Thursday, February 20, 2014

The US Government's Dirty Little Secret: We Spent Your Gold

Some time ago we asked what the US Federal exchange had done with 300 tons of Germany's gold reserves that prevented it being returned to the Germans when they asked for it. Well we didn't stop at asking, we did some digging (not for gold but truth) and what we uncovered is worrying.

All central banks and big commercial banks keep reserves of gold in what they consider secure locations. Obviously they distribute their gold around different locations, the Federal Exchange (remember the Die Hard movie, I think it was 2 in the franchise, where some terrorists smash into the Fed and the good guys, Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson have to get the bullion back? Yeah.

Well it's nothing like that but there is a big, highly fortified and heavily guraded vault full of gold.

There's one at the bank of England too, Britain and the USA are considered safest from invasion.

So if The Fed is so safe, how come German's gold went walkabout?

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 The US Government's Dirty Little Secret: We Spent Your Gold