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Vaccine Safety: Germany Unleashes Spike Protein Bombshell


SARS-CoV2 Spike Protien (computer generated image - source:

The much talked about COVID19 spike protein was not the only toxic substance revealed by the autopsies of those who died shortly after receiving the jab. When combined with insurance records indicating that the spike in mortality had a 1 in 390,632,286,180 chance of occurring spontaneously, this is a dagger through Pfizer’s heart. A new report from Germany has launched this bombshell at the parties stil promoting the vaccine in spite of the fact that almost every day new evidence emerges that this untested and experimental medication, (which is not truly a vaccine as it does not make recipents immune to the virus,) should never have been approved for use on humans or animals.. 

The Substack contributor who writes as as “A Midwestern Doctor” studied German autopsy data in a mid-December 2022 Substack piece, which demonstrated:3

  • The existence of “highly unusual tissue inflammation” in individuals who died soon after receiving the vaccine. “Pathologists had not observed this phenomena before the COVID-19 vaccines, and they suspected this inflammation would be fatal,” the author writes.
  • The presence of COVID spike protein in the deceased’s tissues, whereas another important component of the SARS-CoV-2 virus was missing. This implies that the virus itself was not a factor; the only probable source of the spike protein was the jab.

According to 'A Midwestern Doctor', the German study is “most definitive” on this subject to date and looked at 35 individuals who died within 20 days of receiving the COVID vaccine. Following a comprehensive professional review of autopsy reports, it was revealed that ten of the deceased died from causes other than the jab.

Among a majority of the 25 who died from causes repeatedly been related to Pfizer's COVID19 vaccination, five died from myocarditis, an inflammatory condition of the heart muscle commonly linked to the shot, especially in young, active people. The COVID jab was proved to be the actual cause of the myocarditis that led to their deaths in three of those five cases.

As noted by 'A Midwestern Doctor', “These results are very important for convicting the vaccines if it can also be proven that a large number of unexpected deaths are occurring following vaccination.” Excess mortality data actually shows  us that this is the case.

Contrary the claims of Big Pharma and government scientists and medical experts and hence a large body of public opinion), there is no evidence to support claims of the safety or efficacy of COVID19 injections. Del Bigtree speaks with attorney Aaron Siri about the several lawsuits his firm has filed to overturn the COVID jab mandates in Episode 298 of The Highwire.

In the video Siri talks about most recent deposition of Dr. Kathryn Edwards, a respected vaccine researcher who was a member of Pfizer’s data safety monitoring board (DSMB). Assessment of the Pfizer vaccine’s security was overseen by this five-person team. A DSMB is theoretically an impartial team of professionals recruited for their expertise in a related field, whose task it is to keep oversee the tracking and presentation of patient safety and treatment efficacy data while a clinical trial is in progress.

Since the DSMB is intended to be impartial, it is essential (and usually the case but this is Pfizer we are talking about,) that each member of the board be completely free of professional and financial likns to the developer of the product undergoing tests to ensure there are no potential conflicts of interest.

Siri notes in the deposition that in the case of Edwards, she was hired (by Pfizer) to be on the DSMB for their COVID shot after serving as a paid adviser on vaccine development to Pfizer. This fact, in Edwards’ opinion, is irrelevant because her previous connection had no impact on the work she completed for the board.

“So, you don’t think financial incentive can influence people’s judgment at all?” Siri asked. “It does not sway my judgment, Sir,” she replied. “Then why have an independent DSMB?” Siri asked. “Why doesn’t Pfizer just have some of its employees on it?” “Because we are independent; in this assessment, we are independent of Pfizer,” she responded. 
But how can an independent advisory group be “independent” if its members have or have had ties to the company? Another item of concern to emerge from the deposition was Edwards’ assertion that she had reviewed “lots of reactions and adverse events” from the COVID jab trial. Despite this, the public has been repeatedly told that there had been no negative reactions and the jabs were 100% safe to be fast tracked for use on the general public. So, what exactly had she reviewed? And how did the DSMB find that there are no safety issues despite “a lot of reactions”? 
A whistleblower who worked on Pfizer’s Phase 3 trial has also come forward with information indicating that during the trials data were fabricated, double blind methods of experiment management were not used, and follow-up on reported side effects was far too slow. Why were not any of these issues brought up by the DSMB? 
Was it due to the fact that rather than a truly independent DSMB, the Pfizer Covid vaccine trial was overseen by a panel of people with professional or financial ties to Pfizer, who were hand picked by Pfizer to ensure the trial produced the desired result? Pfizer trial documents1 have now been revealed, and show that the corporation accumulated nine single-spaced pages of “adverse events of special interest” (see pages 30 through 382), including 1,223 fatal events between December 1, 2020 and February 28, 2021 alone. In short, the testing of the Pfizer vaccine was rigged and evidence now in the public domain constitutes prima facie evidence of fraud, corruption and criminal behaviour by the corporation. 

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A few weeks ago this blog reported a Swedish study which showed that natural immunity provides much better protection against infection by the SARS2-COV virus which causes COVID (COrona VIrus Disease,) than the Pfizer vaccine which is currently hyped as the most effective on the market, though it is no more effective than the others at provinding immunity. The more responsible voices in mainstream media that actually reported the story described by the news as “a bit of a bombshell”.

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