Thursday, January 12, 2017

Obama's Farewell - The World Breathes A Sigh Of Relief

From my 'safe space' in Britain I was spared all but minimal exposure to the farewell speech of America's first black president, Brack Hussein Obama. The snippets I have read, heard or seen suggest it was every bit as self - aggrandising, vapid, cliche - ridden and divorced from reality as every other speech this poseur has made since 2008. No surprises there then, anyone who has seen Obama standing at the podium, mouth noiselessly flapping like a codfish on the deck of a trawler on occasions when his autocue has failed will know that the great orator, acclaimed by his sycophantic disciples for his intellect and soaring rhetoric, is a gibbering idiot when there is no electronic device feeding him words.

It hardly needs saying then that Obama's final speech as president, peppered liberally with strongly emphasised personal pronouns as per usual, was all about what a great president Barack Hussein Obama has been. No mention of course of the deeply divided, economically failing nation he will hand over to his successor, nor of the wars, those he has started and those he has failed to finish. Oh no, the boy  Barry is quite convinced the USA is a far better place now than it was when he was inaugurated.

A majority of Americans seem to differ however. Here's a masterful deconstruction of the farewell speech, , from David Harsanyi for The Federalist, in which the lies, delusions, arrogance and hubris of Barack Hussein Obama are exposed.

The Comforting Fictions Of Obama’s Farewell Speech

Last night the president cast himself as a resilient truth teller. The reality is quite different.
Watching Barack Obama’s speech at the 2008 DNC in Denver, I doubt I could have imagined the kind of turmoil his presidency would incite. Almost everything has changed in the subsequent years, and yet his farewell speech to the nation was brimming with the same kind of haughty lecturing we got back then.

Obama loves to conflate progressivism with patriotism, pitting the forces of decency and empathy — his own — against the self-serving profiteers and meddling reactionaries who stand in the way. All of it is swathed in phony optimism.

The president’s central case for government’s existence rests on the notion of the state being society’s moral center, engine of prosperity, and arbiter of fairness. This has never been normal. Obama speaks of government as a theocrat might of church—and his fans return the favor by treating him like a pope. This was true in 2008. And it’s true now. Just check out liberal Twitterdom.

There was much to process, and many policy claims to debunk, but for me the most grating aspect of the address were the broader fictions Obama likes to repeat.
“When Congress is dysfunctional,” Obama explained, “we should draw our districts to encourage politicians to cater to common sense and not rigid extremes.” For the president, a “dysfunctional” Congress means a Congress unwilling to pass progressive legislation. That is not the definition of dysfunctional, I’m afraid. Nor is it the definition of extreme.

There is nothing in the Constitution instructing legislators to acquiesce to the president. In the near future, the GOP Congress will be passing tons of legislation, and I can assure you neither Obama, nor his many fans in the media, will be celebrating the fact that Congress is finally “getting stuff done” or “doing its job.” 

Progress will no longer be measured in the number of bills signed.

Read more >>>

German Green Party Will Pay For Prostitutes For Migrants Needing "Sexual Assistance"

With widespread civil unrest due to Haufrau Volksfuhrer Merkel's 'open doors' immigration policy and German women afraid to go out alone because of the epidemic of rapes and sexual assaults on European women by recently arrived immigrats from the third world, and with elections looming, Germany's Green Party have come up with a rather novel but still politically correct way to meet the needs of the sex starved immigrants. If the Greens win the election their government will ask taxpayers to fund prostitutes for the sexually incontinent third works satyrs.

German Green  Party’s care spokeswoman Elisabeth Scharfenberg says doctors should have the right to issue the free prescriptions to their patients for ladies of the night. Thus anyone too poor (i.e. those living on benefits or people who have been told by a Soros funded immigrant organisation that everything is free in Europe) will be able to visit a doctor and say, "Help me Doc, I ain't had a shag for three hours. The Green Party policy statement said:
Sex with prostitutes will be paid for by the Government for anyone too poor for a hooker and deemed to need sexual assistance under German Green Party plans.

