Saturday, October 28, 2023

Israeli Tanks Engage With Hamas Forces Inside Gaza As Invasion Escalates


There's emerging evidence of tank fire and small arms fire at the border, after the IDF confirmed that ground forces are entering the next phase of their operations.

According to reports in The Times Of Israel  "Palestinians claim Israeli tanks exchanging fire with gunmen inside Gaza." This is confirmed by Al Jazeera and by many online news sites and blogers. Amateur video, mostly taken on cellphones shows what one blogger describes as, "Anti-tank missiles have been fired at Israeli forces that entered Gaza."

Watch video posted on X of clashes between Israeli forces and Hamas fighters

Hamas has responded by issuing a "call to arms" for Gaza and the West Bank (the Israeli occupied area of Palestine). There have since been reports of large overnight protests by Palestinians in the territories. The fate of the over 220 Israeli and foreign hostages is in doubt, while reports from Washington and NATO headquarters suggest Israel's allies led by the USA are still working to keep the negotiating process going as the situation threatens to spiral out of control and trigger a full scale regional war.

In latest news from Tel Aviv we are learning that the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) say their offensive to remove Hamas from Gaza territory has entered the next phase of its operations. We assume this means a full ground assault with air support is under way, as citizens reports on social media show heavy aerial bombardment continuing. But Israeli officials are still claiming this  just another "expanded" raid. The Biden White House is now making a show of wanting a more 'humanitarian' approach and has asked Israel to ensure only "surgical" strikes, and to allow the Strip access to aid. However it is a sign of how Americas global influence had been diminished in recent decades when its former client state Israel ignores the demented, geriatric American president.




Is USA Trying To Draw Hezbollah Into Palestine-Israeli Conflict On October 7, paramilitary forces of the Hamas terrorist organisation which is funded by Saudi Arabia, Qatart and the UAE, launched a cowardly assault on Israel that resulted in the deaths and captures of numerous Israeli civilians and military personnel and sparked an Israeli military response that targeted the entire Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip.

A View From Inside The Gaza Prison State
“The situation in the city is very difficult. The intensity of the strikes is growing every day. Rockets can fly anywhere at any time. Even if they don’t hit your house, but the neighbouring one, blast fragments will fly into your house. Basically, they bomb the north and the “centre” (“Al Rimal”) has been completely destroyed. In Al Zahraa , 24 residential buildings were destroyed.

It's Kicking Off In Palestine - But What's The Real Story Behind The Headlines
Now the initial shock of the attack by Hamas terrorists on Israel has died down it is time to look a little more deeply into the background to this story. Why, for example did Israel, a state obsessed with security and military intelligence to the point of paranoia, ignore warnings from Egypt that some major action by Hamas was imminent, and how did Israeli state security services not know of this hostile activity themselves. Or did they?

Is Western Support Taking Gaza Conflict Down The Same Route As Ukraine?
The arms deliveries are not a solution, but no one wants to talk. “[German Chancellor] Olaf Scholz and French President Macron should actually support a peace process in Ukraine because it’s not just an American matter but above all a European matter. However the Israel / Hamas quarrel in which the Palestinian population of the Gaza strip are in a similar position to the Ukrainian people ...

Attacks On Israel Raise Concerns Weapons Sent To Ukraine, Afghanistan, Fell Ino Terrorists Hands
Those of us who have observed the progress of conflict in Ukraine with the benefit of good peripheral vision which enables us to see the big picture and work out how that local war was playing into other geopolitical 'situations'. We reported this in the hope of promting sensible discussions about how the world was polarising and we were in danger of drifting into a wider, more general and infinitely more deadly conflict

US Embassy Anti-Air Defenses Activated Over Baghdad As Death Toll Rises In Night Of Chaos
ero Hedge:
The American embassy in Baghdad has reportedly engaged inbound rocket attacks with its air defense system, the C-RAM which protects aerial threats against the Green Zone.
Some reports suggest the streets have finally grown calmer in the early morning hours (local time), but this is after an evening and overnight death toll of at least 15, including unconfirmed reports of police casualties. AFP citing local medical sources also says some 350 protesters were injured. Continue reading >>>

Turkey Kills Over 50 Syrian Troops, Russian Warplanes Intervene to Halt OffensiveTurkey Kills Over 50 Syrian Troops, Russian Warplanes Intervene to Halt Offensive
Conflict in Syria’s Idlib Province has escalated during the past week, with Turkish forces attacking the Syrian army and claiming to have killed over 50 soldiers. Russia, the main Syrian ally in the conflict, took the pressure off Assad and sent a clear message to Turkey’s President Erdogan by sending in warplanes to halt to Turkish assault ...

Has Biden's Afghan Surrender Handed The Future To China
5 September: The abrupt and ill - considered withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan ordered by President Joe (Dementia Man) Biden and the susequent return to power of Islamic fundamentalist The Taliban hands control of the vast Afghan litium reserves to China and is a blow to the green agenda of the G7 nations

Iran refuses to release black box data from crashed aircraft fuelling suspicion As we reported late last nigh (Ian has become a nocturnal creature,), the Boeing 737, a different model the 737 MAX which has been involved in two recent air disasters, a variation of the plane which has an excellent safety record, crashed over Tehran just minutes after takeoff, killing all 176 people onboard...

US Bombers Ordered To Indian Ocean Base As Pentagon Denies Iraq Withdrawal As more than 3,000 US troops are readying to deploy to the Middle East this week following the killing of the IRGC's Quds Force General Qasem Soleimani, the Pentagon will additionally send major military hardware in the form of an additional B-52 strike force.

US Bombers Ordered To Indian Ocean Base As Pentagon Denies Iraq Withdrawal As more than 3,000 US troops are readying to deploy to the Middle East this week following the killing of the IRGC's Quds Force General Qasem Soleimani, the Pentagon will additionally send major military hardware in the form of an additional B-52 strike force.

US Aiding Massive Genocide in Yemen at Behest of Saudi Arabia
Civilians in Yemen are still in the grip of a major humanitarian crisis as Saudi Arabia's war on the impoverished republic continues unabated. Shocking numbers are affected including 7 million civilians facing severe malnutrition, and 19 million out of the country’s 27 million population "in need of some form of aid.

In Escalating War Of Words, Saudi Crown Prince Calls Iran’s Ayatollah “New Hitler Of The Middle East”
Saudi Arabia’s powerful, and controversial, 32-year-old Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, as we warned earlier in the year when he was elevated to his currrent status, has in a few months has made more local (and foreign) enemies than most of his predecessors accumulated over a lifetime, appears to have decided he does not need to wait any longer for the final war that will cement the global supremacy of his particularly unpleasant brand of Islamic extremism.

UK Government Accused Of Covering Up Saudi Arabia Funding Of TerrorismA new report commissioned by David Cameron before he resigned as Prime minister has highlighted links between recent terror attacks in the UK and the funding of UK mosques by the extremist Wahhabi regime in Saudi Arabia, which "is heavily involved in exporting an illiberal, bigoted fundamentalist ideology." The report criticises Cameron's successor for "kowtowing" to Saudi Arabia's king by suppressing another government report into the funding of extremism in the UK.

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