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The World Is being Dragged Towards War And Western Weakness Is To Blame


This week's news so far has focused on the worsening situation in the middle east, as western leaders appear to be accepting that there was from day one no way Ukraine could win its war with Russia and that since US and NATO leaders refused to allow Ukraine to negotiate a settlement based on the reasonable terms offered by Russia as the Istanbul talks brokered by Turkish president Recep Erdogan in April 2022 there is now no way Ukraine can avoid a crushing defeat or survive as a nation in the aftermath.

No wonder them that The White House and NATO are so eager to divert attention to events in Isral, Gaza and The Red Sea. Unfortunately rather than learing from the mistakes that led to the debacle in Ukraine, the same western leaders now appear to be determined to repeat them. Or as somebody famous one said, "Its deja vu all over again."

By failing to give whole - hearted support to either Ukraine or Israel the western alliance has shown itself to be weak and indecisive. NATO should have taken decisive steps to halt both conflicts and then made clear to both the neo - Nazis in Kiev and the Zionists in Tel Aviv that future support in conflicts against bigger, more powerful neighbours would be conditional on their behaving properly and desisting from provocative actions.

Right now in the Middle East (Ukraine is lost,) we need rational, controlled escalation from the Western powers in the face of aggression by Iran and their proxies, Hamas and Hezbollah,not more appeasement, delusion and cowardice of the past few days. The authoritarian, theocratic regime in Tehran needs to be punished for its monstrous war-mongering, not mollified and placated by a bunch of Western ignoramuses who confuse weakness for virtue. 

But as has been the case since the end of World War Two, the liberal democracies look to America for leadership. And as has been the case for the past forty years at least, that leadership has not been forthcoming. Were Joe (Dementia Man) Biden a serious president, he would announce that the mullahs in Tehran have crossed a red line, that they are an existential threat to democravy and civilised coexistence. He would declare that enough is enough, that no country can shoot hundreds of drones and missiles at one of its neighbours with impunity, that no government can go on funding terrorism, rape, torture and murder on an industrial scale. He would understand the need to deter other rogue states through a show of strength.

But Joe Biden is not a serious president, in fact many commentators in Washington express doubt that Biden is actually the de facto president.  The "Biden Administration" they claim is really Obama 3.0, and is neither blind nor incompetent. The people in government are corrupt to an unimaginable degree. Obama (or Soetoro, Dunham or any other name he has gone by,) rakes in tens of millions in kickbacks from the Iran nuclear deal, and of course, Biden, as the puppet, gets his cut too. 

That's how "Obama" has managed to buy more than $60 million in homes in recent years. They have no loyalty to the United States (which "Obama" has said he hates almost as much as he hates Israel), and they are naturally reluctant to cut off such a lucrative source of income. 

If O'Bama really is the man making decisions in The White House, he has never really favoured the West or Israel and I still believe he is a closet Muslim. The West has also, for the afore mentioned forty years, been its own worst enemy by appeasing rogue states, tolerating and even rewarding terrorists and walloeing in a morass of collective guilt over the alleged sins of our colonial past. The U.K. was a leader in this ruch to self destruction, gaving immunity to the I.R.A. in order for the Good Friday agreement to succeed, negotiating a power sharing agreement in Northern Ireland which gave former terrorists power over the very people whose families the terrorists had spent years killing. The UK government are still prosecuting our soldiers today while former terrorists is in the regional parliament and are lauded as men of peace. 

The problem with this appeasement is Terrorists never go away and as we can see they seem to have an ever expanding network which sooner or later the West will be forced to face.

The egregious nuclear deal with Iran which was negotiated during the Obama’ presidency has been a triumph of naive hope over experience (back in the days when we were still on speaking terms with Russia, Vladimir Putin described Obama as a child, French President Nicolas Sarkozy dismissed him as inexperienced and a British MP of the days said Obama's problem was that he thought himself President of The World.

With Biden’s increasingly frequent senior moments it seems plausible that Obama continues to pull the strings. If, as seems likely, that is the case none of the current kerfuffles  will end well for we citizens of the western nations.



Yusuf al Qaradawi, spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, said:

'With your democratic laws we will colonise you; with our Quranic laws we will dominate you.'

Karl Popper said: "Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them."

Islam is an Ideology, a collection of ideas and beliefs, not a race or ethnicity. Just because an ideology is based around conceptions of God or divine communication, does not make it any less an ideology; it does not receive some special dispensation making it impervious to criticism (indeed, it should receive extra scrutiny if that ideology claims precedence over political and legal structures, as Islam does).

Make no mistake, the ideology of Islam is the enemy of secular liberal democracy. Every society it infects becomes more violent, segregated, repressed, and ignorant.

It is easy to see, from any historical record, or any current metric regarding economic, cultural or social outcomes, that Islam is a cancerous ideology. It makes half the population (women) second class citizens (or outright property); it imposes a positive feedback loop of circular idiocy; a bland mono-culture of arbitrary chauvinistic rules backed with the threat of violence; it seems to be in constant conflict with every other ideology on the planet; it has the explicit goal of dominating and subverting all other societies and belief systems. Given free reign, it nearly always creeps towards some form of totalitarian Theocracy



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Obama Has been An Inspirational President?Well He Probably Inspired More Suicides Than Any Other Obama’s greatest achievement perhaps it to have put Donald Trump in The White House. Whether you think this is a good or bad thing depends on your political stance. This blog is neutral, our view being that Trump can’t be a worse president than any of the three that preceded him.

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US Presidents Of The Past warned Against Secret, Shadow Government. By now it should be obvious that peacemake, joybringer and putative aquatic pedestrian Barack Hussein Obama was never really in charge of the US Government. Whatever Obama said would happen, all the American government's policies ensured the opposit would happen. The embedded article thows some light on how the US government really works

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