Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Europe's Open Door Policy Condemning Poor Africans To Death

6,000 Migrants Picked Up In Mediterranean Over the Weekend

If 'left wing' hypocrites really cared about poor people they would not condemn so many to death (source)

As we have reported many times, the open doors immigration policy of the European Union and forced on member nations is suicidal for national cultures and the economic wellbeing of European Societies. Now we bring you news that might help convince you the only way to save Britain (and France, Germany, Italy and the rest) is to vote for anti EU political parties that will control immigration and put the interests of national communities ahead of the emotionally needy left's desire to earn peer approval by showing how much they hate their country.

By joining the anti EU movements in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, The Netherlands, Denmark and other European nations and opposing mass immigration, you are helping to save the lives of thousands of people in Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East who are duped by confidence tricksters and gangsters into believing that they will be given a warm welcome in Europe, a place so truly wondrous governments pay people an excellent wage for doing nothing.

The lives they have in their homeland may be worse than that they will find in a refugee camp if they make it to Europe, but it is surely beter thn a watery grave.

In our case that means voting UKIP of course. If you are one of those wailing, teeth gnashing, guilt addicted leftie idiots who think UKIP are racist I suggest you fuck the fucking fuck off and live under some bloody tyrant in a third world cesspit for a few years. It might make you appreciate that what we have in western Europe is worth preserving against the global elite's determination to destroy it.

Why do you think so many people are willing to risk their lives trying to get to Italy, Greece, France, Spain and eventually Britain and Germany? Eh, why?

Another point to remember is that by encouraging uneducated and unsophisticated people to believe Europe offers a promised land, the breast beating, clothes rending lefties (they only do it in order to be seen doing it you know) are actually helping the criminal scum who exploit and rob these desperate people. As you read the piece below, not how many people YOU have helped to condemn to a miserable death. Was it worth it for a few Facebook likes, murderers?

from Breitbart, London

Nearly 6,000 migrants were rescued from the Mediterranean between Friday and Sunday as smugglers took advantage of the good weather. The weekend exodus is the first telling sign of what is expected to be a record summer for migrants crossing the Med.

At one point there were over 14 recovery missions in progress simultaneously, The Times reports. The Italian authorities said over 20 vessels set off from Libya on Sunday alone, with their coastguard struggling to respond. The 14 rescue missions involved patrol boats, spotter planes, merchant vessels and even an Icelandic ship.

Most of the migrants were picked up in the Sicilian Channel. "The weather is calm; it's like a lake out there, which is why people are all coming now,” one Italian rescue official told The Times.

The European external borders agency Frontex reported that 19 bodies had been recovered in three separate incidents over the weekend. Nine corpses were picked up 80 miles off the Libyan coast, according to the Italian coastguard, after a boat carrying more than 150 people capsized. Hundreds more are feared dead.

The weekend exodus was the first real test for European authorities since the "Mare Nostrum” naval force, which patrolled close to the African coast, was scraped in November last year. The patrols encouraged people smugglers to intentionally wreck boats near Africa so they would be rescued and brought to Europe, resulting in repeat tragedies such as the one off Lampedusa Island in October 2013, where more than 500 died.

The number of migrants crossing to Italy by sea rose from 43,000 in 2013, to a record 170,000 in 2015, according to the UN Refugee Agency. So far this year 18,000 have made the crossing. Deaths at sea rose even more sharply, from 600 in 2013, to 3,400 in 2014. Five hundred have already perished this year.

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Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched or followed? OK, it could possibly be because you are paranoid but more likely you’ve noticed a few things that are just beyond creepy when you are using the web and particularly Google services. For example, has an advertisement for a product or service ever popped up on your screen just after you were talking to someone about it?

US Provides Additional $20million in Response to Refugee Crisis in Europe
“The United States announces $20 million to support efforts by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent (IFRC) to provide increased protection, shelter, and lifesaving assistance throughout Europe, including in Greece, Western Turkey, and the Balkans,” the release said.

Pentagon Admits US Ground Troops Involved in Somalia Raid
Pentagon officials confirmed that US ground troops were involved in a raid against a town in Somalia held by fighters of the ISIS afilliated al-Shabaab terror group. The US troops arrived by helicopter to engage the terrorists in a raid which also involved Somali forces, and which they say killed “more than 10? fighters.

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