Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why Do Those On The Political Left Assume They Have A Monopoly On Goodness And Truth

Political philosophy: As politics and society become more binary and polarise so that according to a self sppoined elite there are only two possible points of view on any issue, public debate is stifled and the polarised left and right end up attacking the other's right to free speech. It has nothing to do with liberal democracy, in reality what the left are saying is "Well the Nazis and Fascists had some good ideas, eugenics, removal of useless eaters from society, social engineering to marginalise the arts and promote science and technology. but people will never accept that, how do we sell the idea of slavery to an all powerful, authoritarian state to the masses.

And what they came up with was Orwellian double think, cognitive dissonance, they would make themselves believe that such crimes against humanity were acts of goodness, for the greatest good of the greatest number.

Euthanasia? We all right thinking people hate the idea of old people suffering.

Racial cleansing? But "genetic modification of embryos is only to remove the impure gene and promote better health for the whole community, who can say that is bad?

Social engineering? The masses can't manage their own lives properly so they need guidance from public officials.

The irony is if creationism or intelligent design is mentioned, these same people are screaming and shouting about evolution, yet left unopposed they would abolish natural selection in favour of scientific meddling.

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Why Do Those On The Political  Left Assume They Have A Monopoly On Goodness And Truth