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Top News Stories - 16 March 2023

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 16 March 2023

'What the f--- happened?': Shocked Dutch farmers' protest party celebrate surprise win

Farmers-Citizen Movement is projected to become the equal largest party in the senate, in a blow to Mark Rutte's four-party coalition 

by James Crisp, Telegraph

Caroline van der Plas Caroline van der Plas’s Farmers-Citizen Movement is projected to win 15 seats in the senate, from none before the vote: Credit: Sem van der Wal/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

A farmers' protest party angered by new green laws triumphed in shock Dutch election results, prompting its leader to ask: “People, what the f--- happened?”

Caroline van der Plas’s Farmers-Citizen Movement (BBB) is projected to become the equal largest party in the senate, taking 15 seats from none before the vote.

The Left-wing GroenLinks/PvdA is also expected to win 15 seats, in the wake of months of turbulent farmer protests against government plans to cut nitrogen emissions.

Mark Rutte, the centre-Right Dutch prime minister, insisted his coalition government would survive, after its four member parties lost eight of their combined 32 seats in the 75-seat senate ... Continue reading >>>

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'Bailout or Bust'? European Bank Risk Rises As Credit Suisse Stock Tumbles After €50bn Bung

Yesterday we reported the first stage in the inevitable collapse of Swiss banking giant Credit Suisse. Last Friday saw the total failure of the Silicon Valley Bank, the 16th biggest bank in the United States. The biggest bank failure since the 2008 financial crisis. And according to the financial markets news feeds we see, this could be just the start of something much bigger.

Overnight the Swiss National Bank bunged €50 billion plus some small change in fresh liquidity to the collapsing retail bank  Credit Suisse. And even that was not enough to prevent collapse as CS share values have continued to tumble on European, American and far eastern stock markets today. And in the USA where the crisis began last week with the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank on Friday and three other bankers went bust in the days that followed, worries about the stability of the banking system continue to grow.

By Sunday, the Silvergate Bank and Signature Bank had joined SVB in full collapse. All three are now safely under Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) control.

The FDIC has taken the unusual step of fully guaranteeing all deposits kept with the SVB – meaning the federal government will give taxpayer money out to compensate every SVB customer.

But the damage didn’t stop there. Naturally, this put pressure on other regional banks, with two more – First Republic Bank and PacWest Bank – coming close to collapsing themselves, following mini-runs. Neither is yet out of trouble.

The 's activity in the financial markets saw Wall Street’s 4 biggest banks lose over 55 billion dollars in value. Bank stocks around the world are sliding in value.

As of this morning Credit Suisse’s stock is at an all-time low, sparking a sell-off of stocks all over the world.

Yet while fears for the solvency of other EU banks grew and caused further panic throughout the finance sector and among corporate businesses which run on debt and fear their credit cards may be cancelled at any moment, European Central Bank chief Christine Lagarde announced a 50bps (half a percentage point,) increase in the European default lender's base rate. Required to explain the move at a time when Credit Suisse is on the verge of collapse and every incremental rate hike by the ECB makes keeping deposits at the bank that much more difficult, Legarde  explained: "Inflation is projected to remain too high for too long", therefore the Governing Council today "decided to increase the three key ECB interest rates by 50 basis points, in line with its determination to ensure the timely return of inflation to the 2% medium-term target." 

ECB  press releases also stated "the elevated level of uncertainty reinforces the importance of a data-dependent approach to the Governing Council’s policy rate decisions, which will be determined by its assessment of the inflation outlook in light of the incoming economic and financial data, the dynamics of underlying inflation, and the strength of monetary policy transmission."

That said, the ECB was quick to note that "the Governing Council is monitoring current market tensions closely and stands ready to respond as necessary to preserve price stability and financial stability in the euro area."

It also said that "the euro area banking sector is resilient, with strong capital and liquidity positions"  and added that "the ECB’s policy toolkit is fully equipped to provide liquidity support to the euro area financial system if needed and to preserve the smooth transmission of monetary policy."


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Ukrainian Official Says Kyiv Doesn’t Have the Resources for a Counteroffensive

by Dave de Camp,

A senior Ukrainian government official told The Washington Post that Kyiv doesn’t have the resources to pull off a big counteroffensive in the coming months as Ukraine is lacking skilled troops, munitions, and other equipment.

“If you have more resources, you more actively attack,” said the official, who spoke to the Post on the condition of anonymity. “If you have fewer resources, you defend more. We’re going to defend. That’s why if you ask me personally, I don’t believe in a big counteroffensive for us. I’d like to believe in it, but I’m looking at the resources and asking, ‘With what?’ Maybe we’ll have some localized breakthroughs.”

The official said Ukraine doesn’t have “the people or weapons” to pull off a counteroffensive. “And you know the ratio: When you’re on the offensive, you lose twice or three times as many people. We can’t afford to lose that many people,” the official said.

The Post also spoke with a Ukrainian battalion commander who went by the name of Kupol and detailed the grim situation on the frontlines. Kupol said his battalion previously withdrew from the town of Soledar, which is near the eastern city of Bakhmut, and came under Russian control in January.   ... Continue reading >>>


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