Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris Horror Demonstrates Limits On Tolerance And Need For Border Controls

scene in Paris, 14 November, 2015 (Screen capture from BBC News)

Because of Britain's position on the globe I was relaxing with a glass of wine when news of the Paris massacre, the latest terrorist outrage committed by the forces of ISIS (Islamic State) started to break. Normal TV programs were interrupted and rolling news channels dropped all coverage of other topics. Is it coincidence that only yesterday afternoon this blog was reporting the latest escalation by the Russians of their effort to end the fundamenalist Islamic rebellion in Syria, and earlier we mentioned U.s. Senator Lindsay Graham's call for US aircraft to shoot down Russian aircraft attacking US sponsored and trained 'assets' involed in the Obama administration's bid to topple the regime of Syrian President Bashar al Assad.

The deployment of S400 (Growler) missiles, reputedly the most powerful and technically advanced Surface To Air missiles ever is not aimed at ISIS of course, the rebels have no warplanes. It is a warning by Russia for the Americans to think very carefully before interfering with Russia's propping up of Assad

The Paris massacre is not a response to that Russian action, or to Russia's rout of ISIS in Syria, it happened too quickly afterwards and hitting France does not hurt Russia. But it does send out the message, just as the west is shamed by Russia and Iran to stop pussyfooting around pretending to oppose ISIS while hoping the jihadists will depose Assad for them, that as the war in Syria and Iraq swings against ISIS, the Islamic extremists see their only hope of survival is to bring the horrific bloodshed that is their trademark to the streets of Europe, and eventually we must anticipate, the USA and Canada.

And the Politically Correct immigration policies policies of western governments have made it to do that.

from Breitbart London

BEDFORD, United Kingdom – As the distressing attacks in Paris were occurring last night, some of Britain’s most high profile and notorious Islamist extremists gathered just north of London, unimpeded, to tell hundreds of British Muslims to “struggle” for an “Islamic State.” Breitbart London was there.

At the “Quiz a Muslim” event held last night in the Corn Exchange in Bedford, panelists called British values were “junk”, demanded that Muslims should “define” British law, and ominously, appeared to suggest Muslims were at war with the British.

The event was organised and chaired by Bedford-born blogger Dilly Hussain; an avid Islamist and a supporter of a global Islamic caliphate.

Mr Hussain described the event as “sort of like an Islamic Question time” – except during Question Time, there are usually disagreements. This event saw an all-male panel of “community leaders” talking to a completely segregated room, with little to disagree on.

Our left wing, 'liberal' and 'progressive' friends will wring their hands and say, "but we must not characterise all Muslims as terrorists. Quite true, but the left have for several years shouted down any suggestion that we need to abandon 'open doors' immigration policies and strengthen border controls as 'racism'.

Well the Paris attacks were certainly racism, born out of the hatred felt in certain middle eastern cultures to western, religiously liberal and tolerant cultures. So why, to avoid being accused of racism, must we in the west tolerate the racism of which we are the targets?"

The case for border controls is not racist of course, it is, as has been demonstrated, self preservation. Not all Muslims are terrorists, most are not, but if we are going to let in anybody who arrives at our borders, how to we filter out the one in maybe a thousand, maybe five thousand, who is a violent extremist.

The answer is we can't. And now they are already here and are radicalising the children of people who genuinely migrated to the west to make a new life in our secular societies. And as we saw in Paris, or in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania in 2001, it only takes a small number of people prepared to die for their cause to reduce civilized counties to chaos.