  Prostitution is legal in Germany and carries little of the taboos associated with it in many other countries.There are brothels in virtually every town.
‘I can imagine a public financing of sexual assistance,’ Scharfenberg said in an article in the Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

The Greens’ plans consists of patients obtaining a medical certificate confirming that ‘they are unable to achieve sexual satisfaction in other ways, as well as to prove they are not able to pay sex workers on their own’.

Scharfenberg said: ‘Municipalities could discuss appropriate offers on site and grants they would need.’

Bearing in mind that it ain’t “free” if someone pays for it, will Germans think this scheme is a beneficial way of spending their tax money?
Forget all the whining about political parties that support immigration controls and oppose globalism being populist, this idea from uber - lefties The German Green Party is about as populist as it gets. Free prostitutes for the poor, if that's not buying votes it's hard to know what is.
The scheme would quickly become corrupted if take up in Britain however as the officials who administer it would keep the Shepherd's Market prostitutes (£500 an hour in a luxury apartment) for them selves and fob the punters off with King's Cross prostitutes ( £20 and find your own railings, and a free course of penicillin on the National Health.)

top: Shepherd Market girl; bottom: King's Cross girl


“Hard” Of Hearing? PornHub Being Sued By Deaf Man For Lack Of Subtitles
We read today that sex supermaket site PornHub is being sued by Yaroslav Suris, who has filed a lawsuit claiming that its lack of PornHub’s lack of subtitles for the hard of hearing is discriminatory. Suris’ bone of contention is that the website violates his rights under the Americans With Disabilities Act, according to showbiz gossip site TMZ, which broke the story ...

Paedophila is normal in human males? Is it really, Professor?

Thus I was not surprised to see amid all the recent kerfuffle about paedophiles, some professor trying to justify paedophila as normal. Well why not, that motherfucker Freud built an entire scientific discipline around justifying his pervey desires.

Former IMF Chief On Trial For Pimping

It is some time now since we brought you the story of banker and supranational bureaucrat Dominique Strauss Kahn and his penchant for hiring prostitutes by the busload. You may recall Strauss Kahn was in the news at the time for allegedly raping a New York hotel chambermaid having mistakenly assumed all chambermaid are prostitutes and that particular one had been provided for him as part of the service ...

High Class Prostitutes Are Used As Bribes In Business Deals.

Shock, horror! In the wake of elitist child abuse scandals and with the trial of International Bureaucrats Dominic eight-hookers-at-a-time Strauss Kahn under way in France (he's accused of pimping) mainstream media have just discovered what an immoral and self indulgent sack of rogues the elite really are.

Hollande's ex lover: Don't kick a man when he's down ... stamp on his bollocks

things just go from bad to worse for the hapless French President. With his UMP opponents in disarray (those who're not in prison) the Socialist leader should be having an easy ride. But the Front Nationale are topping the polls, their leader Marine Le Pen is an increasingly popular figure and Hollande's popularity rating is the lowest for any French leader since Louis XIV lost his head over bad polling figures ...

The Return Of The Twopenny Upright

That erudite commentator on business and economics and Cappo di Tutti Cappi, Tony Soprano once said to one of his sidekicks, "In any recession which businesses are least affected? Prostitution, gambling and organised crime." Our political leaders, in Britain, Europe and the USA may be telling us the recession is over and recovery is surging ahead but ...

Amsterdam's twin Prostitutes, The Fokkens Twins Retire At 70

Either of the Fokkens sisters (yes that really is their name) could be the oldest working prostitute in the world, they are certainly the oldest twin prostitutes in the world. And now they are to retire.

Love For Sale (with loyalty points)

"Sex sells" goes an old marketing maxim. But do the same rules apply when selling sex? They might if an idea being considered in Budapest, Hungary catches on. Sex for sale in supermarkets. Will the idea of dicrete brothels tucked away behind the rows of beans and tinned soup catch on. But will punters be prepared to pay at the checkout; a chicken, ten pouns of potatoes, a loaf of bread, eggs, milk, shaving soap and a shag.

Three More Shades Of Grey
This very funny parody is not my work but the creation of my sister Sally who is happy for me to give it extra exposure here Three More Shades Of Grey By Sally Redfern I know . . .

