Sunday, March 12, 2017

List of People Obama Illegally Wiretapped REVEALED! Trump Was Right!

posted by Arthur Foxake

While momentous events are going on and going unreported around the world, the USA is still diverted by Trump, the Democrats and politically correct sheeple currently have their knickers in a twist about his claim that the Obama administration authorised electronic eavesdropping on his election campaign computer and phone systes and are demanding her produce evidence. This is in spite of the New York Times having reported what they called 'wiretaps' (an archaic term) in January, long before trump even mentioned it.

Illegally spying on Trump by the security agencies is not an isolated case. the paranoid administration of the cocksucker president Barack Obama made a habit of ordering illegal surveillance of American citizens without the security agencies being required to show grounds for suspicion.

Libertyy Writers have kindly compiled a list.

from Liberty Writers News

Trump is going after Obama for illegally wiretapping Trump tower while he was campaigning, but this is not the first time Obama has made such a sleazy move.

WIKILEAKS revealed a list of almost dozen people who were victims of Obama’s lawless wiretapping.

Obama deserves to rot in jail for what he did. Using the powers on the FBI, CIA and NSA to spy on your political opponents is as dirty as it gets. President Trump is NOT going to let him get away with this!


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