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Amnesty International Says The U.S.-Supported Coalition In Yemen Is Committing War Crimes

The uprisings of the Arab Spring which were prompted by an inflammatory speech Obama made in Cairo, in which he promised US support to any rebel group fighting to overthrow a tyrannical regime, hit Yemen in 2011. Then-President Ali Abdullah Saleh was forced out of office and power was handed to Vice President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi. Under Hadi the country was politically paralyzed and the rebel Houthis, who had successfully opposed Saleh mobilized their supporters in and around the capital San'a and began moving south towards the port city Aden where Hadi had set up his headquarters. He was eventually forced to flee the country.
The Saudis formed a coalition with Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Sudan and the United Arab Emirates to support Hadi and counter the Houthis advance. "The U.S. provides logistical and intelligence support for the air campaign — even refueling its jets," NPR reported last week. The bombing has proved effective in countering the advance of the Houthis, who have also committed war crimes according to international rights groups, and allowed Hadi to return to Aden after months of exile.
What a lot of people in the middle east did not understand was that when Obama promised US support for rebels fighting to overthrow tyrannical regimes, what he meant was rebels fighting to overthrow regimes Washington wanted overthrown (such as Assad in Syria, as we reported elsewhere, the USA has been working to oust Assad since 2006. Saudi Arabia, Washington's major ally in the Arab world is a different matter so if the Saudis felt threatened by Houthi rebels in Yemen then The White House felt threatened by them too.
In March 2015, a Saudi-led coalition began bombing Yemen in an attempt to support the embattled regime and counter the advance of the Shia Houthi rebels. This coalition, supported by logistics and intelligence provided by the United States, has now been accused of war crimes by the human rights group Amnesty International.
“The coalition airstrikes investigated by Amnesty International in Sa’da governorate have involved serious violations of international humanitarian law, including war crimes,” the report, published this month by Amnesty, reads.


We Know What Inspired The Manchester Attack, We Just Won't Admit It

In the wake of the Manchester arena bombing, politicians, public servants and the media warned against blaming the Muslim community. I had to defriend someone on Facebook [... ] My blogged response to the Manchester Arena bombing was that we should get angry, not at Muslims in general, but at the politicians, and law enforcement officers who time and again have failed to act against suspected (and sometimes known,) terrorists ...

Over 4000 Civilians Have Died In Forgotten War.
As attention has focused on Syria ans then on the efforts of the Obama administration, in its dying months, to avenge the defeat of the anointed successor Hillary Clinton and discredit the election victor and President - elect Donald Trump, and simultaneously demonize Russia and President Putin

Only 5 Percent Of Russian Air Strikes Hitting Islamic, British Defence Secretary Lies
After an amazing outburst from the delusional Barack Obama left the United Nations General Assembly in stunned silence because Obama has accused Russia and China of all the recent breaches of international law of which the USA is demonstably guilty, the propaganda departments of western governments seem to have totally lost their grip on reality.
Have US tactics only helped to make ISIS more powerful
We have questioned the US led efforts to defeat ISIS in the middle east many times, pointing out that every time the western alliance steps up opposition to the establishment of a news Islamic Caliphate, Islamic State seem to get stronger. 'Conspiracy Theorists', our critics yell. So let's look at opinion from around the world that concurs with ours.
Influential Germans Appeal Against Another War In Europe
While the mainstream media has been obsessing about the collapse in oil prices and celebrating the problems of Vladimir Putin's regime in Russia, and fanciful economic pundits have been burbling about all time high stock markets a group of prominent Germans are less concerned about mainstream sensationalism than by something that poses a much bigger threat to the immediate future of Europe: the threat of the Obama administration pushing us into a war with Russia.
Where Are Grandstanding FUKUS Axis Leaders As Libya Descends Into Oblivion
Remembering a time not so long ago when Libya was being held up by the French, UK and US governments as a striking example of benign and successful military 'humanitarian' intervention? The tyrant Gaddafi had been overthrown by a FUKUS Axis bombing campaign in support of a bloody revolution fought by Islamic Fundamentalists, Tribal Warlords and Common gangsters armed with American, British and French weapons paid for by western taxpayers.
Obama and FUKUS Axis Air Strikes On ISIS Will Make Things Worse
The bombing of ISIS, the Islamic State is well under way in Iraq and Syria, and as predicted the American, British and French led campaign is already making things worse for civilians among whom the ISIS fighters are dispersed. And of course, far from making the west safer, it is stirring up more hatred against us in the Islamic world.

