Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Kerry Demolishes Obama's 'Moderate Rebels' Syria Narrative

Aspen Institute President  Walter Isaacson, in a conversation with US Secretary of State, John Kerry casually revealed that just as Boggart Abroad has told you many times, the 'moderate rebels' in Syria of whom Barack Hussein Obama and other members of his administration are so fond, are every bit as extreme and hostile to western people, culture and values as ISIS.  The conversation, held in front of an audience at the Aspen Ideas Festival held in Colorado on June 28th 2016, was recorded by the US State Department.
What John Kerry said in this conversation effectively demolishes the foundations of US “regime change” policy in Syria and its support of certain Islamic terrorist groups Muslim - loving Obama likes to call “moderate rebels”.

 Many journalists, State Department whistleblowers and independent Syrian businessmen and intellectuals, such as the intellectual who writes under the pen name  Yalla la Barra have explained that the US State Department has run a policy of shielding  “moderate rebel” gangs under the Ahrar al Sham umbrella which creates an impression they are separate from the Al Nusra/Al Qaeda body of terrorism and facilitates designating them a branch of US friendly “opposition” conveniently “intermingled” with Al Nusra thus prohibiting Russian targeting of Al Nusra in case they hit one of the moderates in the process.

“Throughout the two and a half months that have passed since the start of the Cessation of Hostilities (CoH), the State Department has refused to acknowledge that the US backed rebel factions  are fighting in Aleppo and elsewhere alongside Jabhat al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria. 

There has not been a single press briefing where the spokesman has not accused Russia and Syria of targeting US backed rebel factions and civilians.

Whether it’s John Kirby or Mark Toner, the spokesman keeps talking about intermingling between the “moderates” and the Al-Qaeda affiliate and that the Russians/Syrians need to be able to separate the two. At the the press briefing of April 25, 2016 Mr Kirby said:

“So again, I go back to what I said before. We want to see the cessation observed by all parties. As I said in my answer to Said, we’re not blind to the fact that it’s a very dynamic situation in Aleppo and that there is intermingling. We’ve said that for a while now…”  ~ US Smoke and Mirrors to Protect Terrorist Proxies in Syria

In July 2015, former US Ambassador to Syria and suspected death squad creator, Robert Ford had this to say about Ahrar al Sham in an article penned by Ford and Ali el Yassir, entitled appropriately, Yes, Talk with Syria’s Ahrar al Sham.
Moreover, lumping Ahrar and Nusra together is intellectually sloppy, especially when they exhibit ideological and political differences…. Our refusal even to talk with groups like Ahrar further reduces the little influence Americans still have in Syria. As the Assad regime steadily weakens, the administration keeps trying to lead the opposition from behind, hoping for an opposition white knight to appear. Instead, because Islamist groups like Ahrar strongly influence decisions about the fate of Syria, Washington will be left behind.
Ford insisted on dialogue with Ahrar al Sham and attempted to distinguish them from Al Nusra/Al Qaeda, somehow whitewashing their brutality by highlighting their nationalism, a claim that is rather bizarre when we remember how these barbarians posted videos of their member cutting vital organs from the still warm corpses of Assad loyalists and EATING THEM. Few Syrians, if any, actually belong to this guerilla group which is made up predominantly of foreign mercenaries as are 90% of the US, Turkey and Saudi Arabian funded "opposition" to Assad in Syria.

UK educated leader of Ahrar al Sham, Labib Al Nahhas, has even been given columns in TheWashington Post: to sell his terrorist case to Americans.

 In May 2016, Ahrar al Sham massacred scores of Alawite villagers in Al Zara and took others to be sold as slaves.  Claims that the brutal terrorists did not harm anyone who did not resist were cited by Reuters and other western media outlets but witness and survivor statements told a different story. One photo that circulated after this horrifying mass murder showed Ahrar al Sham fighters standing over the dismembered and bloodied corpses of women. And you can bet the women were thoroughly raped and degraded by Obama's allies before they were killed.

Ahrar al Sham made no effort to deny this atrocity, they glibly announced the women had taken up arms and as such were legitimate victims of their bloodlust, a claim seemingly endorsed by dutiful and obedient western media pundits who staunchly stood by their “moderate” killers.


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