Three More Shades Of Grey
This very funny parody is not my work but the creation of my sister Sally who is happy for me to give it extra exposure here Three More Shades Of Grey By Sally Redfern I know . . .

Girl In A Blue Dress (Fiction)

For most of the time we have in this physical plane life passes over our senses without making any great impression. Some moments, though they seem of little significance at the time, stay with us forever. Girl In a Blue Dress tells of a moment and love cherished for many years.

Speed Dating For Lawyers

When somebody decided to launch a spped dating for single young lawyers who are to busy to develop relationships tt must have seemed a good idea at the time, not so says Boggart Blog's Ian R Thorpe, lawyers are as entitled to the cuddles, companionship and sex we all seek from relationships, but speed dating. Lawyer and speed are words that will never sit comfortably together

Knickers Off For Sport

The Sports Council are engaged in a campaign to persuade more young people, young women especially, to get involved with sport. They hope this will encourage people to a cleaner living lifestyle. What a pity then that in a campaign to promote equestrian sports the British Equestrian Association are featuring two attractive show jumpers stripped down to their knickers.

Sado Masochists Rights

Why do the right wing tabloids and downmarket media get so het up about sado masochism and the prenhant for pain some, usually relatively rich people enjoy. If it involves consenting adults what's the problem. After all nobody is hurt - unless they want to be. (satire, humour, adult)

Sleeping With Conservatives

Could You Hug A Tory asks a feature in The Guardian some time ago. Several typical Guardian writers describe their feelings of fear and loathing when, purely in the interests of science of course, they hugged prominent members of the Conservative Party. Me? Sex is non political. The last thing I worry about when a woman I fancy smiles at me is her politics

In A Berlin Brothel

Sex workers in Berlin are doing double shifts to keep up with demand during the World Cup, the German tabloid Bild has discovered. A girl called “Joy” was quoted ... >

Remember La Ciccolina and Vote Liberal Porn

News that the Liberal Democrats in Gravesham hve selected Anna Span, a director of porn film as their General Election candidate reminded us of La Ciccolina, another porn star who turned to politics...

Tiger Woods Says: Sorry, But Don’t Forget I’m The Victim Here.

Following on from the Tiger Woods car crash and the Tiger Woods, prodigious shagger scandals we now have the Tiger Woods prolific apologiser saga. But who was Tiger apologising too? Hilarious take on celebrity apologies...

Sex Education Kerfuffle

Sex education in schools is always a provocative topic, on the one hand religious groups think there should be none, on the other the Politically Correct Thought Police believe there should be lots, with practical demonstrations. And what can government officials do when caught between the two sides? Turn somersaults?

Climate Change By Tiger Woods Index

We love sex. But what we love even more than sex is sleazy scandal stories of the sex lives of celebrities. The best one to break in 2009 was the Tiger Woods sex addiction story. When it emerged that sport's Mr. Clean had given a whole new meaning to the phrase "Just popping down to the club for a quick nine holes dear," the media went mad...

The Craziest Doomsday Cult Ever. America is the spiritual home of crazy but even by American standards this sex obsessed self proclaimed messiah takes some beating.

Let Her Breasts Satisfy Thee At All Times
Religious hypocrisy goes head to head with gay bitchiness in this hilarious saga.

Sexual Salvation

Mot men are into the idea of threesomes but when we read that many American men think Jesus joins them in bed when they are shagging their wives we were a tad gobsmacked to say the least.

Spunky Internet Entrepreneurs

Want a baby but too fussy to have sex. Fear not! Those spunky Internet entrepreneurs are just waiting to help.

Practical Sex Education

Sex Education inschools is all very well but it is all theory. We think that like science, technology, woodwork etc. there should be a practical element to the syllabus.

Sex On The Beach

Making love at the edge of the water as the tide licks around your heaving bodies sounds like a wonderfully romantic notion but before you indulge think it through. There are many hazards involved in sex on the beach just waiting to trap the unwary.

Miss Shagalott

Love for sale (with loyalty points)

Farmyard Frolics

Trouserless in Whitehallas Labour minister Prescott turns Parliament into a sex farce.

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