond the law, not the King or Emperor, not the politicians, judiciary, police or military and certainly not the gays and lesbians, transgender freaks, black and mixed race people, Muslims, illegal immigrants, refugees and special snowflakes whose delicate sensibilities are offended by everything.

In fact it is those who have claimed the label 'left' because they think it is cuddlier who are the real right wing extremists, the authoritarians who would use force of law or force of arms to impose their prejudices on all.

This morning The BBC reported that the Austrian election is too close to call. With 12% of the votes yet to be counted, Herr Hofer has a 3.9% lead over his rival, an independent backed by the Greens, Alexander van der Bellen. At such an advanced stage that looks a fairly commanding lead to me. Polling firms claim an error margin of plus or minus 3% percent on sampling only a tiny fraction of the 75% of votes so far counted.

Maybe the BBC know something we don't. The presidents of the European Commission and the European Parliament, Jean-Claude Juncker and Martin Schulz, both of whom have publicly expressed contempt for the principle of democracy have expressed concern over the consequences of a Hofer victory for the European project. So it way be the Euronazis of Brussels have decided they will not allow a candidate who opposed their authoritarian agenda to win. Very strange things have happened in recent elections in France, Germany and Britain and always these bizarre events (in the recent Oldham by election in Britain two districts returned over 100% turnout of elegible voters and in both, 100% of the votes cast were for the Labour candidate.

Looking to Britain's state broadcaster the BBC for honest, factual reporting of the news is a rather futile pastime these days. The BBC's left wing bias becomes more blatant every day. In spire of it's charter requiring it to be politically neutral (the BBC is theoretically not government controlled, but having been established by Royal Charter is owned by the nation. It's funding comes from a licence fee rather than general taxation)But now the bias has reached levels of criminal deception as the BBC collaborates openly with government and the EU to push the agendas of globalisation, European Federalisation, and the sidelining of democracy in favour of bureaucratic dictatorship.

If Norbert Hofer is cheated of the Austrian Presidency as Front National in France, AfD in Germany, UKIP in Britain and The Sweden Democrats have been cheated it should inspire us to resist more determinedly the Nazification of the EU and the destruction of Europe's educated and informed working and middle classes by paranoid elites.

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