Monday, May 15, 2023

In The Future You Will Own Nothing - If We Sit Back And Let It Happen


Originally published at Alex Krainer's Substack

They have a plan for us, and they announced it in terms that could not be clearer: you will own nothing… With the pandemic, they set the wheels in motion and through a wide variety of weapons - some more and some less subtle - they’ve unleashed the plunder and the looting. The pandemic brought ruin to millions of small and medium-sized businesses across the world. In Holland and elsewhere in Europe, farmers are being expropriated under duress, ostensibly to fight climate change. In Canada, banks can now freeze people’s accounts without any due process. And inflation will gradually render everyone’s life savings and retirement accounts worthless.



The challenge could be existential!

In last week's "International Man" articleDoug Casey diagnoses the broader crisis as “the collapse of an overextended and corrupt empire,” and does what few analysts do, but which is absolutely essential for people trying to navigate the mind-boggling changes: he applies clear thinking and cuts to what is ultimately the most important challenge in the circumstances. "The real question," writes Casey, "is how to profit from the collapse…"

But the challenge of safeguarding our portfolios and preserving the purchasing power of our savings could be more important than merely squeezing a profit from the crisis: it could be existential.

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