Tuesday, July 05, 2022

News Summary 5 July 2022

UK Roads See 'serious Disruption' As Fuel Price Protesters Block Motorways & Highways

UK Roads See 'serious Disruption' As Fuel Motorways and major highways had come to a halt after slow-moving convoys of demonstrators were seen to be protesting against the excessive fuel prices.
Amid the mounting fuel crisis in the United Kingdom, motorways and major highways came to a halt on Monday after the slow-moving convoys of demonstrators were seen to be protesting against the excessive fuel prices. According to The Guardian report, the demonstrators have vowed to continue direct action until the British government's addresses the situation. On Monday, July 4, hundreds of lorries, vans, vehicles, and tractors blocked roads in England, Wales, and Scotland, causing delays and 'serious disruption' for thousands of motorists.

Parity Is Just A Matter Of Time Now": Euro Crashes To 20 Year Low As Recession Reality Trounces ECB Rate Hike Delusions
We have long mocked the ECB for making the typical European mistake codified over a decade ago by Jean-Claude Trichet, when it launches rate hikes right into a recession (and after that, debt crisis).
Today, it finally appears that the market got the memo and sent the euro plunging crashing a 20-year low against the US dollar as traders bet that the European Central Bank will go slower on raising interest rates as the economy risks being tipped into a recession (Zero Hedge).

Big Tech isn’t Woke. It’s Totalitarian” – Michael Senger says that Big Tech platforms openly collude with governments to suppress the speech of their own people, crafting the false illusion of consensus on political issues of their own choosing.

The Covid Pass – Europe’s new Iron Curtain” – Dr. Niall McCrae writes for TCW Defending Freedom that anyone who thought that ‘living with Covid’ meant going back to normal should have learned by now that the authorities want it to stay for ever.

This unfolding worldwide vaccine disaster” – Neville Hodgkinson in TCW Defending Freedom says it is surely time for us all to awaken to this unfolding public health disaster.

Shock Survey: A Quarter of Young Europeans Don’t Worry About Anthropogenic Climate Change” – Generational teenage rebellion may finally be kicking in for climate change, writes Eric Worrall in Watts Up With That?

Fury as £1.36 million-a-year BBC pundit Gary Lineker sides with Just Stop Oil ecoloons after they stormed Silverstone in protest at British Grand Prix – and claims there is ‘way more risk of death from climate change’ than their dangerous stunt” – Martin Brundle, a former F1 driver and now a commentator with Sky Sports F1, quickly took issue with Gary Lineker lending his support to the protestors to his 8.5 million followers, reports the Mail.

Approve a mini nuclear reactor or delay green revolution, Johnson told” – Rolls-Royce warns it will miss the target to deploy the technology unless the Government acts fast, according to the Telegraph.

The unravelling of Germany’s green agenda” – Its botched transition to green energy is a warning to the world, says Sabine Beppler-Spahl in Spiked.

Sex education is becoming far too extreme” – MP Miriam Cates writes in the Telegraph that parents across the country have written to her to share their anguish over what their children are being exposed to in the classroom.

Online platforms could have ‘legal obligation’ to fight state disinformation as part of amendment to Online Safety Bill” – City A.M. reports that online platforms will have the legal obligation to take “proactive, preventative action” against any state-sponsored disinformation. Which I’m sure will be used entirely impartially against governments whether Right or Left…

‘Doctors shouldn’t call out Mr or Mrs in the waiting room’” – A London-based conference to make GP practices more ‘inclusive’ also recommended getting GPs and staff to wear pronoun labels so patients ‘feel at ease’, the Mail reports.

Young people gather in London for conference promoting freedom of speech and tolerance” – More than 60 young people and students from across the U.K. met in London for the annual Living Freedom conference, reports GB News.

The myth of ‘artificial intelligence’” – Andrew Orlowski says that alongside wokeness, there are two other modern manias that have a distinctly religious quality: environmentalism and artificial intelligence (AI). He forgot pandemia!