Saturday, November 18, 2023

Benefits Agency Could Soon Be Allowed Access To Clients Bank Accounts To Monitor Spending


Some of us did try to warn you that all thosefreedom restricting regulations and laws introduced "for our safety" during the hoax pandemic were not really about saving us from a terrible disease that was so lethal 99.7 people who caught it made a full recovery, they were about power and control. Some of the regulations were tests, for example the mask mandates  revealed what proportion of the population were willing to challenge authority and refuse to wear masks.

Lockdowns gave the police and courts new powers which they gleefully abused and fortunately the vaccines encountered more resistance than expected in spite of dishonest, scaremongering propaganda,coercive and bullying tactics to make us conform and shameful misreporting of the true figures for infections and deaths by mainstream media.

We also warned the hoax pandemic was just the beginning. Now The Powers That Be have decided that although it was not a total success it revealed enough to convince them the time to launch the second part of their agenda had arrived. Last week The Daily Mirror reported that surveillance is going to the next level. It has taken us a few days to put our analysis online because the news is so significant there were things we had to verify.

The move has been hinted at for a long time, alongside the abolition of cash and the introduction of Central Bank Digital Currencies we now learn the UK's Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) is drafting legislative measures aimed at reducing levels of benefit fraud, error and debt in the benefits  system. The Mirror's report says:

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) could be allowed to look through bank accounts to see where you spend your money under new plans to tackle benefit fraud. 
The DWP is currently working on legislative measures to help reduce levels of fraud, error and debt in the benefits system. This was initially set out in the May 2022 policy paper “Fighting Fraud in the Welfare System”.

Some of the potential measures include allowing DWP investigators to access and collect third-party data from banks to see where claimants are spending their money and allow investigators to execute search and seizure orders – so to be able to come into a claimant’s home and take away phones and laptops. Agents could also be given the power to make arrests rather than having to call in the police.
The DWP has just published the results of a public consultation into the plans. The research aimed to explore the acceptability of these potential powers to help inform future policy development, assess communication approaches and build the evidence base on fraud, error and debt. This survey consisted of 2,127 people and of that 618 were benefit claimants.

The results revealed that more than half (52%) of those surveyed found the proposal of collecting information about where claimants are spending money to be acceptable. Overall, 62% saw fraud and error in the welfare benefits system as a big problem, with 18% seeing it as a very big problem – only 3% of respondents did not see it as a problem at all.

Nearly 40% of survey respondents believed that around half of incorrect benefit claims were a result of dishonesty, while 31% thought that “most” were due to dishonesty. Only 17% thought that most incorrect claims were due to mistakes. At the end of the survey, respondents were asked about their overall views on the potential new powers. Well over half (62%) said they were feeling either positive or very positive about them – with only 21% saying they felt negative.’

 There is nothing controversial in saying that Benefit fraud is endemic in some areas of the UK and DWP has, intentionally or unintentionally, been complicit through incompetence, lax management standards, poorly educated staff and a host of other reason including failure to investigated suspected fraud by members of certain protected minorities, .

The DWP has also been complicit for years in the utter fraud of the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) as we know from cases where perfectly fit people have been caught in activities their claimed disability woud prevent then from doing, (in one case while training for a marathon,), and in the fraud perpetrated by private sector contractor ATOS which disability claims assessment was outsourced, to compliant medics and Lawyers who sold their moral and so called professional souls for the filthy lucre to – very deliberately – deprive some people ( not all for sure ) of help in (often) desperate circumstances; and suicide was not unknown as a result, albeit numerically low.

The whole system is rotten to the core.


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