Saturday, June 11, 2022

The Lies of Davos, Runaway Food Prices and Global Starvation

Authored by J. Kim via substack

In mid-2021, corn had already nearly doubled in price and wheat had soared almost 40%. This was well before any of the bankers started blaming Russia for soaring wheat and corn staples because of the Russia invasion of Ukraine at the end of February of this year. This should clearly show the absurd obscenity of the Central Banker narrative of blaming ongoing mass global starvation on the Russians. Over a year ago, I could not have been more explicit in explaining that Central Bankers’ massive devaluations of fiat currency purchasing power along with the establishments’ immoral covid lockdowns were the primary culprits, not those “evil” Russians, were responsible for “imped[ing] the ability of  hundreds of millions around the world that most desperately need to work to purchase food, [thus creating] a lethal combination [of] mass hunger and starvation.”


And if the above referenced chart doesn’t convince you that Central Bankers were the primary cause of life-squeezing inflation around the world well before the Russians invaded Ukraine, then just take a look at another chart I compiled which clearly illustrates the runaway inflation in the US and the incredible shrinking dollar since 1975. Are the Central Bankers going to blame the below runaway prices on the Russians too?


A larger chart of the above is available here


Furthermore, those incredibly na├»ve and ignorant masses that believe the banker-controlled mass media narratives that the Russians are to blame for mass starvation around the world have little to zero knowledge about the true price mechanisms of major food staples, and instead, believe the garbage they learned in their MBA business programs about this topic.  For example, most among us are unaware that global grain distribution is widely controlled in monopolistic fashion by just four companies - Archer-Daniels Midland, Bunge, Cargill, and Dreyfus – and due to this monopoly, that these companies can conspire to heavily influence the prices of the world’s major food staples.


In fact, all of these companies retain grain reserves that they could release to ease soaring prices and to help the starving, but for obvious reasons, safeguard and do not publicly disclose this information. Due to the sole purpose of global companies to maximize shareholder value, it behooves these companies to artificially push prices as high as possible at all times, even if such actions lead to mass starvation around the world. Since the data regarding their grain reserves remains unknown, I’m not claiming that these companies engage in this type of immoral behavior, but it’s quite obvious that they would maximize shareholder value by doing so, and doing so quite frequently.


It requires only a modicum of knowledge about industry wide practices to imagine that these four companies employ similar methodologies of  creating artificially higher food prices to the alleged methodologies employed by JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs bankers in artificially driving aluminum prices higher before offloading them for massive profits. For many years, those companies that needed aluminum supply alleged that Wall Street bankers were artificially driving prices up by multiples of a free market price by hoarding aluminum in non-publicly disclosed warehouses and refusing to allow millions of tons of aluminum to enter the market. Other billionaires around the world have done the same with metals and grains, with China’s hoarding of aluminum and soybeans to artificially drive prices higher well documented. Of course, all behavior of this type is morally repugnant, but the mass media continuously compartmentalizes its judgment about such behavior by absolving all Westerners of such behavior while condemning all those in non-NATO nations that do the same. In other words, mass media journalists lack any moral compass and seem to think that moral repugnancy does not cross transnational borders from East to West,  from South to North, and that moral repugnancy only dwells in the Eastern and Southern hemispheres and in developing nations.

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