Monday, April 03, 2017

Former Obama Aide Evelyn Farkas’s Outs Obama, Deep State Spying On Trump

Though he initially tweeted, clumsily and imprecisely on the topic, the gist of Donald Trump's claim that Obama (or people following Obama's orders) had been spying on him, unsurprisingly, because it is becoming par for the course, President Trump was correct. The administration of his predecessor, Barack H. Obama, had indeed been surveilling Trump and those close to his campaign.

The aim of this illegal and unethical activity was to gain enough spinnable information to give the appearance of substance to the totally fabricated claims by a Clinton campaign that realised the presidency was slipping away from their unelectable candidate. 

In an article published by Town Hall, Jack Kerwick demonstrates how Democrat propaganda print web news organisations The New York Times, Slate, Mother Jones, and Heat Street, had confirmed months before it became an issue team Obama's surveillance efforts had been directed towards finding a way of linking Trump and his associates to corrupt business deals with Russia. However we now know it was Hillary Clinton and her cronies, through The Clinton Foundation (aka The Clinton Crime Syndicate) and Obama who had, while holding public office, benefitted financially from deals with Russian oligarchs.

Ostensibly, foreigners, specifically, Russians, were the subjects of the surveillance. But it is equally true that arrangements were made by those within Obama’s government—the so-called “Deep State” to illegally unmask and leak public information regarding those private citizens that allegedly got swept up in these spying operations.

For those still in denial about the corrupt nature of the Obama administration and The Clinton Foundation, Evelyn Farkas goes on to remove all doubt. Farkas was Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for “Russia/Ukraine/Eurasia,” in the Obama administration according to the official U.S. Department of Defense website. She left in 2015 to become an adviser to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. In March 2016 she appeared on MSNBC and made the following comments on Morning Joe:
“I was urging my former colleagues and, frankly speaking, people on the Hill…[to] get as much information as you can, as much intelligence as you can, before President Obama leaves the administration.”
Farkas admitted that she “had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with the senior people [from the Obama administration] who left.” She feared that it would disappear into the abyss of “the bureaucracy,” and “that the Trump folks, if they found out how we knew what we knew about…the Trump staff’s dealing with Russia, that they would try to compromise those sources and methods.”

There are several startling admissions remarks.

First, Farkas acknowledges that the Obama administration had in effect been gathering intelligence, or spying, on private citizens.

Second, being a Democrat partisan, Farkas’ intention in making these comments in the left-friendly venue of MSNBC, was to suggest that the Democrats’ “The Russians Made Us Do It (Lose)” narrative was more than just smoke and mirrors.

In the typical shyster - lawyer style of the Obama administration, Farkas never actually said that the intel offered any evidence of “collusion” between Putin or “the Russians” and Trump. Had there been anything there, she would have taken it up and run screaming to every Democrat friendly newpaper, TV news channel and radio station.

Third, Farkas does not mention any correspondence between Trump and “the Russians.” No, she instead vaguely references “Trump folks” and “the Trump staff” when talking about Russia. This is totally unlike Wikileaks (not connected with Trump but vehemently opposed to Clinton) leaking thousands of emails that proved disastrous for the Democrats campaign as they offered plenty of evidence of unethical activity (including conspiring to cheat Hillary's rival, Bernie sanders, out of the nomination,) corruption, illegal links with foreign governments and much worse.

Fourth, while Farkas obviously wanted the public to think that Obama’s goons discovered some nefarious connection between “Trump folks” and those dastardly Russians, the only allusion she makes is to the “dealings” that she alleges transpired. In other words the suggestion is deliberately vague to avoid anything that can be challenged.

Fifth, Farkas acknowledges that she worried about “the Trump folks” discovering “how we knew what we knew….” What reasonable person would not infer from such a statement that the “how” in question, the methods by which intelligence was supposedly gathered, consists of surveillance of the “Trump folks?” were somewhat less than ethical if not downright criminal.

Finally, Farkas talks about how the Trump administration would react when it found out “how we knew what we knew….” Who is this “we?” Farkas was no longer in the government after 2015 but her choice of words would have us think that she is still very much in the loop, collaborating with bureaucrats in the Deep State, i.e. civil servants who have no business taking an active role in election capaigns. Moreover, considering her position in the Obama administration, it is again reasonable to think that Farkas’ selection of the first person-plural in this context refers to Farkas and her fellow partisans that remain embedded in the bureaucracy over which her former boss presided.

Farkas has tried retreating from her comments. The left-leaning media has been busy with damage limitation. But the cat is out of the bag. The Deep State, under Obama, surveilled American citizens, in this case, Trump and his “folks.” They wanted any information that they had gathered that could be damaging to Trump to be as widely disseminated—leaked— as possible.


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