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NATO violates treaty to support the Evil Empire

by Ian R Thorpe

Since the Russians got fed up of Obama using his ISIS puppets to attack Russia's long time ally Syria and exposed American claims they were fighting the ragbag army of fanatics, criminals, mercenaries and ragheads in the middle east and decided to kick the shit out of the rebels before their fanatical version of Islam destabilized Europe, The Ministry Of Truth (i.e. government public relations departments and all of western print and broadcast media) has turned the outrage generator up to eleven in their efforts to demonize Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin.

What is not mentioned of course is that starting with Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003, every American led intervention in the domestic affairs of sovereign nations has violated a legally binding treaty signed in 1997 between NATO and the Russian Federation.

You can look at the opening paragraphs below and there's a link to the full document below the text. And if we are lucky Professor WantWar who claims he lectures in Stupid at the University of Fantasia and who has been on the wrong side of every foreign policy debate since 2008 (hey Prof, we're still waiting for that irrefutable evidence that the Russians shot down Flight MH17, or for proof of a Russian military invasion of Ukraine: Oh sorry, I forgot in your warped world view sending truckloads of food and medical supplies counts as hostile military action because Russia did it while the FUKUS axis bombing the crap out of a small nation like Libya can be considered humanitarian aid.*)

Here's that treaty:

Founding Act

on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security between NATO and the Russian Federation signed in Paris, France

  • 27 May. 1997
  • |
  • Last updated: 12 Oct. 2009 17:48

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and its member States, on the one hand, and the Russian Federation, on the other hand, hereinafter referred to as NATO and Russia, based on an enduring political commitment undertaken at the highest political level, will build together a lasting and inclusive peace in the Euro-Atlantic area on the principles of democracy and cooperative security.

NATO and Russia do not consider each other as adversaries. They share the goal of overcoming the vestiges of earlier confrontation and competition and of strengthening mutual trust and cooperation. The present Act reaffirms the determination of NATO and Russia to give concrete substance to their shared commitment to build a stable, peaceful and undivided Europe, whole and free, to the benefit of all its peoples. Making this commitment at the highest political level marks the beginning of a fundamentally new relationship between NATO and Russia. They intend to develop, on the basis of common interest, reciprocity and transparency a strong, stable and enduring partnership.

This Act defines the goals and mechanism of consultation, cooperation, joint decision-making and joint action that will constitute the core of the mutual relations between NATO and Russia.

NATO has undertaken a historic transformation -- a process that will continue. In 1991 the Alliance revised its strategic doctrine to take account of the new security environment in Europe. Accordingly, NATO has radically reduced and continues the adaptation of its conventional and nuclear forces. While preserving the capability to meet the commitments undertaken in the Washington Treaty, NATO has expanded and will continue to expand its political functions, and taken on new missions of peacekeeping and crisis management in support of the United Nations (UN) and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), such as in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to address new security challenges in close association with other countries and international organizations. NATO is in the process of developing the European Security and Defence Identity (ESDI) within the Alliance. It will continue to develop a broad and dynamic pattern of cooperation with OSCE participating States in particular through the Partnership for Peace and is working with Partner countries on the initiative to establish a Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council. NATO member States have decided to examine NATO's Strategic Concept to ensure that it is fully consistent with Europe's new security situation and challenges.

Russia is continuing the building of a democratic society and the realization of its political and economic transformation. It is developing the concept of its national security and revising its military doctrine to ensure that they are fully consistent with new security realities. Russia has carried out deep reductions in its armed forces, has withdrawn its forces on an unprecedented scale from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries and withdrawn all its nuclear weapons back to its own national territory. Russia is committed to further reducing its conventional and nuclear forces. It is actively participating in peacekeeping operations in support of the UN and the OSCE, as well as in crisis management in different areas of the world. Russia is contributing to the multinational forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Read full document

*If you have formed the impression that my contempt for the self righteous, fuckwitted clown could cut through the shields on the Imperial Death Star in Star Wars, you are on the right track. He does not blog at this platform so if he comments at my other blog site I'll add his words below.


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