Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Leaked WhatsApp Messages On Lockdowns And COVID Restrictions Show Government's Contempt For The Public

 It was inevitable that the truth about the COVID pandemic having been a hoax, an elaborate and well organised exercise in mass manipulation and control must emerge. There have been rumblings for months of course, Big Pharma whistleblowers and research biologists whose well informed opinions were silence by censorship and the howling of the mob are now finding a platform to reveal that they counselled against lockdowns, the fast tracked approvals of improperly tested, experimental vaccines, doctors who lost their jobs for treating COVID with quinine and ivermectin have revealed the pressures that were put on them to comply with the official narrative and public health officials have admitted they were ignored when they warned against social restrictions.

And now the once unsayable 'conspiracy theory' that could land people in jail for speadeing 'misinformation, the story that the virus was man made and leaked from a biolweapons laboratory in Wuhan, China, where scientists funded by the United States Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA,) were working on 'gain-of-function projects to tu rn previously innocuous infective agents into something more deadly is acknowledged to have been true.

But the real killer blow, the proof that the whole episode was never about public health but was entirely political in its motivation, has been the leaking of thousands of Whats App messages exchanged between elected and salaried members of the British government which show the utter contempt in which our political masters hold We The People.

When the story broke in the Telegraph last week that 100,000 WhatsApp messages from Matt Hancock had been leaked (in the public interest,) by a journalist named Isabel Oakeshott, I must admit I was sceptical as is my habit when processing information from mainstream media. Who could look through 100,000 messages involving the former Health Secretary Matt (shagger) Hancock in such a short time without dying of boredom. But Information Technology, when used properly, is a wonderful thing and a keyword search on 100,000 documents would take only seconds.

And boy, were there some juicy bits among the dross.

The spectacle that followed publication, as Isabel Oakeshott was on TV and radio explaining why she had, according to Hancock, breached their agreement. There were endless threads of confusing messages about Covid and Hancock’s campaign of self-promotion,Boris Johnson holding naked orgies in the Downing street garden (OK, I made that bit up,) and a crowd of characters fighting and finger jabbing all over the airwaves. But somewhere in all the accusations and denials the stories and the key threads, began to emerge.

Shagger Hancock and his lover Gina Coladangelo: Their affair flourished as his marriage withered during lockdown. (Picture: The Guardian )

The main thing that strikes one is how dismissively the people who sent those messages talk about the rest us, the general population, the taxpayers who pay the wages of ministers, advisers and senior officials. The tone flips from arrogant, glib, menacing and contemptuous. There is shameless talk of scaring us into compliance with fascistic measures through a campaign of lies and scare srories. There is glee and amusement when people are harassed for trivial breaches of COVID restrictions by over - zealous plod squads who would be nowhere to be seen is real crimes were being committed, or trapped in quarantine hotels, or caught out by the ridiculously draconian and as many experts would have warned had their voices not been silenced by censors, ineffective rules imposed by ministers. It is as though we are naughty children who had to be punished because we distracted our elders and betters from pursuit of their power grabbing agendas. There’s a whiff of Dickens and the 19th century orphanage about the worst of the messages. 

And all the time, in private, they carried on with theireveryday lives, loves and illicit affairs.



The decisions to shut schools for such long periods, with an obvious impact on the mental health of the young, and the quite mad order to make children wear masks in class, are discussed by some of the participants as though they are a political game, a kind of 'if we can make them do this we can get away with anything attitude. Cabinet ministers who expressed concerns about the impact of the assorted measures are dismissed as ideologues, and dismissed as ministers soon afterwards.

Missing in these monstrous exchanges is parliament or fear of parliament, which is supposed to be our guardian against government overreach and abuse of power. To their eternal shame of MPs, they cravenly allowed the institution to be all but shut down by the state, and replaced with performative Zoom calls. Only a few of our elected representatives objected and demanded oversight.

But then we the public, or a majority, asked for it. The creepy authoritarianism, enforced by propaganda, public information briefings and strict policing, was popular at the time and it still is. His Majesty's Loyal opposition, The Labour Party, far from opposing the government's lurch into fascism instead responded to every oppressive measure by demanding even more stringent oppression. Amazingly recent opinion polls suggested only 19% of voters think the government’s handling of Covid was too strict. Some 37% think it was not strict enough and 34% about right. One shudders to imagine what a more strict and controlling regime would have looked like. Communist China? Nazi Germany? Stalinist Russia?

What should concern us is now the power addicts know how far they can go, what will happen next time, We know there will be more diseases and another pandemic at some point because the billionaire psychopath and self - apponited global vaccine Czar, Bill Gates is openly talking about planning it. Such is the pace of technological change, in computing, data collection and AI that the next time it happens the state will have even more power than the current crop of crooks and liars had. During Covid a majority of the British public liked this life by QR code, mediated (we now know thanks to the leaked WhatsApp messages) by squabbling, out of control politicians who cratered the economy and added hundreds of billions of pounds to the national debt pile, left to be dealt with later by future generations.

The lesson here is surely that MPs and concerned citizens need to act to defend freedom. I have said for years that we should outlaw centrally controlled political parties and corporate donors because it is too easy for such organisations to coerce elected representative to act in the interests of the party and its financial backers rather than in the interests of their constituents. I’m not holding my breath, although perhaps some senior MPs and campaigners will see the need to campaign for freedom and proper parliamentary oversight of the state in the next crisis.


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